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Ali Gripper,
“It is an understatement to say I learnt more about writing from the workshops than I did in three years studying (creative writing) at university.”
Ali Gripper, former Fairfax journalist and author of The Barefoot Surgeon

Breakthrough Tools and Techniques

The course gives you high-impact tools and techniques designed to take your writing to another level over the duration of the four sessions.

As well as the three-hour live sessions, you will do daily exercises to put what you learn into practice.  You will post your writing on our bespoke writers’ board, be part of a supportive creative community and receive constructive feedback from your tutor and fellow writers.

This brings the whole creative learning experience to life in a way that will keep you motivated and inspired.

While our courses are designed for fiction writers, many writers say by applying the tools and techniques they learned during Unlocking Creativity to their non-fiction, they dramatically improved the quality of their writing. The best non-fiction writers employ fictional techniques to engage readers and bring their words to life on the page.

Cait Duggan
The Writers’ Studio provides a pathway to getting a novel both started and completed. The Writers' Studio has a proven methodology to get you writing. They provide a fantastic framework for commercial fiction writers that works for all genres. The Last Balfour is now being published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia. It really is a dream come true.
Cait Duggan


Week One:  Unlock the Power of Your Imagination

Discover how to tap into the power of your imagination – the true source of creativity. For many writers, this is an inspiring discovery that makes all the difference to your writing. It will kick start your creative journey wherever you are at as a writer.

Week Two: The art and craft of writing

Explore what is stopping you from reaching your creative potential as a writer and learn how to create emotion in your writing using bricks of significant detail, bringing your characters and writing to life on the page. This is the nuts and bolts of fiction writing.

Week Three:  Character Development and Story Structure

Gain a practical understanding of how to develop characters and take them on an emotional and spiritual journey of change using classic story structure. You will gain a deep understanding of the most powerful way to tell a story that connects and resonates with readers. Your characters will take on a life of their own.

Week Four: Bringing it all together

Write a guided short story applying everything you have learned from the course and witness how far your writing has transformed over the four weeks. The class will demonstrate how storytelling is a profound dance between structure and the imagination and that structure expands your imagination rather than limits it. Everyone leaves the last class on a creative high.

Course Features

Four three-hour live sessions with refreshments, comprehensive course materials at our Bronte Studio, weekly videos, bi-weekly emails to keep you inspired and accountable,  daily writing exercises, our unique interactive writers’ board and regular feedback from your tutor and community of fellow writers.

Video Review

Below is a short compilation video featuring writers talking about their experiences doing our 4-Week Unlocking Creative Writing course and our 10-Month Novel & Script Writing Course.

Course Reviews – Google, Video & Published Authors


"For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write. But when I try, creativity remains elusive and writing isn’t easy. Then— wham — I discovered the ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course run by the Writers’ Studio and what a find that was. Many other writing courses offer the same or similar. What differs with this ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course is that it not only offers but gives what it promises, and in a nurturing environment! It teaches and shows the way to unlock creativity. Where before I struggled to get the words out, now, with just a breath, my muse is ready and the words flow into a story. For so long, I’ve wanted to write. Now I can." Enisa Haines

Interactive Online Component in our 'Live' Course:

In addition to attending the face-to-face writing classes at the Bronte Studio in Sydney, you will receive targeted and structured online feedback between sessions on your writing from your tutor and fellow writers. This will keep you inspired, motivated and accountable.

You will work through specific daily exercises designed to integrate the tools and techniques you are learning and put them into practice. Once you’ve done the exercises you will post them onto your class’s unique interactive online Writers’ Board.

This is an important and inspiring part of the process that will help you establish a writing habit, develop your writing skills and make writing and creativity a part of your life. The art and deeper learning come from the act of doing the writing on a regular basis.

The Art and Craft of Writing

Many people have a passionate desire to write fiction and long to see their books in print or their stories on the big screen.

However, the desire is only the beginning. Writing is both an art and a craft and the Writers’ Studio courses, developed over twenty five years, provide a practical and inspirational pathway to enable you to realise your writing dreams, whatever they may be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone in Sydney who has ever dreamed of writing or wants to bring more creativity into their life. Whether it’s for work, pleasure, or taking the first step toward writing a novel or screenplay, Unlocking Creativity will dramatically improve the quality of your writing. This course is suitable for professionals, beginners, and everyone in between. 

If you are considering writing a novel or screenplay or taking any of our short story courses, Unlocking Creativity is the ideal place to start. It is the prerequisite for all our writing courses and will provide a solid foundation in the Writers’ Studio’s unique approach, setting you up for success in your writing journey.

What is the difference between the live and online course?

The Unlocking Creativity Live-in-Studio Course offers immediate feedback, dynamic discussions, and a collaborative, interactive atmosphere that fosters deep connections and creativity. The in-person interaction provides an engaging and motivating environment, enhancing learning through real-time support and shared experiences and connections.

Do I need any prior writing experience?

No prior writing experience is necessary. The course is designed to cater to all levels, from complete beginners to experienced writers looking to enhance their skills. This process will work for you wherever you are on the writing spectrum.

How is the course structured?

The Live-in-Studio course is run over four consecutive Thursday nights from 6:30pm to 9:45pm. In between the live workshops, you will work through at-home exercises each week and post your work on our bespoke Writers’ Board. This gives you the opportunity to share your work with fellow writers and receive feedback from your live course online tutor, keeping the experience alive for you between workshops.

What can I expect to learn?

Unlocking Creativity focuses on helping you discover and nurture your unique writing voice. You will learn essential writing techniques, how to develop compelling characters, and how to create engaging storylines.

What materials will I need?

All necessary materials will be provided during the course. You will need a notebook and pen for writing exercises and jotting down ideas during lessons. Additionally, having a computer or tablet with internet access will be helpful for typing up your exercises and participating in the online component of the course at home. But you will not use these in the live classes.

What kind of support will I receive?

You will have access to experienced instructors who will provide feedback on your writing and answer any questions you may have. There is also a community of fellow writers with whom you can share your work and ideas, offering additional support and inspiration.

How much time will I have to commit?

All our courses are designed for people who work full-time. If you want to build a sustainable writing habit, you need to find a way to fit it around your busy life. Otherwise, it will always remain a dream and a hope. You can start with as little as ten minutes a day and develop your writing habit from there.

For Unlocking Creativity, the process includes attending live sessions, writing your at-home exercises, typing them up, posting them on the Writers’ Board, and giving feedback to your fellow writers. We recommend allowing for roughly 3-4 hours per week. You can do more or less depending on how much time you have available.

How will this course help me achieve my writing goals?

Unlocking Creativity is designed to help you tap into your creative potential and develop your writing skills. By the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of the writing process, enhanced creativity, and a toolkit of techniques to apply to your own writing projects, whether they are novels, screenplays, or other creative endeavours.

Where does this course sit in the journey of writing your novel?

Unlocking Creativity is our flagship course and the first step in everyone’s journey with The Writers’ Studio. It is a prerequisite for all our courses and lays the foundations for our Novel & Script and Short Story courses.

NOTE: Many writers come to our Studio knowing they want to write the first draft of their novel or screenplay and enrol directly into the 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Course, without having done the pre-requisite Unlocking Creativity Course. Unlocking Creativity must still be successfully completed first, but as a gift for enroling directly, we provide the Unlocking Creativity Course complimentary.

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