Unlocking Creativity Live 18 October 2018

“I loved the entire experience. The classes build on each other week on week really helped me unpack & release my imagination in a cohesive & digestable way.” Suzanne

“Wish I had done this course before I embarked on my first independently produced short film.” Jenna

“I have found this course inspiring, confidence building and immeasurably useful.” Christina

‘The course gave me a renewed appreciation of the art and craft of writing – especially the writing of fiction.” James

“I have really enjoyed taking some time out to practice creativity with a like-minded group of people.” Ben

Richard did an awesome job instilling confidence in each individual a tough job considering we all came with different goals. Awesome course, would definitely recommend (& already have…) Michele

“I thought the emphasis on discipline, hard work and simply giving it a shot was excellent…” Christina

Unlocking Creativity Live Review

Unlocking Creativity Online 26 September 2018

“This course changed me in the way of writing again for myself, taking a step towards rediscovering my creativity and I truly enjoyed putting pen to paper again.” Mark

“It has been an exciting journey. It sparked the imagination and prompted the gods to turn on the thought process like the lights on a pinball machine.” Sandra

“I recommend it wholeheartedly as a wonderful starting block, it will really get you going, and once that happens you won’t want to stop.” Anna

“The importance of structure and planning, and following the headlights. I was amazed by how well this actually worked! Have a structure, do some planning and the writing happens. To have this experience reinforced by such positive feedback was incredibly validating.” Helen

“This course has been both an important refresher and a first step for me. I would often get into a bind when I reached a creative obstacle that I couldn’t immediately overcome, but I am starting to enjoy the problem-solving component inherent in the creative act, and that there are a variety of tools to guide me through the catacombs. It has also helped me identify reasons for when my writing is starting to break down and what I can do to resuscitate the character or scene without getting blocked.” Tom

“The course has been incredibly helpful to me. It got me writing again when it felt like my well of inspiration had run dry. It was a relief to find words that made sense spilling onto the page.” Cherie

“The tutors were totally engaged in the process with us… Then our interactions and feedback with the other students … Whoa! My understanding of the art has taken an upward curve. I started out thinking it was all about my creativity that mattered, but I’ve since discovered that talent alone won’t cut it! Like a mountaineer (and you know all about that one) I have to push my leaden steps to get to the top.” Anita

“During the course I have received lots of information, tips and advice. The best thing I have learnt is the importance of regular writing and not worrying how good it is. It’s amazing how the writing flows when you are not trying to be a perfectionist!” Carolyn

“Over the past four weeks, I have learnt a great deal about writing creatively, a great deal about myself as a writer, and a great deal bout the satisfaction of travelling on a journey of discovery with others with a shared passion. This collective learning experience has been both heartening and humbling.” Susannah

“Being a scientist, before I undertake anything, I plan and research and think and analyse and think again and re-analyse. I see now that this is often the reason I don’t get things done, or even get started. This course helped me to switch off that part of my brain at times, and I saw the benefit of doing so. Gradually I stopped overthinking about what I was writing and I just wrote.” Brigid

“ You will learn and learn and write and write. (The writing was an interesting variation for me, I usually just tell and tell.) I enjoyed all of it, and while there is plenty of reading and writing to do, it isn’t exhausting. Really you can do as much or as little as you like. The stuff they teach you all makes sense, and it works. I reckon anyone with an urge to write should give this a go, I can’t imagine them not enjoying it.” Anna

First Draft Live Course Review

Novel & Script First Draft Live - completed November 2018

“It’s been such a fascinating 10 months. I started having no idea how one would go about writing a book. I assumed books were meticulously planned and then you sat down and wrote it all. How wrong and relieved I was to find that the process is entirely different from what I imagined. I loved the fact that the story was free to reveal itself, that I didn’t know who would be in it where they would go, what they would be like and what they would do. My own story surprised myself, as did those of my fellow students. It’s been a fabulous experience. The structure is so helpful & the teaching was wonderful.” Penny

“What an adventure! It’s given me the confidence and the skills to believe I have a novel waiting to escape. The Bronte Writers’ Studio is an incredible helpful and supportive experience. It will tackle any bidding writer and put the mood to succeed.” Mike

“When I began the Writers’ Studio journey, I was half way into a first draft of a totally different story. Reluctantly at first I loosened my grip on it and listened to the wise advice of Roland, Rich and Kathleen to let the story emerge, rather than trying to control it. I am so grateful for this experience. I now have a story which warms my heart and gives me goose bumps when I reflect to those keen to know. This story has energy that I feel has come through me rather than from me. Now that I am at the end of the first draft, I’m amazed at the depth of the story, many layers and how it resonates with me and others. I am so looking forward to continuing on with this journey.” Rebecca

“10 months ago I had a name and a kernel of an idea for a story. What happened next was beyond what I could have expected – not only a name change but a depth of character and what became a story outline developed, alongside priceless feedback from a group of peers all experiencing the same thing in their own way. Like others before me I’m finishing the course hungry for more and excited to see my characters do next.” Amelia

“Support – that’s what I most appreciated and benefited from, the support of Rich, Roland and Kathleen of course but especially the support of the specific structure, the step by step, scene by scene, the repetition of interrogation – all these things made me feel safe and because of that I could go deeper, use the story to mine for more than I was aware of at the beginning.” Christine

“The course was an opportunity to explore the dream I’ve had of writing a novel. I learned that anyone is capable of writing a story of given the tools & the structure and then finding the time to just write, without worrying about the outcomes. I loved the feedback and support from Roland, Kathleen, Rich and the group. It was both fun and challenging. I learned a lot about myself through the journey.” Carolyn

“When I started the First Draft course, I had nothing other than a few possible concepts for a story, which absolutely no idea how to tackle them and convert them into a novel. Over the first two months, one of these concepts emerged as a story worthwhile telling, and over the next eight months by following the structure and trusting the process, slowly that story was born onto the page. Whilst I’m definitely proud of the 65,000 words I’ve written and my resulting first draft, what I’m more proud and grateful for is how much I’ve learned. Thanks for your guidance and patience. Can’t wait to tackle the 2nd Draft.” Kate

Unlocking Creativity Live 6 September 2018

“Rich has been a welcoming and elegant guide. I am awake to a joy in writing I have not felt since I was a teenager.” Sarah

“The course has reopened my lost love of writing. The joy it brings to me I feel like I have experienced freedom. The ability to express my thoughts, my dreams, my goals, I no longer feel restricted.” Michael

“I have never done any creative writing before, at least not since high school. So I was really surprised to see characters and stories appearing on the page in front of me. Characters and stories I actually like and want to explore further.“ Joanna

“It has been an unexpected nourishing experience.” Georgia

First Draft Review

Unlocking Creativity Online 8 August 2018

“It was so liberating to just write, and see what came out. There is something to be said for sharing my thoughts, receiving generous, thoughtful and often quite loving feedback. It all added up to a delicious bundle of positive gratification that hit the pleasure centres in a way that made me want more.” Margaret

“I just finished a short ‘creativity’ course online. I had no idea what to expect when I first started it, however, I was surprised to discover what an amazing affect it had on me.”

“This course has been incredible. Mad-props to tutors Robin and Yasmin, the most patient and encouraging pair out there.” Laura

“If you want to write, do write, or want a creative challenge – I can highly recommend this online course Writers’ Studio – Unlocking Creativity. It is extremely well structured and clear to follow.” Oona

“The great thing about this course was that it taught me to let go and simply ‘let the pen do the writing’ – i.e. not to hold back or censor or worry about whether what I was writing was ok or not, or where it was headed. In doing this it unleashed a flow of images and stories that simply came pouring out. What a surprising and joyful experience!” Catherine

10-Month First Draft Online completed July 2018

“I have taken most of your courses and am blown away by the difference they have made in my writing – dedication (no more procrastination), turning snapshots into an interlinked story and giving me confidence in my work that I have never had before. This course has added a further dimension to my story and encouraged me to continue writing a story I had almost despaired over.” Jennifer

“This has been an epic process. I have been trying to write a novel since I was twelve and I’ve finally achieved it! I would not have been able to manage it without the support and materials this course has offered me, and now I feel like this is a process I can undertake again independently. When I first signed up I was worried about the cost, but it has been worth every dollar. This was a fantastic course which fit in perfectly with my lifestyle and my learning style. I have recommended this course to everyone I know who has mentioned wanting to write a novel, I can’t recommend it enough.” Marnie

“Thumbs up, round of applause. I have never attempted such a long online course before and am thoroughly impressed …. I’m so proud to finally have something, a draft, after 30 years of wanting to put my experiences into words and several failed attempts. I believe the real writing of the story is only just beginning.” Jacqueline

“I’d like to thank the Writers’ Studio for your amazing course, and I’m so happy I stumbled across it on the internet one afternoon while lolling about in the backyard. It has truly changed my life.” Leanne

“I have really enjoyed the first draft process; it has opened my eyes to how to write a story from start to end. I also now realise the amount of work that must go into a finished novel… but rather than deter me, it actually really excites me.” Jennifer

First Draft Live Review

Unlocking Creativity Live July 2018

“Without wanting to put too much undue pressure on myself, I feel a little like I’ve travelled all my life to get to this course! Richard is a wonderful communicator. I’ve loved all the encouragement and structure. It’s all worked brilliantly to inspire me and unlock my creativity! Thank you!” Annie

“I have absolutely loved this course. This course has been invaluable. Richard has been patient and pushed us in a way that has allowed exploration but with some very clear guidance. What a great and enriching experience.” Kerry

“First and foremost I learnt to just write. This was key to activating my inner voice, to be able to just let it be free. The techniques acquired have helped me understand how I can guide my writing to the place it wants to go. Sharing stories with others was honestly liberating.” Dominic

“Thank you for this wonderful journey. It hasn’t always been easy… but it’s been a path I have wanted to travel. Richard has made me feel supported at all times, and the group warmth has made this experience even more meaningful. Onwards and upwards from here.” Kim

“I felt very nurtured by the course and all the participants, and loved that there was so much action (writing) rather than too much intellectualising.” Mitzi

“I want to preface this with the blanket statement that this course is incredible…” Anna

“It really unblocked me and actually got me writing. I’ll definitely use these tools and skills from now on.” Kristin

“This course has given me the desire and courage to get going again…I could easily see the things that have held me back, or can get me moving.” Carl

“This course has been transformative for me. More than just about writing, I’ve learned some life lessons over these four weeks. Thank you!” Leone

“This has been so much of a surprise. From the excitement I feel in the room following the evenings writing journey, to the anticipation I feel when I’m on the bus … It has been such a meaningful experience.” Brent

“I’ve really enjoyed the course as it has enabled me to play with my writing and to explore stories to see if they work.” Jane

Unlocking Creativity Online June 2018

“I feel like I have fallen in love again. Not only with words, phrases and sounds and images but also with the process of writing itself. There were many lessons about this in the course and now that my mind has shifted I can see the lesson in other things as well. Not only did course invigorate my love and understanding of stories but also it helped me acknowledge the most influential story of all- the story I tell myself.” Mel

“I’ve saved the course materials in so many forms and places that I suspect I will have access to them after a nuclear strike.” Anne

“Wow! What a course! Unlocking creativity and that is exactly what it does! This course found a part of me that was sleeping and brought it back to life with new freedom and vitality.” Eileen

“Thank you Writers Studio for the opportunities to write, grow, step up and see where the writer’s road takes me.” Lorraine

“I entered the course with some trepidation. I have wanted to write more seriously for a long time and have not known where to begin, how to flesh out characters, how to write dialogue. In 4 short weeks I have learnt so much.” Vivian

“What a fantastic way to learn. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I learnt so much in so little time and will never look at writing the same way. The processes I will follow forever and I will continuously work on the craft. I have felt my own writing has improved and that of my fellow classmates. With each week everyone learnt from the last. I intend to keep practising every day, which in my career as a Copywriter I am lucky enough to be able to do. I have hopes of using this new knowledge to write short films in the near future. Again, highly recommended.” Stephanie

“I have had the amazing opportunity to participate in a four week Creative Writing course… but it truly has been one of the most rewarding things I have done.” Loretta

“I just finished the 4 week online course: ‘Unlocking Creativity,’ and I feel like a different writer than I was before. Or I feel like I have a different relationship with writing than I had before. As you know, I’ve done a few writing courses before, but in this one I really understood the character’s journey and how important structure is, for the first time.” Christine 

Novel & Script First Draft Live September 2017 - just completed

“Despite all the writing courses I completed as a part of my BA, none had delivered on the necessary form of structure…Once the gift of structure had been given, my story took off in ways I could not imagine.” Karen

“I loved the almost mathematical structure of the course. It made me feel safe. And in feeling safe, I was driven to push ahead…The detailed, thoughtful feedback from both Rich and Roland really buoyed me along. And Kathleen? There is no one like her – a truly caring nurturer.” Kristen

“I wouldn’t have got to any version of the end of the story without the course…I feel a million times closer to my goal of actually writing a book! And I’m so happy to have spent time in this nest.” Katherine

“What started as an idea has now evolved into a story. I never thought I’d say this but I’m really excited about taking the next step and tackling a second draft.” Garrett

“What a journey! I can’t believe how much we’ve achieved in ten months. I’ve wanted to write a novel for years but didn’t have a clue where to start. I’m always enamoured by authors and how they create a story…and wondered how the hell they do it! Now I know – thanks to this course…Thanks to Roland, Rich and Kathleen for their incredible guidance and knowledge. I’ve loved the journey.” Jackie

“This has been an extraordinary journey. I can’t believe the story I now have and how little idea I had at the start of the course. The course gave me confidence and courage to write. Feedback from Richard and Roland was always spot-on and led to many breakthroughs. Let the magic happen…” Suzanne

“The process leads you on the journey and it’s amazing listening to everyone else and how much their stories progress even in the course of a day. It’s magic!” Jess

“The insights I learnt about story-telling, narratives, and moral choices forced me to dig deep and have taken my characters to a completely different place. The program is slick, and well run. I learnt so many practical tools and techniques.” Nancy

“Now I have a story.” Angela

“I soon learnt to hang my story loosely on the frame of structure, like a piece of fabric draped on a dressmaker’s mannequin. In the act of putting pen to paper I was amazed by the magic that was elicited and each writing experience was a joy…” Fiona

“I have found that with the guidance, structure and constructive feedback I received throughout the course, I have managed to write more than ever before. The focus on planning and trusting the process has allowed me to find my voice, slow down and create a whole story which feels a bit remarkable to me.” – Belinda

“This is an amazing environment to be in. It is so encouraging, it builds your confidence and inspires you to keep writing and just have a go.” Cathy

Unlocking Creativity Live June 2018

“You’ve given me the confidence that I can craft something worth reading…This warm environment is a safe place to be brave and just write. Thank you. I now believe I really can do this.” Geraldine

“I’ve been inspired on this course to think without judgement on myself, and I’ve enjoyed exploring the theoretical side of writing. It has relit my passion for storytelling and the teacher (Richard) has been fantastic. Thank you.” Jemma

“I have discovered that I think I might have a novel in me after all… I’ve enjoyed being able to write freely without analysing and crafting every word like I do for my work.” Daveena

“This course was fantastic in so many ways both practically and personally. More than that – the principles on structure and guidelines on how to write short scenes, develop characters and the wider umbrella on story structure made me feel so relieved and less intimidated to embark on the journey of writing a novel one day by breaking it up into little steps. Thank you!! Special thanks to Rich – you’re amazing.” Nadia

“I’m enjoying writing every day and feel a sense of contentment around it… I find writing is a creative therapy for me that releases another part of myself that I like.” Kathryn

“We have all been able to create something wonderful. The structure doesn’t stifle the creativity , it enables it! I’ve loved the course.” Marianne

“I came in wanting only to unlock my creativity. I surrendered to everything in the course and trusted the process. This brought me one of the deepest creative experiences I have ever had, and I will be using everything I’ve learned in life and my career too. I feel like I finally have all the tools to be the creative I’ve always wanted to be.” Adriano

“This course has really helped me focus on my creativity…I loved the practical aspects of the course. It’s all about the doing…” Danny

“I have learnt a lot in the past few weeks…I especially loved the first class where everything was fluid and meditative…I’ve learnt a lot about writing and how it’s a creative process but with structure.” Louise

“For anyone even remotely considering this course…. go for it… one of the best things I’ve done for years!” Aime

“Unlocking Creativity was the best thing ever! Run courses myself and mentored writers and attended other courses. This course took me to a new dimension of creativity.” Avril

Character & Critique Short Story Course - June 2018

“I have just finished two online writing courses and they have been fantastic. Since I started the course I have found that my thinking has changed and my creativity has been unleashed not just in writing but also in my other creative activities. I felt my skill as a writer develop over the six weeks and the last piece I wrote flowed so easily. I was surprised myself.” Samiro

“What a transformative journey I have been on in the last six weeks. I started with self-doubt, relaxed into enjoying the process of story writing, loved reading other people’s stories and began to appreciate the discipline of writing to a deadline. I studied English literature as an undergraduate at University but then moved into an academic career. I wanted to return to creative writing, but the only outlet for this in a demanding career was to write poetry. Now I realise that the only thing stopping me was fear of failure and of not making time to write creatively.” Barbara

“I have just completed the 6 week online Creative and Critique Writing Course with the Writers Studio in Bronte. I don’t believe my personal experience of reading or writing will ever be the same again. It has been so enriching and opened my mind to so many possibilities.” Ros

“I have just completed the Character and Critique Short Story Course from the Writers’ Studio and in six weeks have written seven short stories, an achievement I wouldn’t have thought possible at the beginning. The secret is to write everyday and practise the craft of writing using the tools we have been given and then let your imagination take over. I was amazed at the results and a little bit proud as well!” Sue

“I have secretly just completed my 2nd writing course with the Writers Studio. From being a copywriter, where I was limited to projects of 30 seconds in length, I am suddenly experiencing a wonderful sense of freedom – like a coiled metal spring suddenly unleashed! It was such a cleverly designed course. It has given me a structure to allow me to attack a new story with confidence. give those chaps at the Writers Studio a crack – you’ll love the results.” Rob

“I have just finished my third Writers Studio course, loved it! I find I thrive on the structure of the course.” Mary Ann

“I’ve just finished another Writer’s Studio course, Character and Critique. And again, I’ve absolutely loved it. I can’t believe the course has come to an end already and I’m writing the final piece. Was that really six weeks?” Veronica

“I’ve just completed a six-week Character and Critique course with the Writers Studio. It’s pushed me creatively to come up with seven stories that I didn’t know I had in me. I would recommend the Character and Critique course if you want to discover characters that you didn’t know existed in the depths of your mind or challenge existing characters in emotionally revealing scenarios.” Leigh

Unlocking Creativity Online May 2018

“This writing course was the best time/money I have spent on myself in quite a while. Feeling stuck and a little lost creatively, I am struck by how much this course not only helped with my writing – but also with my other projects that have been sitting in the corners of my house and the corners of my mind.” Kelsey

“I overcame the fear and started writing. And enjoyed it immensely. I found the structure, writing prompts, exercises, and techniques so incredibly useful. The course sets everyone up for success by starting with small, achievable steps and writing tasks to build up confidence and achieve a greater understanding of the writing process. And having deadlines really helped me to focus my efforts.” Clare

“The tutor was lovely and gave me great constructive feedback so each week I felt like I was growing. I think if you still wanted to do a writing course this would definitely be it!” Rachael

“In four short weeks I feel like I’ve learned more about storytelling than what I did in the three years I studied writing at university (not to mention another 15 years of life experience and attending workshops and writing PR pieces and blog posts at work).” Fleur

“It was simply my best endeavor in yonks.” Janine

“What a wonderful course! The exercises in this course really ignited something in me, inspired me to write fiction.” Victoria

“I was both surprised and pleased to find that the exercises seemed to have “unlocked” an imaginative capacity I didn’t know I had!” Hazel

“I found it really inspiring, it was well structured and even for a non-writer like me was not too intimidating.” Fiona

“What a revelation these last four weeks have been!” Bobbie

“What a wonderful adventure I have been on…This course has freed my tethered imagination from the burden of perfection.” Carolyn

“It has been an extraordinary experience…A light has been turned on. I feel like I have been let in on a secret, a really delicious secret.” Joan

“…I’m happy to report it’s been fantastic – the best thing I’ve done in a long time…If you are thinking of doing a writing course, I definitely recommend this one.” Sophie

“I must admit I wasn’t sure how I’d go, but it turned out to be a fabulous experience… I intend to keep writing. I’m going on with the Novel and Script First Draft course. …Of most importance, I believe this course did just what it said on the tin and unlocked my creativity.” Linda

“I know my soul is nourished and I feel alive. I have been touched at a visceral level. I sit in awe at what I have written over the last four weeks, the positive feedback seasoned with constructive criticism. I have surprised myself at what I have learned and achieved in such a short time.” Denise

“What an amazing experience…A final word on my tutor …, whose presence was like that of a guardian angel. Invisible but powerful, whispering (and sometimes shouting) encouragement all the way, as well as being generous with constructive criticism.” Nino

“It’s been an invigorating, nutritious and positively mind blowing experience.” Manawa

“It’s been an exciting enjoyable journey – and I know this is only the beginning…” Erika

“I’m so happy to have completed this course. It has been the kick start that I needed and has taught me so much about writing.” Jo

“The step by step process switched on a light bulb for me. I now realised this is what I have needed all along…My enthusiasm has been renewed and I’m excited about it.” Bonita

Unlocking Creativity Live April 2018

“It’s been an amazing journey of discovery. I’ve always (known I) enjoyed writing but really didn’t know where to start or how to focus my ideas into a story. I’ve learnt more in these 4 weeks than years and years of reflection and trying.” Tu

“It’s been wonderful being in a room with so many talented writers for the past month, their energy is contagious and makes me want to write more and write better.” Daniella

“I have absolutely loved coming in on a Thursday night, and participating in the writing. It’s a great course that focuses on the practical aspect of creating the habits and structure to support creating a writing practice.” Erica

“This has been a great experience.” Douglas

“I’ve learned that I love writing…but the biggest take away is the unexpected way in which the course has opened up my heart and wrenched open my brain.” Caroline

“I have really loved doing the course.” Asha

“I really enjoyed the way the course is set out as it really focused on why I want to write and what I need to do to get there. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.” Holly

Novel & Script First Draft Online 2017

“I’m just so glad I took the step to enrol in this course. It really got me moving and helped me turn this idea that I’ve been thinking about (but not acting upon) for years into something real. I would like to thank you so much for making this course available, and the fact that it’s online made it easy to fit into my life at the times that suited me. I have been recommending The Writer’s Studio to everyone I meet who’s interested in pursuing their creativity in this way. Thanks again!” Helen A, February 2018

“I can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am for the amazing support that I am receiving.” Bronwen, February 2018

“From the moment I started this course, to the very end…I have not stopped loving the entire process, the writing and the feedback. It has been great engaging with other writers, as well as reading their stories as well as seeing their stories develop over the past 10 months. This course has proven to me I have the motivation to start something and more importantly, to see this through and finish the course. All of this is made easier when you are working on something on something you love. This course has been extremely exciting for me. Thank you everyone at the Writer’s Studio for getting me in touch with my toughest opponent and making that brave step to start the course and more importantly, making it so enjoyable that I have just arrived at the finishing Line.” Helen W, March 2018

Unlocking Creativity Live February 2018

“This is a brilliantly constructed course.” Keri

One very thrilling insight the course has given me is the joy of writing – the feeling of creative thoughts flowing out of me.” Rob

“I have gained so much confidence as a writer.” Dayne

“I learned so much.” Tina

“I have gained a fantastic array of tools with which to approach writing, amid a very supportive group of people…and experienced a taste of my writing and potential and it’s lovely.” Ben

“This has been an extremely positive experience for me.” Ger

Unlocking Creativity Online January 2018

“The Unlocking Creativity course was such an inspiring sandpit in which to play…Step by step, the course introduced wonderful, constructive ways to bring those characters to life at last; detail, emotion, senses, intuition, conflict, journey. ‘Bricks of detail’ is one of the simplest, yet potent-est entry points for writing; thank you! It removes the overwhelming ‘big picture’ stuff, and grounds me back in the present. Super valuable.” Toni

“I know I have grown as a writer and it’s been great to see the growth in my writing companions… It’s been so inspiring and so much fun.” Betty

“It exceeded all of my expectations. I learned several important tools…It was amazing how over such a short space of time, I could see such dramatic improvement in both my writing and that of other student’s in my course.” Leanne

“I’ve just completed the 4-week Unlocking Creativity online course through the Writers’ Studio. It’s been a very rewarding course, focusing on the process of writing rather than the mechanics.” Jason

“I have had an amazing and enlightening four weeks. When I began one of my aims was to learn where to begin with my writing. How to awaken my creativity and just get in there and write a story. To my surprise that is exactly what I have learnt but what I didn’t foresee was how freeing and liberating writing can be. I have really enjoyed learning about the craft and process of writing.” Danielle

“I can’t believe I’ve only been on this course for four weeks.  I feel I’ve learned so much, and at the same time, that I’ve barely begun.” Brooke

“The course showed me that writing fiction is accessible to everybody that is able to sit down for blocks of half-an hour or so a day – not just the high-browed, fire-in-the belly types for whom writing is an anguished, do or die matter. I learnt that I can fit writing into my every day.” Julie

“I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who has ever had, even the smallest thoughts about writing.” Irene

“I wonder why I waited so long to enrol into this online creative writing course… I can tell you this is an awesome starting point for anyone.” Jenny

“I’ve always knew I wanted to be a screenwriter. This course has given me confidence and armed me with new skills and knowledge to aim at a goal that has become much more clearer.” Sky

“The guided process, the readings, videos and the freedom the online course gave me, made for an exceptional experience. Having signed on to the course on a whim, with no sense of whether I had it in me to write, no ambition to be a writer, just a curiosity to explore the possibilities – well, a new door has opened up for me, one I now wish to step through and embark on a journey to learn more about writing.” Lita

“This journey has taught me so much.” Gretel

“Thank you so much to The Writer’s Studio – this course was invaluable.” Leonie

“I have learned so much. I am now going on to the 10-month first draft novel course with joy in my heart and so much excitement. And without any fear of ‘not doing it right’. There is no right way, only my way. Thank you, Writers Studio!” Susan

“Before starting this course a month ago, writing felt like something I should put off until tomorrow. Now I can’t wait to sit down and write.” Elizabeth

“I have just completed the four week online Unlocking Creativity course and what a mind blowing experience it has been.” John

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to undertake this course, I am grateful to the wonderful feedback and guidance from my tutor, I am grateful for the wonderful feedback from the other course participants.” Candice

“Heartfelt thanks to everyone, tutors and fellow writers, for helping to make this such an enjoyable and worthwhile experience!” Gai

“The last four weeks have been a time of great learning for me. I’ve learned that even with a very busy life I am still able to carve out some time each day to do something I love.

I’ve learned that there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way as me about their own writing. They come from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds; all share similar insecurities, passions, fears and dreams. I’ve learned so many fascinating things about the craft of writing. I am so happy that I have found something that I love.” Elissa

“I feel very honoured to have shared this course with an absolute gem of a tutor and an amazing group of people who have given me so much encouragement!” Carole

“It has been illuminating, encouraging, and inspiring. Many years ago, I tutored in writing at UTS, a workshop process where students commented on the writing. On the basis of my performance there over three years of short story writing, I was offered a post tutoring. I’ve got to say, what I have learned here about structure, craft, and style beats that former experience hands down… I owe a lot to the Writers’ Studio.” Meredith

“I’ve learnt a lot about the craft and processes of writing and how to improve my own.” Hazel

“What a glorious four weeks I’ve had, resurrecting the creative writer in me that has lain dormant for so long.” Cheryle

“I feel inspired, creative, motivated and my confidence has soared!” Joanne