Selected 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Writing Course - Reviews

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write but when I try creativity remains elusive and writing isn’t easy. Then—wham — I discovered the ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course run by the Writers’ Studio and what a find that was. Many other writing courses offer the same or similar. What differs with this ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course is that it not only offers but gives what it promises, and in a nurturing environment! It teaches the way and shows the way to unlock creativity. Where before I struggled to get the words out, now with just a breath my muse is ready and the words flow into a story. For so long, I’ve wanted to write. Now I can.” Enisa

“Unlocking Creativity was an incredible, life-changing experience. I pondered doing it for a long time and WOW what a reward. I loved absolutely every second. Being introduced to story and structure and the basics of this beautiful craft was such a gift. Letting my imagination run wild, writing every day and sharing the experience with a group of generous, gutsy, diverse writers was extraordinary. Our tutor was amazing in terms of knowledge, feedback, insight and helping us gain confidence. Doing it on line gives the freedom to make it work within the constraints of life. Can’t wait to start my next course with you tomorrow. Thank you so much!” Janine

“What a fantastic way to learn. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I learnt so much in so little time and will never look at writing the same way. The processes I will follow forever and I will continuously work on the craft. I have felt my own writing has improved and that of my fellow classmates. With each week everyone learnt from the last.

“I intend to keep practising every day, which in my career as a Copywriter I am lucky enough to be able to do. I have hopes of using this new knowledge to write short films in the near future. Again, highly recommended.” Stephanie

“I entered the course with some trepidation. I have wanted to write more seriously for a long time and have not known where to begin, how to flesh out characters, how to write dialogue. In 4 short weeks I have learnt so much.” Vivian  

“Without wanting to put too much undue pressure on myself, I feel a little like I’ve travelled all my life to get to this course! I’ve loved all the encouragement and structure. It’s all worked brilliantly to inspire me and unlock my creativity! Thank you!” Annie

“This course was fantastic in so many ways both practically and personally. More than that – the principles on structure and guidelines on how to write short scenes, develop characters and the wider umbrella on story structure made me feel so relieved and less intimidated to embark on the journey of writing a novel one day by breaking it up into little steps.” Nadia

“Despite all the writing courses I completed as a part of my BA, none had delivered on the necessary form of structure…Once the gift of structure had been given, my story took off in ways I could not imagine.” Karen

Compilation Of Writers Reviewing Our Creative Writing Courses

Hear what our writers have to say about their experience doing our writing courses.

This video features writers talking about their experiences participating in our 4-Week Unlocking Creative Writing Course and our Novel & Scriptwriting courses at our Sydney studio in Bronte. Writers have similar positive responses when doing our courses online. See online course reviews below.

Selected 10-Month Novel & Script Writing Course Reviews

“The Writers’ Studio is arguably one of the best ways of turning a dream of writing into reality. I know for certain that if I didn’t come across the studio I would be still dreaming of writing one day as opposed to making a significant progress on my first book. These days there is no shortage of available information on the craft of writing as well as a wealth of wisdom from some of the best writers who have ever lived. However, The Writers’ Studio genius lies in their ability to gather all that knowledge, distill the most important information and structure it into a plan which one can clearly follow.” Maria

“What a journey! I can’t believe how much we’ve achieved in ten months. I’ve wanted to write a novel for years but didn’t have a clue where to start. I’m always enamoured by authors and how they create a story…and wondered how the hell they do it! Now I know – thanks to this course… I’ve loved the journey.” Jackie

“From the moment I started this course, to the very end, I have not stopped loving the entire process, the writing and the feedback. Thank you everyone at the Writer’s Studio for getting me in touch with my toughest opponent and making that brave step to start the course and more importantly, making it so enjoyable that I have just arrived at the finishing line.” Helen

“When I started the First Draft course, I had nothing other than a few possible concepts for a story, which absolutely no idea how to tackle them and convert them into a novel. Over the first two months, one of these concepts emerged as a story worthwhile telling, and over the next eight months by following the structure and trusting the process, slowly that story was born onto the page. Whilst I’m definitely proud of the 65,000 words I’ve written and my resulting first draft, what I’m more proud and grateful for is how much I’ve learned. Thanks for your guidance and patience. Can’t wait to tackle the 2nd Draft.” Kate

“10 months ago I had a name and a kernel of an idea for a story. What happened next was beyond what I could have expected – not only a name change but a depth of character and what became a story outline developed, alongside priceless feedback from a group of peers all experiencing the same thing in their own way. Like others before me I’m finishing the course hungry for more and excited to see my characters do next.” Amelia

Unlocking Creativity Course Review

I spent three years at film school and there were some absolute nuggets of gold and tools (in this course) that I haven’t heard anywhere else that I will be using every time I write. Ben Matthews

Unlocking Creativity Online 18 January 2023

“Today I finished my first writing course. Over the past four weeks I have felt released from my negative inner dialogue, and not so much as a bird freed from a cage, but rather a fearsome dragon exploding from a cave, destroying an entire city with her breath of fire. Before this course it had always been the “where to start?”, that I found more daunting. How does one get their thoughts down on page in sync? I really didn’t know how to structure my stories, and I did not think I had the skill to evoke emotion for a reader. Now, I have learnt how to do so.I have made a promise to myself to write every day. I have set the bar high, but I mean business.” Angela

“I found that far from having nothing to say, I had plenty. My greatest challenge became cutting down to meet the word limits and determining the most important elements to tell the story. I enjoyed capturing something of my soul and some spiritual truths. What surprised me about my fellow writers was how enjoyable the stories were to read, how different they all were, and where other people’s interests were taking them on their writing journeys. At the beginning of the course I don’t think I could have written a short story. I realise now I could probably write a book with hard work and effort; that most important part of being a writer is having the discipline to just sit down and do it!” Lisa

“I have certainly unlocked my love for writing again. It has been way too long. Like bumping into an old school friend and wondering why on earth did we ever lose touch? I have learnt so much in this short course – the power of structure, scene setting, character journey, painting a picture through bricks of detail – show, don’t tell! Which involves the five-finger exercise. And no, I’m not being rude! One of the surprise learnings is that of providing and receiving feedback to the other writers in the class. I was so apprehensive at first. What do I know about critiquing? But we were taught how to provide and structure our feedback. And even in that I found such beautiful storytelling and seeing other people’s perspectives. A truly rewarding process. There are so many beautiful story tellers out there, which means there are a lot of stories yet to be written. The future looks bright. There is still much to learn so I think I will continue with some more courses.” Frances

“It must mean something if I’ve managed to complete the same writing course twice, while never completing any other course in my entire life! Do you think that means I’m in the right place? I do love prioritising the writing and creating a morning routine to tap into my imagination. I set up a special writing space, and yet I find myself in a wonderful daily routine of racing downstairs early for coffee preparation, then setting myself up in the joyful comfort of my bed to write. Pens, pencils, sharpeners and journals strewn across the sheets. I feel ready and totally open to what will emerge. Maya Angelou’s quote “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” really speaks to me.. It would be easy to just say I’m not a writer, and yet this constant longing, ache sometimes, just doesn’t go away. Maybe there’s a novel, maybe not. I think I’m just thrilled to be on the journey, in the process and I’ll just see what emerges. If nothing emerges, at least I tried.” Elizabeth

“It has been such an amazing journey of self-discovery, I don’t know why I waited so long to do it. I have always loved writing, but I probably haven’t thought seriously about it since I declared at 20 years old “maybe I’ll take a break from Uni and write a book?” I was too scared to do it and I didn’t know how, and as a 20 year old, I didn’t have much to say. My biggest discovery over this course is that I actually enjoy writing, and despite being a perfectionist in every other aspect of my life, I’m learning to be comfortable letting go and writing things I don’t think are very good (and even more importantly, letting other people read them and looking forward to their feedback!). I have also been delighted to discover that when it comes to writing, I am not in fact a “destination” over “journey” person, I have enjoyed the journey very much. My fellow writers have been so warm and generous in their feedback, and together I feel we have all improved as we have learnt not only how to write through structure and bricks of detail, but how to read. I will miss the camaraderie a lot. I feel I have made some great new friends who I have never met but have been fortunate enough to get to know through their storytelling over the past month. Not having the Writers’ Board will be a real loss to my day.” Alex

“I am not overstating it to say this course has been transformative for me and I feel more confident and more me to be finally giving this a go.” Bronwen

“It has been such a delight to feel so safe and so nurtured to be childlike in offering up whatever little sand castle I’ve constructed along the way. and wonderful to watch other people’s stories emerge. I am really hoping I can finish at least one of the three of my little south coast noir stories this year. Writing like this, with other writers, has been absolutely splendid. My morning writing practice is freer, I’m less judgemental, and there’s such joy to jump in now. All I can say is, why didn’t I do this sooner?” Sharna

“I have been on a wonderful creative journey. I was surprised how well others wrote; God I was surprised at how well I wrote! We learnt so much. I loved getting feedback from the group and I took it all on board. I think we all got better across the 4 weeks because we continued to grow a sense of how to craft our writing.” Deborah

“The course provided such a supportive environment, it was so nice to read other people’s writing and watch how each of us developed. I really got a lot out of our brief introduction to character development and reading how others used it! It really stoked the fire of writing a novel!” Jennifer

“The course content was a progressive approach, helping us develop a sound writing habit with multiple exercises to complete each week. One key thing I identified is that I have been editing as I am writing, trying to get it 100% right the first time, which is why I was getting frustrated and would give up. Acknowledging this, and with the skills and tools the course has given me, I believe I can now complete a first draft, and once that is done, to focus on re-writing and editing. I don’t know where this journey is going to take me, but I want to see how far I can go.” Karen

“I’m happy to report that these past four weeks have been a revelation. The course has opened my eyes to both the challenge and the rewards of writing, in profound and surprising ways…… I’m feeling daunted by the challenge of becoming a Writer. I enrolled in the course having no real appreciation for the craft of writing, nor any idea what it truly meant to be a writer. The course has fuelled the fire in me. I want to see how long, how far and how fiercely it will burn. Unlocking Creativity has given me direction, with a sprinkling of technique and tools. Now, let’s see what I can do with them!” Martin

“I’ve made it to the end of the Writers’ Studio’s 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course, and wow, that was intense! The first week was a real leap of faith. I’m not the type to want to post things online and I have a bad habit of editing the life out of every little thing I write, so you can imagine how my stomach churned at the idea of having to publish words to a group of strangers. Imagine my surprise when the world didn’t stop turning. In fact I found that it was easy to knock down the walls I’d built around the idea of needing everything I write to be unimpeachable, and the strangers on the course quickly felt like friends. I was inspired by the way everyone in our group so generously shared their writing and feedback, and I am so grateful to each and every one of them. I think I learnt more from looking at what worked in their writing than I did from my own..” Collette

Unlocking Creativity Course Review

“I’ve never written before in my life and very quickly (after beginning the course) writing became part of my daily routine… Just seeing how powerful everyone’s writing became was inspiring.” Thibault Upton

Unlocking Creativity Online November 2022

“I had done this course a few years ago, and I was worried that it would seem repetitive or be a waste of energy. Let me tell you, I was wrong. I had forgotten what it was like to just let go and put words together without thinking about whether it made sense or furthered my argument, etc. Apparently, five years of academic writing kind of beats creativity out of you.” Laura

“What an excellent course structure. A simple path paved in gold. I love how the intensity of the timeline together with the Writer’s Board drives out creativity. I saw everyone improve, and the structure so cleverly enables a gradual build and evolution. Fabulous approach.” Amy

“What a wild 4 weeks it’s been! I’ve just completed the Unlocking Creativity online course from The Writer’s Studio (pass on the good word to the imaginary friends circle) and it might be one of the most positive experiences I’ve had in a long, long time.” Chris

“I have just completed a course called Unlocking Creativity. It’s a creative writing course and it has been a real eye opener and inspiration for me! Not only did I come to realise that structure, form, and imagery are the bedrock on which creativity flourishes, but I found that when these principles are applied, they provide a level of confidence that quietens the inner critic. Reading the submission of other writers and providing feedback was at once daunting and inspirational and I feel so grateful to both our tutor and to my fellow travellers for their feedback and encouragement on this journey which has motivated me to not give up but to continue to pursue my dream of writing at least one story.” Ruth

“What a transformative four weeks I’ve had! The writer’s block which has plagued me for so long is finally lifting. I took the Unlocking Creativity course and I didn’t just dip my toe in the water, I dived right in. It was scary at first, but what I learned from letting go of my inner critic and feeling my fear but doing it anyway, was that the more I wrote the more natural it felt to write, the more ideas flowed, and I could start to marry my imagination with the techniques of storytelling that we were learning each week of the course. From this point I am wanting to keep the momentum going and make time to write a priority and a habit.” Emma

“I’d just like to say I recommend this course to anyone considering a writing career or even for the pure joy of writing as I feel like I’m starting to get in the zone now and I’m looking forward to writing my novel.” Clement

“Writing has overtaken my life these past four weeks, thanks to the Writers Studio Unlocking Creativity course. The power of thoughtful, constructive positive feedback has been a revelation. It is transformative, energising – a gift to the giver as well as the receiver. My inner critic has been muzzled by all this positivity, my critical writing skills honed, and I have been inspired by seeing and acknowledging the good, the potential, the growth in my fellow writers. Much gratitude to them for their honest reflections, deliberations and constructive positivity, and I applaud each of them for their brilliance, courage and commitment to creative writing. My world has shifted. The urge to write, the need to write is much stronger now.” Christine

“After a lifetime of struggling with writing, this course has enabled me to do, exactly as the title suggests – unlock! The environment created was extremely positive and encouraging. The course has truly given me so much. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have done it and I am also very grateful to have been part of this small writer’s community for a short but wonderful time.” Peter

“After having posted several pieces, my confidence and enthusiasm has increased tenfold. So grateful. My fellow writers and I have learned how to quiet our inner critic, trust our imagination and let the story write through us. I’m surprised by how quickly my writing improved and the quality of the work we were all putting out. This course has made me so excited to start working on my novel.” Michelle

Unlocking Creativty Live October 2022

“This course unlocked a part of me I have wanted to see was real but was never quite convinced. Having a ritual of writing and being vulnerable with a group of 20 perfect strangers really created a sense of hope, pride and belonging that creative writing is something I and everyone, is not only capable of but creates a sense of transformation in you.” Laura

“The course really gave me structure and concepts to follow that made me believe in myself. I have always suffered from self-doubt and the environment was really encouraging. It has honestly changed my opinion about my skills. I recommend doing this course.” Ryan

“This course has been like an awakening for me. It’s been wonderful to be in a classroom with like-minded people, and focusing on unlocking creativity. I learnt how encouraging it is to hear people’s feedback and to share our stories with each other.” Sonya

“I’ve loved putting pen to paper, establishing building blocks, creating a narrative and bringing scenes to life. Reading the writings of others and the positive classroom environment is inspiring in itself. I’m so much more aware of the possibilities of writing and my own self-enforced conventions. Things are going to change. The possibilities are endless.” Lucy

“My experience in this course was very profound and super enjoyable. I learnt so much about writing and it’s done exactly what its named after ‘Unlocking Creativity’. Super helpful if you’re feeling stumped or stuck creatively to get those ideas flowing and allowing yourself to think freely again. My new favourite mantra for writing is ‘Go with first thoughts, keep the pen moving and let yourself write junk’. No matter your goal this course caters to and helps you achieve whatever that may be to you.” Sienna

“I love the courses practicality. The doing and practising of your writing. This course has made me believe I can execute something worthwhile.” Aaron

Unlocking Creativity Online 21 September 2022

“It feels like I’ve discovered a whole new world, or re-discovered one I always knew existed!
I didn’t know what to expect from this course and the four weeks have flown by. I went from thinking I knew a little bit about writing, to understanding story structure, character development, the beauty of showing instead of telling. I could go on! The exercises really ramped up in intensity with the final two weeks giving me a solid foundation to keep growing and writing. I got more comfortable with writing every day and not feeling guilty about it! Who knew that ideas would flow if I just put the time in. I learned to trust myself, that the words would come, even on days when I struggled to write a single thing. My fellow writers have been so inspiring and the feedback thoughtful and appreciated. I valued being able to offer feedback as well; it really made it feel like a community and helped my own writing. The tutors were pretty amazing too – giving me focused and detailed feedback to grow and improve my writing. I’m sad our course is ending and hope some of the group are taking the next course with me.” Tracy

“Over the past four weeks, I’ve been part of a supportive and inspiring group of new writers, each exploring our abilities and creativity. We’ve learned how to structure a short story into bite-sized scenes that really grab the reader, while also giving the writer confidence that they are headed in the right direction! I’ve really enjoyed this aspect, as when learning, there is nothing like having a recipe book to follow while you are finding your feet. I was most surprised by the feelings and emotions brought out by the writing process and realised just how strong the voice in my head can be while writing! The course was excellent in supporting me with ignoring that voice, and powering through it to produce a short story that I really enjoyed writing and reading afterward. It was very clear that the course structure was easy to follow as everyone really did achieve the outcome of each exercise. Everyone’s short stories showed that they had brought together each of the elements necessary to make a compelling story – it was like watching the building blocks come together into a completed puzzle by week four, no matter the writer or their style.” Emily

“What a journey I’ve been on for the last month! I’ve done several other online courses, but this one takes the cake in terms of the teaching and learning methods it uses. The designers of the course understand the power of making mistakes in learning. Being encouraged to smash out first thoughts as a first step in writing creatively has helped me accept that there’s a place for the rubbish in my head; that getting it out is essential for unlocking my imagination. Something happens to my mind/body as the pen/pencil moves across the page. I’m excited about writing my novel in the 10-month course coming up.
The course has given my writing some respectability in the family. Everyone knows that I need an hour or two (at least) a day for my writing – to ‘go to work’ my granddaughter says.” Fiona

“It was challenging but surprisingly rewarding. I put my personal life on the line;past memories, some joyful and others less, but all of it was very much worth a try. You know that English, as well, isn’t my mother tongue, and this put me in a bit of an insecure position: but I never felt inferior or not deserving. There was a sort of warm and subtle human connection on the Writers’ Board amongst all the writers involved. Each one was tapping into something mysterious and yet powerful by sharing their writings and stories. I noticed a feeling of communion and embrace while reciprocally commenting on our work.I found my writing taking a further step towards personal appreciation and self-confidence. Reading and being asked to write feedback on other people’s work and creations was precious and a load of responsibilities at the same time. I’ve learned to read and let myself be transported by this experience.” Letizia

“Unlocking Creativity was exactly what it promised and more. I feel that I have learned some invaluable secrets and insights into the craft of writing. This month of learning has demystified the way powerful writing connects with readers by showing not telling. The most profound discovery I made during this course was that I do have the confidence to share my writing with others. Our little community of writers was so supportive and the thoughtful words of feedback I received from my peers were such a confidence boost. There was so much creativity and talent to begin with and it was just wonderful to see it blossom with the absorption of what we were being taught. My tutor Rowena has the most incredible warmth and enthusiasm. I felt myself smiling as I read (and re-read) her detailed and perceptive feedback, it was so rewarding to have her understand and appreciate what I was trying to convey. Connection is a fundamental part of why we read and write and I really felt it on our little writers’ board. I feel as though I have air in my tyres after completing this course and my imagination is racing down the highway with new ideas.” Miv

“My mind has truly been opened-up to understanding the craft of writing, the efficacy and value of each new process we built on each week, such as connecting with our own emotion and to then pour that into our characters, watch them react under pressure and really bringing them to life using a classic story structure to write and then share with the whole group. As we gave feedback to each other and received in return, it became clear from week to week how much we were improving and gaining more confidence in putting our writing out there. There were some really talented people writing but everyone, especially our tutors were so generous and positive about our work, the inspiration and confidence grew like magic. The most magical thing and what really surprised me most, was how much the story wrote itself when I abandoned my preconceived idea and plan of who and what I was going to write about and let my imagination take over my pen and “kept writing!” as we were constantly told to do. I couldn’t believe it as I watched new characters emerge, the setting change completely from the original picture in my mind and the action and dialogue go in a direction completely new to me. I so loved this experience and I want more of this magic.” Eileen

“I have just competed my 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Course with The Writers Studio! It has really opened up my eyes to the possibilities within writing and I’ve never been more inspired to create something magical. We learnt about the structure of writing and how to let ourselves delve into our work, even if it’s not what we want to write, it’s so important to keep our pens moving and to write everyday. It’s so surprising how once I stop self-doubting myself, the words begin to flow. Over the 4 weeks I have learnt to plan, write and rewrite as well as the importance of character point of view and just letting yourself write!! It’s been awesome reading the work of other writers and sharing feedback with one another. I’ve now got a better understanding of different writing styles and the direction that I want to take with my writing. My eyes have been opened and I’m so motivated to write!! I’m super grateful for what this course has given me and definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to push the boundaries and open yourself up to what you’re really capable of.” Denzie

First Draft Live Review

What was awesome was at the start of the course, you think I  haven't got a character or a storyline ... Before you know it, you're writing about something that's really important to you. You end up with a complete story. Annika Johansson

Unlocking Creativity Online 3 August 2022

“I have just finished unlocking creativity; the name really does what it says. Before this course, I wasn’t sure if I was cut out to be a writer. I would struggle to write, and everything I did write, I hated! But this course truly unlocked my creativity. I have cherished these few weeks and have learnt so much about writing. I know that this is the beginning, and I’m excited about my writing future!
Thank you to my fellow writers and Leone. It’s been great doing this course with you!” Melissa

After four weeks, I must say, that course was one of the best I have ever undertaken in terms of how much I got out of it, and what it has left me to work on further. I will undertake the Short Story course, as writing short stories was the main reason I took the course in the first place. I now feel I am armed with the basic knowledge, skills and a structure to pursue my dream of writing. Couple this with my enthusiasm and a head full of words, characters, faces, places, events, dreams, and hopes, I am ready to conquer my fear of starting. I thank everyone for their generous feedback and amazing support throughout.” Neeta

“The universe always brings you the things in life that you need when you are ready. I truly believe that that is the case and when it comes to taking part in the Unlocking Creativity course, it has assisted to fulfill something I have been missing. What a place to be where you are in an environment where everyone supports each other and encourages each other to just reach for the start and let the writing go free. Practice and more practice is what I will be doing moving forward, I feel I now have some additional tools to help me on my journey to either write the short story and then grow it into a novel and write that book I have always wanted. Thank you to Leone and everyone at the Writer’s Studio and to the class at Unlocking Creativity and good luck, I look forward to reading some books, short stories and a screenplay or two!” Shaun

“Well, my one month writing course is nearly finished and I am so glad I signed up for it. The course was extremely well structured and paced; I had plenty of time to consider, draft, write and submit. The exercises at the beginning encouraged focus, spontaneity and clarity in our writing and as we progressed, tasks became longer and more complex. Guidance was always provided. I really surprised myself because I have always believed that I lacked the imagination to be a serious writer, a writer with a capital W! But this course has demonstrated to me that like any other art or craft, how much we achieve and the quality of our achievement depends very much on how much we put in, and whether we take our acquired skills and knowledge and use them effectively to create something new. Reading what established and loved writers had to say was also very interesting and enlightening; that inspiration is not enough, talent on its own is not enough. That hard work, dedication and persistence are essential, that we all have a “spark,” within us, we just have to have the courage to light it I’d like to continue with my learning as well as starting the children’s book I’ve been thinking about for ages. I am so grateful for this course.” Agi

“I have learnt so much about writing and becoming a writer. The course is set up to provide as much support and inspiration within a safe space, while encouraging you to be brave, do the work, and write junk. I learnt to get over myself. To stop holding back because I thought I wasn’t good enough a writer, and to turn up every day and write. It seems simple, and it is, but it also requires commitment, perseverance and effort. The first time I wrote a story and received feedback I cried. It has been a long time since I have written anything creatively, so having it published on our Class’ Writers Board, and knowing that not only was my tutor reading my work, but other students were, was a game changer. Having someone, unrelated to me, reading one of my stories felt both terrifying and extraordinary. Having others engage with my stories, connect with my characters, and emotionally resonate with their journey, has inspired me to want to continue to write. I have decided to enrol in another course. My goal is to one day publish a series of books, but for now I know I need to continue to develop my skills, and turn up every day to write.” Carol

“I have experienced the most edifying four weeks of inspired instruction and encouragement, in the art and form of writing. As students we were encouraged to realise the importance of a daily habit or routine of putting pen to paper. It was a most remarkable experience, because as students we all progressed in confidence and boldness, and I must add, a belief in our ability as writers. There has been so much growth and improvement in everyone’s writing, and frankly there are some very talented writers, which has reignited my desire for writing.” Ian

“I chose the 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online course because it promised to help me unlock my creativity and get me into the habit of writing every day. I had my doubts about these claims to be honest, but they were right. The accountability that a weekly writing deadline instilled in me was just what I needed to force me to get words down on paper – I can’t ignore a deadline. And while one of my biggest worries heading into the course was that I wouldn’t be able to think of anything interesting to write about, I’ve learned a powerful lesson: when you sit and make the space for them, the ideas come. It’s been a fantastic experience for me. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to go on and try to write a first draft of a novel.” Kristina


First Draft Course Finished June 2022

“It sounds like a cliché, but this course literally changed the course of my life. Like my character, after a decisive action (in signing up), I have gone on a profound journey, learned to be a better person, made some more drastic life altering choices and now have a first draft of my novel to show for it. Thanks to Kathleen, Rich and Roland’s infinite patience, skilled guidance and wisdom I have learned so much about the craft of storytelling but also the art of being a better person. I can’t wait to take what I have learned and continue to hone my writing skills and get onto that Second Draft. Thank you so much to The Writers’ Studio for everything you have taught us. I owe this story to you.” Isaiah

“For me, the course has been all about giving myself permission. Permission to be creative, permission to not be perfect, permission to lower my standards, permission to sit in the discomfort and ambiguity and permission to do what you can with the time you have and accepting that. All of these can be translated into everyday life and I feel honoured and grateful to now have these skills and share the journey to get there with my fellow writers. I have been blown away by the originality at others stories and this has motivated me to keep going with my own and to keep moving forward. Thank you for everyone’s generosity and encouragement and I am looking forward to attending multiple book publishing parties and premiers in the years to come!” Vicky

“There is no way on earth I could have written a first draft without this course. What I thought my story was about was over in about two turning points, not to mention my flowing enthusiasm, but the course mined creative possibilities from me pushing and squeezing out of me an even more exhilarating story than I could have imagine. And the discipline of the course has made something seemingly impossible, writing a first draft in-between managing a business, a 7 and 8 year old, husband away for work, a crazy dog, a new build and an illness, possible!” Jessica

“After reading numerous books about writing and filling random pages of ideas and beginning and false starts, I have finally learned how to write a novel. The process is so perfectly formulated that I felt like the whole class were experiencing similar breakthroughs, difficulties and inspirational moments at similar times. We all learned so much together, and it was a positive and unforgettable course. I look forward to attending future book launches for all my classmates!” Melinda

“I have loved this experience since Day 1. Surprising myself with the characters that would not exist, their dilemma’s, desires and pain, had I not enrolled in this course and let myself ‘write junk’! Not only has there been a character arc in my story, but true arc and growth in myself! My story began as a plot being built around a character but is now a character creating plots by finding their truth. I will keep my story moving forward as I owe it to my characters, they are waiting for words to be placed on their lips, decisions to be made, battles to be fought. But more than xxxxx, to have the readers feel for these characters that would not have existed, if not for the First Draft course.” Christine

“When I started the course I had no idea about what I was going to write, I just knew I had ideas and a dream to write a novel – and not just write it – to finish it. Ok I know a first draft is not technical a novel. Now on this final day I have left with characters, a story and a laptop full of words (which reminds me, I should back it up). I have loved being on this journey with others and knowing that I am not alone with my chronic procrastination and deafening inner critic. It has been an experience I’m so glad I signed up for not just for what I’ve learnt about writing, but what I learnt about myself.” Anthony

“My story has grown and developed so much throughout the past 10 months. I am so grateful for all the feedback and support I’ve received. My story wouldn’t have the depth it does without it. I have also grown so much throughout this process. If I could sum up my character arc, it would be: from insecure and anxious wanna-be writer, to grateful first draft writer.” Casey

First Draft Review

When I came into the course I didn't have any idea about what I wanted to write about and I feel I've come up with a great structure. I've really enjoyed it. Rowan Marchingo

Unlocking Creativity Online - April 2022

“I am feeling nourished creatively by the experience and I think I’ve finally found my creative outlet…writing!! I plan to keep up daily writing, poems, short stories, purely for the joy the creative writing process brings me. I highly recommend this course.” Karen

“I embarked on the 4 Week Unlocking Creativity course while I was on holidays in Queensland. I must say, I found it more uplifting and cathartic than the long beach walks. Sitting down to write felt like such an indulgence. I didn’t realise how much I missed having a creative outlet in my life. I hope everyone can find something like this that lights them up.” Angela

“I’ve just completed the Unlocking Creativity Online course and the most important thing I have learnt is that I can do it. This little venture has really reinforced my belief that I can create something special, there is something inside of me to share with the world, and I’m excited to find out what it is.” Richard

“The environment was supportive and encouraging and the structure they set out for story and scene writing worked miraculously. I didn’t think I could tell stories; I thought I just loved words and could describe things, but the structure made the storytelling happen all by itself which was illuminating! I’m starting to think I could even tackle a novel, which was out of the question when I started.” Christina

“I have just completed the Unlocking Creativity course with the Writers Studio and I highly recommend it. I have learnt the importance of just writing and of doing some exercises before writing to get the creative juices stirred up and the muscles moving. I was surprised by the different styles of writing from everyone who did the course.” Jason

“The Unlocking Creativity Course really did this for me. The way the course is structured with lots of writing and feedback from everyone in such a positive atmosphere really made my imagination sing. It’s a great course. I’m so glad I did this.” Christine

“I’ve just done a four-week creative writing course and I loved it. I like that this course stretched me and forced me to look inside myself a little and see what creative gems are there. Learning from other writers – how they write, how they express things – and getting their feedback on my pieces has also been very valuable.” Kathy

“I signed up for Unlocking Creativity because I’d been thinking and talking for years about wanting to try my hand at a more creative style of writing, but not actually doing it. This course shattered some of the beliefs I had about what it took to be a ‘real’ writer. I’d always felt that if the writing didn’t come out beautifully at the first draft, then I obviously didn’t have what it took and if you can’t be great, then what’s the point of doing it at all? Writers’ Studio was a wonderfully nurturing space to start this journey and I’m so glad I did this course as a first step in getting the rusty old wheels of my imagination turning a bit. There’s still a way to go, but it’s a journey I hope to continue.” Rosemary

Third Draft Course Finished May 2022

“What an incredible experience this course has been… yet again! I’m so amazed at how I’ve developed as a writer and watch my fellow writing mates do the same. The changes to my story in this course have made me feel truly confident in the path that I’m on. I never thought I’d love feedback so much, let alone love the rewriting process. I also love getting to know my characters on a deeper level. I have no idea exactly what will happen to them throughout and I’m excited to be on this journey with them. Thank you for everything.” Liz

“During this course I feel I’ve gained maturity as a writer and have watched this happen in the rest of the group also. I now feel very comfortable with the idea that my story will take (more than) a few drafts to be finished and I feel confident that I have the tools to finish it. The thing I’ve found most useful about this course has been the feedback I’ve received and the deadlines each month – both of which hold me accountable to finishing my story and without which I could easily imagine losing touch of what I’m trying to do.” Alyce

“I have absolutely loved this course. I can’t stop thinking about my story, but also all the stories of the people I have shared this journey with. If I take one thing out of this course it is the confirmation that I am fascinated by stories, all types of stories and what makes them resonate with people. Thank you to all that tutors and those in the trenches with me – lots of mud, but lots of gems.” Philippa

“I’ve really loved the deep and detailed feedback from my tutor. The painstaking analysis and actionable advice has been wonderful.” Dave

“The Writers’ Studio has changed my life and Third Draft Part 1 has been the pinnacle of that. It has given me the tools to develop my writing skills, the confidence to expand my story and share it with others and the belief that writing is what I want to focus on in the next phase of my life away from the work that has been my life for the past 4 decades. Before I came to the Writers’ Studio, writing was just a hobby. I leave Third Draft Part 1 knowing this is what I want to do!”. Ros

First Draft Online Finished May 2022

“It has been such a lovely, joyful journey – even when full of anxiety and completely out of my comfort zone and I am just so grateful and fortunate that you all exist and so willingly to share all your wisdom and knowledge to help other writers like myself be creative and go on this journey, so thank you.” Kristy

“I have loved this course. I have learned so much about writing creatively and structuring a long prose fiction. The regular feedback from my tutor was invaluable and the clear structure of the course itself worked very well to encourage and support me in the writing process. Thank you!! “ Belinda

“I have enjoyed the course very much and I am thrilled to finish a ‘first draft’. I have something to work with now – a selection of characters to manage and lots of rewriting to do. Thank you Writer’s Studio for your positivity (in a very negative world) and for making me feel like a writer for the last 10 months.” Janine

“I absolutely loved this course and what really excites me the most is that this is only the beginning! I can’t thank my tutor, Ruth and the Writers’ Studio enough, as I know what I’ve learnt is also going to help me bring many more stories and characters to life. I also loved that this was offered purely online, this allowed me the flexibility to work through it on my terms and in the pockets of time I could make in my day, it was really a joy for me to work this way.” Astrid

Unlocking Creativity Live - April 2022

“This course helps you let go of self doubt and gives you the permission you need to succeed. The vision you start with is often blurry but the techniques they provide help build the lenses you need to find your clarity and bring forward your vision.” Carlos

“Wow! What a massive 4 weeks! When I think back to the first class I feel like a changed person. The desired and passion for creating beauty within pain in my characters is still there, but it’s just all so much deeper. I’ve learned how essential structure is for being able to let my imagination run wild. To think, I had such a long period of time when I couldn’t think about what to write. It now feels like ideas are endless. I’ve been so inspired by my peers who have created such deep and powerful stories in such a short period of time. What a gift.” Sally

“This course has taught me that it’s not about having something to say, it’s about using your imagination and having the courage to say it. I would’ve thought I’d be drawing from personal trauma heavily, but what I’ve really enjoyed is exploring new characters and their histories I don’t even know about yet. And that’s why I want to keep with writing, the enjoyment and the excitement of meeting new friends on the page.” Robyn

“The Unlocking Creativity Course really did this for me. The way the course is structured with lots of writing and feedback from everyone in such a positive atmosphere really made my imagination sing. It’s a great course. I’m so glad I did this. I now know I want to be a writer.” Christine

“I’ve been given the tools and framework to put my crazy creativity inside of and for some reason I feel more free. Pressure makes demands and discipline makes freedom – that’s what I’ve learned.” Jane

“It’s really quite amazing the progress you can make in just 4 Thursday nights. The course gives you loads of tips, tricks and techniques that are easy to follow and allow anyone to improve. The environment is friendly and facilitates learning, plus there’s Tim Tams. In the end it’s really up to you though – no one can make you practice or improve but with the tools you get from this writing course you have everything you need to unlock your creativity.” Anthony

6-Week Writers' Gym - February 2022

“I am more confident I have something to say and that it’s important work – even if just for my own sense of wholeness. I have loved being on this journey with all of the writers in this course and with our incredible tutor. How funny, clever, brave and talented everyone is, and how lovely to be dropped into so many unpredictable new worlds each week! I have learnt so much through reading everyone’s stories and insightful feedback. I have been inspired afresh at how much difference a teacher can make, and how special that work is. And the biggest difference? I can see that some of the stories I have begun are not yet finished – they are part of something bigger that I feel called to explore.” Laura

“What the Writers Studio approach offers is a marriage between a planned approach and an organic one. I am not a plotter and prefer the organic, intuition way to tap into my imagination and get the creative juices flowing. The result needs to be draped over a form to give it structure and to support the reader. I think I learnt more about the craft of doing this during the last six week than previously. The approach is also one which allows the student to find things out themselves.” Sarah

“The course built upon the ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course so I got to revisit what I had learned from that course and then go further.” Jarrod

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Writers’ Gym and now look forward to getting on with my ‘book’ of the Overland Journey with so many new tools and features to implement and an example of structure that I can perhaps twist and use in some version to suit the stories I have to tell. I’ll be making the difficulties on the road much stronger, exaggerating incidents with greater pressure and helping the characters to shine through with their individual voices, faces, clothes and characteristics. And I’ll try to dig in and bring out our emotions. Thank you all for your contributions to my growth throughout the Gym.” Elizabeth

“The Writers’ Studio is a safe place for those who have always dreamed of being a writer. The Writers’ Gym course taught me to let go of doubt, free the words from my mind and onto the blank page, and allow them to take on a life of their own. The advice and guidance I received from my tutor, and the comments from fellow writers in the group were encouraging. The feedback has been invaluable, validating and motivating. It was inspiring to read the words of other writers, knowing the courage it takes to release the stories into the world. I learned the skills needed to craft a dynamic short story. I have learned that writing is a journey of growth as I evolve with every sentence I create. I was surprised how my characters took on a life of their own as the stories progressed. If your dream is to be a writer, then you must write. You have your own unique story to tell, and the world needs to experience them.” Donna

Unlocking Creativity March 2022

“This course has made me feel there is nothing else I want to do, except write.” Salma

“The 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course has been a breath of fresh air to my daily routine. I’ve really learnt the importance of writing every day and how much I really want this to be a future for me.” Lisa

It’s also been great to give and receive feedback on the writing exercises and watch myself and others improve greatly over such a short period of time. I have no doubt about my writing improving, but also my confidence has grown, not just through the practice and feedback, but also through learning to hold back on the negative self-chatter.” Giles

“I did it! Four weeks of fearless writing, in front of a group of people. It has been a remarkable experience for me, to share space with others who also want to express themselves and share their own stories on paper. I wish this part wouldn’t end.” Katherine

“The 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online course has equipped me with a guide to structuring a plot – for almost any story – a hallelujah moment for me! I still have so much to learn. But it feels great to feel I’ve stepped into a brand new adventure. I have struggled with retirement and a feeling of isolation. But the moment I saw mention of this course I felt something spring to life in me – and after reading more about it I had signed up within the hour! No regrets! While I found some of the course quite challenging (I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t), I loved every moment of it and feel as though I am alive again.” Leone

“The Unlocking Creativity course is something you get a lot out of. To be given a few hours each week to put all your thoughts and ideas and the stories you’ve collected as souvenirs of your big life down on paper. To sit in a room so full of warmth and positivity that you feel like it could burst! To be forced into putting pen to paper and unleashing the creativity that undoubtedly lives inside you.” Olivia

Unlocking Creativity January 2022

“A lot can happen in four weeks. When I began the Unlocking Creativity course it was to see if I could, and more importantly if I enjoyed, the process of creative writing. It was to give me something to focus on other than the various machinations of my brain. As the course concludes I have gained more than the sum of the incredibly valuable tools and techniques around character development, scene structure, sensorial details and pressure points on human weakness. I have gained an even greater passion and dedication to the craft of writing. For the first time in my life I wasn’t saying ‘I want to be a writer’. And so, I have enrolled in the 10-Month First Draft course to help take my lifelong dream from something I dare not do for fear of failure to something I am definitely doing because there are no excuses left…and I’m finally ready.” Lisa

“I’m amazed about how good I feel about myself and my place in the world after doing the UC course! Who would have thought in my late fifties, I would rediscover my passion and purpose to write again?” Lili

“The Unlocking Creativity course has provided such a rich and reflective view of myself and what I’m capable of. Over the weeks, I have been bold in trying on different characters and seeing them evolve inside of clear formulated structures that bring ease to the process. It’s been surprising to witness this unfold.” Shinara

“Not only have I seen something through to the end, but I bloody loved it – Unlocking Creativity has done exactly what it said on the tin. Through the course notes, the prompts, the exercises and the feedback, I feel like I have rediscovered something vitally important to me. Something that was buried years ago, like a time capsule in my backyard that contained a tv guide, an edition of Women’s Day (it’s all part of my day!) and there, at the bottom of the container covered in shit but still managing to shine, was my love of writing.” Jen

“I LOVED it. I was nervous before I started, which seems quite silly now! For me, the course reignited an old flame….my romance with words and the joy of writing. Even when it felt like my imagination was on vacation, I never thought “I don’t want to write”. NEVER. The prompts were awesome and being given permission “just to write” was extremely liberating. Especially for me, as I haven’t dabbled in creative writing since High School (some 33 years ago!) It’s fair to say this course was the lifesaving defibrillator in getting me motivated and has been extremely inspirational. The Writers’ Studio provided a nurturing environment even online” Antoinetta

“The course is imbued with care, kindness and support, as well as being professionally delivered. The course facilitators, tutors and participants, together have created such a safe space for writer-participants to blossom in; I really appreciate the effort, spirituality, structure and care that has gone into the design of this course and also the generosity of the tutors. I really think this course is a great boost to confidence, inspiration and skill development, for all writers – especially those who, like me, lapsed in maintaining their writing focus.” Catherine

“I’ve just finished a course that has re-invigorated both me and my writing. After not writing for a long time, just thinking about it, I’m now in love with writing again. I remembered how I used to love writing for writing’s sake. But, more importantly, I’ve learned that love isn’t enough, you have to put in the hard work to make dreams happen. Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to write a book and daydreamed that it would just happen. This course has woken me up from that daydream and taught me that writing is a craft like anything else. Going forward, I intend to make discipline and determination priorities in writing and in life in general….I’ve been pussy-footing around for too long and wishing on falling stars. I’m hoping to turn from a lazy daydreamer into a dedicated craftswoman.” Judith

“I already knew that I wanted to write, that’s a lifelong dream, but this course encouraged me to create a tangible daily writing practice, and to focus on getting words on the page.” Sophie

“I simply must tell you about the amazing journey I’ve been on. It’s been one very much of self-discovery, of empowerment and of fun. A journey over just four short weeks that has taught me so much about the structure and discipline and the craft of writing, it’s taught me that, yes, I can write and its taught me to trust the process. I had such a great time over the four weeks that I have committed to the ten-month writers course. I want to keep the momentum going and see what I can create with more knowledge and learning of this wonderful craft. I dream of one day seeing my works published and available for people to read. I hope they will dive into my worlds and disappear into some new place for a while, escape their reality for just a while and come into mine.” Jodie

“I have just finished the 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course where I have discovered my love and enthusiasm for creative writing. I have always enjoyed using my imagination to create stories and worlds but this course has helped me to channel what I see in my mind and put it onto paper. It taught me that the best thing to do is to just write. And I’ve loved it. I’m now keen to take the next step and try out the 10 month Novel and Script first draft course. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to tell some of the stories that are wildly flying around inside my head looking for a way to escape onto the page.” Luke

“I have found inspiration and motivation to write again. Not just forcing myself to write my novel but true motivation. I enrolled into the Unlocking Creativity and as the title states it has done this for me. Being pushed to write about subjects outside my genre has surprisingly sparked an interest. My character development and story development has certainly improved and after a few short weeks. This has changed my mindset and given practical direction for writing in the future. It has been so fulfilling to be creative again, delve into characters souls and let the writing take me to new places. I really feel I can do this. Being part of a group of writers and being able to take this journey with them has been a delight. Reading others stories, laughing, shocked and feeling sad was something I looked forward to each week and I will miss that.” Christine

“I have just finished the Unlocking Creativity Online course and was deeply touched by the active feedback and engagement that I received from my fellow writers and have also shared with them. I was surprised by how quickly writing felt like being re-acquainted with a familiar old friend again. And how I felt a bond with people whom I never met in real life! Now that it is over, I feel motivated to write more. I am ready to free the characters from my mind, give them breath and life freedom to roam the earth and live their lives and also free myself because in the words of Maya Angelou: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” So, I am committed to knuckling down and doing the job.” Qaqamba

“I’ve loved the last 4 weeks. The Writers’ Studio course was definitely worth it. I liked that it worked on developing both mind set and skill set, which are two essential parts of the process of improving and becoming more comfortable getting ideas down on the page. The exercises were every day, manageable, thoughtful and fun, allowing you to build your storytelling skills slowly. It’s surprising how much can be achieved in small doses. There was an amazing level of writing and a wide variety of voices in the group. Everyone was wonderfully supportive and it was fun and inspiring to read their work. I’m excited for what comes next.” Kate

“The 4-week creative writing course has proved to be just as immersive and rewarding as I had hoped. I don’t believe I have poured this much of myself onto paper since I was in High School. I can thoroughly recommend it.” Julie

“I’ve learnt to free up my imagination, let go of self-doubt and really excited to keep chipping away” Rebecca

“This course first and foremost has allowed me to hold the belief that the creation of my novel can be achieved. It has armed me with the confidence to put pen to paper and the tools to harness my thoughts and compose the story I’ve carried with me for years. Thank you.” Kate

“So glad I decided to do this course. It forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me gain confidence in my writing and exploring the stories and characters that rose up to the surface and come to life. The course is structured in such a great interactive way and the tutor’s energy helps bring us out of ourselves. Highly recommended! Inspired & Motivated!” LinLin

“I just finished this rad four week writing course. It’s better than creative writing at university by far. The lessons are so practical and you’re really held to account to apply them to your work each week. I was so surprised at how much my writing improved and how much it helped me push through that little voice in the back of my head that says I have nothing worth saying.” Tracey

Unlocking Creativity November 2021

“I am walking away from this course with more than just writing strategies, though these are incredibly useful, but with a sense of pride about the leap of faith I’ve taken and the progress I’ve made.” Laura

“Unlocking Creativity has reignited my artistic spark.” Aneeta

“Wow, what a blast. If you want to write, this is the course! Every week we wrote and wrote and wrote. We were inspired with quotes from successful authors, mostly because we realised just how similar we actually are. We analysed the delicate balance between structure and imagination and how they intertwine and enable each other to help you succeed. We planned scenes which helped shape our writing and we gave and received feedback; something I was once petrified of, and can now confidently do. But most of all, we wrote and I learned that if you want to write, you actually need to sit down and put pen to paper. Realise your ability through practice and perseverance. What an incredible, uplifting and inspiring experience; it’s made me believe in myself as a writer -now all I need to do is to put in the blood, sweat and tears!” Emma

“The last four weeks have been a wonderful journey into my imagination in an environment that has inspired me, taught me tricks and gave me a supportive network.” Yulia

“I would highly recommend participating in Unlocking Creativity, as it does exactly what the name suggests. It taught me many methods that can be used to channel my passions and desires, into effective pieces of writing. Most importantly, it confirmed my passion for writing, it does not feel like a chore, but an extension of myself, into the deepest and most unseen part of me.” Zali

“This has been the most exciting uncovering. On every level my expectations have been exceeded.” David

“I’m amazed at how much confidence and inspiration I will be taking away with me. I now know how to harness my love of adjectives to create a story others will want to read.” Jane

“The environment of the course was very permissive, and the students clearly flourished in its nurturing environment. The course built to a challenge at the end, which we were all well prepared for. I can see I have the discipline to take up writing as a part of my life. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing the little stories that the course set for us. The pace of the course had a natural momentum. I now see the TV series I watch and the books I read in new ways. In addition, the teaching has deepened my ability to discuss these with friends as we often do.” Liane

“Every person on the course did so well with their writing. I genuinely enjoyed reading and responding to their work. The breadth of work was inspiring and demonstrated how unique and interesting we all are. Even though it was online it was wonderful to get glimpses in to everybody’s world and the connections felt very real.” Jo

“Thanks to the wonderful Writers Studio and the online platform I was able to achieve what I wanted.” Jennifer

“I have always loved writing and language and I knew the stories I wanted to tell but I was flying blind.  This course has given me the building blocks of story structure and some valuable writing tools that have provided me with the scaffolding I needed to improve my writing.  To this end, I believe my writing has improved over the short time I have been doing the course and I want to know more. I am serious about my writing and would love to continue down this path of learning and discovery.” Jillian

Short Story Genre October 2021

“Finding my voice, writing what I know and being my authentic self during this course was magical.” Rahnee

“This course turned out to be so much fun. I loved how these stories took over my life these past few weeks, and I really wish the course had been longer. It feels like I’m losing four friends.” Dorothy

“Well, I did it! I finished the Genre course, and boy, was it worth it. I pushed boundaries I didn’t know existed, I used brain cells that have never been awakened before, and I went places and did things way out of my normal comfort zone. In saying that, it was incredible, and I am sad it’s finished. As if I’m on the plane home after a six-week adventure…. Missing it already. I enlarged the bases explored in Unlocking Creativity. This course was like a good movie; you know it’s got to end, but you don’t want it to be over.” Dani

I enrolled in the Genre course after a tremendous experience in Unlocking Creativity. I wanted to continue the discipline of writing with some course structure. Admittedly I wasn’t originally interested in genre writing or a couple of the genres in particular. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This course was a natural extension of what I learned in Unlocking Creativity. Another brilliant course from the Writers’ Studio. Thank you!” Vanessa

“I have just completed my second creative writing course through The Writers’ Studio, this time I delved into Short Story/Genre writing.  I am pleased to say that I have maintained my enthusiasm throughout this course and in my journey to learn the craft of writing.  My aim is to keep going!” Amanda

Unlocking Creativity September 2021

“I need to tell you about this course I’ve been doing, because it’s given me a new positive outlook on writing. I think everyone should do this course, regardless of skill, because honestly it has helped me so much…. I’ve created so many characters and situations, which I never would have on my own. I’ve seen people push themselves in different directions each week and it’s inspired me so much. I want to keep writing every day” Alana

“I’ve learnt that writing is for everyone – that we all have our own stories inside of us to share that are just as valid as a famous author. I’ve also learnt that the only failure to do with writing is to not write at all! ” Lily

“I think the main thing I have learned is just to write. Write every day and don’t wait to feel like writing and don’t wait for the inspiration of the story. The act of writing produces the story. In my professional work I write a lot and it is a more analytical kind of writing. I have from time to time replayed to other people what the historian AJP Taylor once said: “I write in order to discover what I think”. I believe this to be true but I had not until now appreciated how it could be true of fictional writing.” Mike

“I cannot begin to tell you how free I feel.  It’s as though a weight has been lifted. The best part is I am not afraid anymore of writing. I have been writing all sorts of stories and some memories tweaked into stories. ” Emily

“In choosing this course for my fiftieth birthday gift it was as though my darling friends had heard my desperate plea “I just need someone to tell me what to do next!’. Unlocking Creativity went way beyond my expectations and delivered on a long sought after goal of mine: to prove to myself I can create characters – and write a story to completion.

For me having the structure and mechanics of storytelling broken down into clear writing exercises that immediately and powerfully put the craft of writing into practice was invaluable.  No other course has brought it all together in quite the same way for me. As someone who wanted to write creative non-fiction and be faithful to reality it was so surprising to see fully formed characters pop out of my imagination and onto the page. I find myself thinking about them throughout my day and how to convey their truth. Perhaps I’ll write a novel after all! Unlocking Creativity packs a punch in teaching so much about the craft of good writing in a short space of time. I couldn’t be happier.” Joan

“Unlocking Creativity with The Writers’ Studio has guided me and supported me in being comfortable with being a novice. It has empowered me just to write. I would recommend it to anyone who has a dream to write.” Donna

“I would have never imagined that I could experience so much simultaneous joy and terror in 4 weeks. I also didn’t anticipate that this would be such a spiritual journey. While I wouldn’t describe writing as therapy, it is deeply therapeutic. I think I’ve stolen that from Hemingway, but it’s definitely true. The opportunity to write your way through inertia, a bad mood or an overall funk was transformative.” Vanessa

Unlocking Creativity August 2021

“Both Rona and I agreed that these past four weeks have been TRANSFORMATIONAL for our writing.  We both feel we have ‘natural talent’, but the Writer’s Studio has helped us polish and shape ourselves as writers.  The process – e.g. combo of method and tools – is the most obvious area of your expertise. It’s excellent, and stands alone with anything out there. But what you probably don’t get enough credit for is your ability to create a positive community environment.  The way you do this has a profound effect on your students’ confidence levels (speaking from experience here) and then by association their output levels (and quality).  There isn’t enough words to describe how well you do this. Shad

“The course kept my bum on the seat, which allowed the time and space for the words to flow onto the page. Writers, write after all. It gave me readers, through the writers forum, compassionate ones, who gave me suggestions on my work and championed me on. I enjoyed being a part of a writing community not just for my writing but for me, the writer. I realise the reason I’ve felt like I was free-falling at times with my writing is because I didn’t have anything in place to catch me. I hadn’t built a firm structural base with which to build scenes or the greater story.” Kelly

“I realised how silly the pursuit of perfection was and how much it was holding me back. As the weeks went by, I grew to love the Writers’ Board; enjoying reading my fellow writers’ pieces and reading their feedback on my writing, not to mention the lovely Robin (our tutor) who’s continuous encouragement kept me going. I’m sad the course is coming to an end. It really has gone far too quickly. I’m incredibly grateful for this experience; I feel so much more confident in my writing and inspired to continue writing to see where this journey will lead me.” Lauren

“This course has been full of discoveries about the nature of writing and how by just getting words on a page something happens to the mind and a story will flow out right before your eyes. There is definitely a misconception out there that Authors are simply talented individuals that sit down and simply pour a novel out onto their page. It was a joy to discover that this is not the case at all, and that it is truly achievable if you put the effort in. There has been a spark of excitement lit for me, this was such a pleasant surprise. I was expecting it to be a lot harder to come up with ideas.” Beck

“This course has profoundly rekindled my love of writing and storytelling. I have enjoyed being challenged by the strict parameters and have learnt much about character journey and structure. I have also enjoyed reading other people’s work and the focus on positive feedback. It is a reminder that there are many different styles of writing out there and so many different stories. But what I have really taken away from this course is the importance of regular writing. I am committed to continuing the daily dabble with words, and who knows, I might write something extraordinary!” Amanda

“I have loved the structure of the Unlocking Creativity course. In some ways it seems quite a simple structure but I now know that it has been very cleverly and painstakingly created to get the very best out of each writer, both experienced and inexperienced. I have loved that the environment is so encouraging and even online it is warmly human!” Judith

“This course has given me an understanding of writing as a craft, and a skill that needs to be both understood and developed, that there are frameworks and structures that guide and liberate rather than restrict, that it goes well beyond talent and into persistent application and determination, quite simply, doing the work. The assurance was that our writing would improve dramatically. That’s the confidence that comes from knowing that the principles and structure work if we’ll give it a go. Well, we did, and it’s been gleeful to see us all produce some wonderful work over the four weeks, which actually, is such a short time to see such tangible results! Jump on board my friend, you will be better for it.” Sandi

“I’ve pushed the boat out on my writing journey this last month, after decades in hiatus, and have loved every minute of it. The Writers’ Studio course has been inspiring and liberating. I won’t get it right the first time, but getting it out somewhere and enjoying the flow of it, the rhythm we find and the unexpected journey into someone else’s head – even if only for a few hundred words – has been wonderful.” Gerard

“I have learnt many great lessons throughout the Unlocking Creativity course. I have to say, the course definitely delivered on its promises. The fact that following a structure actually gives your imagination space to be more creative really surprised me. Now I have completed the course this makes complete sense to me.  That writing is a craft that must be practiced regularly and following a process and structure gives you the best results from your creative efforts. I am sure my fellow writers would agree on this point. The most exciting discovery I made is that I do actually have it in me to be a writer. To sum it up, the Unlocking Creativity course was absolutely fabulous. Particularly the warm, positive and encouraging way my fellow writers and Tutor gave feedback. Loved it!” Tamara

Unlocking Creativity June 2021

“This is the course that will get you actually doing it. I couldn’t believe how quickly they got us writing, and writing better, more powerful, more emotional (more readable!) stuff. It was like magic – pressing all the buttons for the would-be writer.” Melinda

“This course tore down any fears of the unknown and the myth that successful writers are born that way. It hooked me from the get go. It’s one of the best experiences I have ever discovered. Gold.” Athena

“I learnt (finally) the difference between writing and editing!” Jessica

“This succeeded all my expectations, such a great way to tap into my creativity and do something new. It has been such a great way to turn off the work brain and do something I enjoy. I feel as though I have grown so much and have a deeper understanding of myself and my creativity. I hope to put these new skills to use and progress in my writing journey.” Denise

“I found the Unlocking Creativity course to be so full of surprises, far exceeding my expectations. Like all great achievements, writing is just putting one foot in front of the other, or rather, one word in front of the other. The course really broke down structure and storytelling to its roots, which I found incredibly helpful.” Maddy

“If you can, try it! It’s freedom, it’s positive, it’s good for your sense of self.” Julie

“Now that I have started this process, I don’t want to stop! I have signed up for a ten-month novel first draft course.” Sharon

“I highly recommend the Unlocking Creativity Online Course. I am sure you will find it satisfying and surprising to see what you are capable of when you are given some good building blocks and you let yourself have a go.” Sue

“I am standing at a fork in the road and this course has helped me unlock my soul by shining a light on the road towards my dream.” Amy

“I have learnt so much. I feel really proud of how much I’ve improved and am so excited to see where my future in writing goes.” Holly

“I am so happy that I chose to finally take this first step in my writing journey. This course has helped me to learn so much … I was rather surprised at how easily the ideas flowed on the page once I quietened down my inner voice/critic. My goal from here is to make writing my priority. I’m super excited to continue on this writing journey.” Vincent

“Even though this is my second time around, it has been a fabulous experience; therapeutic and revealing, as writing usually is. What I like so much about the course is the interaction with the other writers and tutors as well as the very act of writing, which takes me both inside as well as outside myself. The other writers and tutors have been fantastic in their generosity and earnestness. In this time of lockdown, it has been a wonderful way to connect with other people, almost like when you’re with your best friend and talking soul to soul. I love the communication and intimacy of exchanging thoughts, ideas, and feelings about our work.” Randy

“It is really astounding how much value this short course has added to my life. I have been starved of creative output for so long it feels as though now I can move through life with a higher sense of achievement. It was honestly thrilling to see some people grow and develop their craft so immensely and in such a short period of time.” Remmi

“After years of wondering whether I could write, I am now finding that I can’t stop and am ‘champing at the bit’ to enrol in another course. I will continue to keep writing on a daily basis – fortunate that I am in a position to do this.” Ruth

“Enrolling in the course and giving it a red hot go is one of the best things I have done this year. I’m very grateful to the Writers’ Studio, the tutors and my fellow writers in this course.” Simon

10 Month First Draft finished June 2020

“I think it’s all about confidence. I now have confidence in my ability as a writer to invent and commit to ideas, even the bad ones. The good, the bad and the ugly. It’s all useful. It’s all part of the process. I have learnt that process is everything. Where previously I found myself lost in a morass of unfulfilled ideas, I now have the tools to build and expand on them; to bring them to the page. It’s utterly thrilling to see things come to life; to bring them forth, out into the sunlight of my mind. That’s why we’re all here. To breathe creative magic into our own lives and hopefully into the lives of others.” Harry

“This course has been a journey of discovery. A wonderful group of people, led by an amazing and supportive team. Thanks for the experience.” Paul

“This course has exceeded all my expectations. The pace was easy, the input clear and concise and the feedback both from fellow participants and the tutors was excellent. It has motivated me to now complete this project.” Rufina

“The course offers a great opportunity to develop the story we have within ourselves no matter what our writing experience is.” Silvia

“I joined this course to continue my writing practice and found in the process an incredible structure that taught me so much about character, story and the framework necessary to write a decent first draft. I’m excited to continue my journey with the Writers’ Studio and see where my imagination and the structure can take me.” Luke

“The first draft course is an absolute must for anyone who is either loitering on the edge of being ready, hiding behind multiple procrastinations of why you haven’t got the time. And, or anyone who needs the help, collaboration and structural guidance, to labor and birth their first draft into the world. The learning platform, team collaboration and structure and program content, all act as a step-by-step guide, to help guide, inspire and sometimes gently shove you forward. The flow of the program, the remarkably experienced tutors, along with the inclusive authenticity and encouragement of your fellow writers, all helps to create an accountability structure that is as inspiring as it is rewarding – in every way. Vashti

Unlocking Creativity Online 28 April 2021

“Whilst this is not the first writing courses I have completed, it has certainly been one of the most helpful not least because it forced me to cast my self-critic aside and just get the job done. The encouraging and constructive feedback was so supportive and I loved feeling connected to other like-minded people. I was also incredibly inspired by the creativity, talent and dedication of peers. Seeing everyone post their exercises and reading their work was very motivational.” Yvonne

“I’ve just finished Unlocking Creativity, it has been a thoroughly unexpected, challenging and exhilarating experience! I’ve learnt more in these four weeks than I did in the creative writing subjects I took at university. I’ve wanted to write creatively for ages, but have never made headway – this course had me doing it from the word go. It has been so refreshing and liberating has given me a confidence to write and have others read it. I’ve loved all that I’ve learnt. It has been like the key to unlocking a joy and a freedom in writing that I didn’t know was inside me.” Naomi

I have just finished the Writers’ Studio 4 week course. Designed to give you essential structural skills and also enthuse and imbue you with confidence, it’s a winner.” Anna

“I came into this course hoping to learn how to structure my writing; little did I know there was so much more to writing. It has been an eye opener learning how much is involved and has given me a whole new respect for anyone who writes! I found the course structure to be excellent in the way each week built on the previous one, in a way easing us into it but at the same time challenging us every step of the way. I can’t express how grateful I am for all the support and feedback I have received here and I will definitely be continuing with my writing and hopefully one day write my first novel.” Mandy

“Whether I write some future story that holds meaning for others or whether I just continue to explore the gifts of my subconscious which ultimately is a freedom cry, I am very grateful to have learnt how to unlock a door to my creativity.” Cathy

“The 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course has been such a wonderful experience. I have developed clarity in my writing goals, and I now have a better understanding of why I want to write. This has had such a positive impact on me. It’s taken away the excuses and I now have a clear purpose and path forward. I’ve gained so much more from this course than I expected. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is to trust the process and keep writing each day, no matter how I feel. It’s a journey to remember, and I am grateful for this experience.” Kate

“What a four weeks it has been, a great challenge to my creative procrastinator. I followed the rules, as your know not an easy thing for me to do, did the exercises and was surprised. It was a freeing experience and one I would recommend to anyone. We don’t have to write with a grand vision in mind.

We can simply write to be. To understand and clarify but sharing – taking that risk to allow others into your world of words transforms your scribbling into something I don’t have a word for. I’m still discovering how to write that bit. Thanks to Unlocking Creativity I will continue to follow the thread of my untold stories.” Ana

I have just completed a writing course called Unlocking Creativity. I’ve managed to develop a lovely habit of writing each day. And in doing so I have certainly unlocked some creativity I didn’t realise I had.  What has really struck me the most, is that I’ve been able to lean into my values and actually live them. I have truly come to realise that consistency and persistence are key to my writing journey.” Tracey

“I’ve discovered so much about myself through the characters that have been conjured up out of my imagination.  One of the most profound things I’ve realised is that the creative spark of imagination lies somewhere else, the stories come to me from somewhere just beyond what I normally perceive as my own imagination. The characters have come to life in their own autonomous way, and I’ve become interested in them, and as they develop, they teach me things about themselves, and show me things about myself.  It’s a fascinating process, and one I hadn’t really comprehended before doing this course. I’ve loved the feedback element of the course, getting insights from other students who’ve read my work, and a very supportive tutor has been so encouraging, it has really helped to keep me motivated. I’m signing up for the next course on character development to see where that might take me, and then plan to do the longer novel writing course.  It feels a bit daunting, but also like an exciting journey is opening up.” John

Unlocking Creativity Live 22 April 2021

I loved it. It’s kicked me into a daily ritual of writing and reading with a conscious and critical view so that I feel completely open to actual development and conscious goal setting using the tools to tap into. I feel quite alive on the page, thanks to this community of people who have supported me through the last few weeks.” Rosie

“It’s an extremely comfortable and welcoming environment that makes you feel at ease and accepted. It’s fun and light-hearted, but through that lightness, it enables you to connect with some really incredible stories your mind has stored. I have learnt to have fun with writing, to have confidence in the structure and just like anything, if you give it the time, you can become really good. It’s helped me to unlock the playful side of myself and I look forward to continuing to use the tools I’ve learnt to carry on writing.” Flick

“This course helped me to ‘get over myself’ and to just start writing. Three weeks later and I have been finding things to say nearly every day. I feel like my creativity has been unlocked but in a considered way, so that I can use it effectively in my writing. I would highly recommend.” Iseult

Writers' Gym February 2021

“I have been pleasantly surprised at how many new characters and ideas I’ve been able to generate throughout this course. In Unlocking Creativity, I built on my novel idea and created the world of Utopia Lost. In the Writers Gym, I created new characters, explored internal dialogue and learned how to create character interactions that continually pushed the story forward. This course has cemented for me the power that putting pen to paper has in creating ideas that I never saw coming.” Lisa

“I’ve already mentioned that, for me, Unlocking Creativity lived up to its name. By embarking on that course, I discovered that I do indeed have a creative bone in my body. Likewise, Writers’ Gym lived up to its name. It certainly had me doing mental gymnastics! I didn’t know that there was so much I didn’t know!  Every written piece required stretching of the imagination, (s)tumbling away from adverbs, flexing the ‘conflict’ muscles! It has been quite the training session. I have new admiration for well-written stories and scripts. It is not an easy achievement, to nail it altogether into a rollicking, meaningful tale. Our tutor was amazing. Helen wrote detailed hints for improvement in our stories, yet was always positive and encouraging.” Anne

“Having just finished my 2nd course with the Writer’s Studio, I am so pleased to say I have found my passion in writing! I’ve been inspired and excited how the more you put a character in different situations. I suddenly found I had so many more options with regards to the journey I wanted to take them on. I’ve enjoyed being the ‘puppet master’, experimenting with scenarios I never thought I would ever write. May I take this opportunity to thank my fellow participants on the Writer’s Gym course and Fiona, our tutor. Their encouragement and feedback has really given me so much more confidence than I had six weeks ago.” Annette

How much I loved the ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course, call it double for the ‘Writers’ Gym’! This course has brought home to me lessons I only half-learned in ‘Unlocking Creativity’. It’s true what they say: ‘repetition aids learning’. Thanks to ‘Writers’ Gym’ – and whatever it is in the ether that helps an idea lodge in the imagination – I’ve found two characters whom I’ve loved getting to know and I can’t wait to see how their story unfolds with the help of my next course – ‘10 Month Novel & Script First Draft’.” Marj

Unlocking Creativity February 2021

“It is tough being out of your comfort zone of course, but not I’m happy with the uncomfortableness and wishing it wouldn’t end.” Hester

“I have found a piece of myself that was long lost in this course. I have again ignited my love for writing & the creative process. I have learnt how to be kinder on myself and that it does take work to get to where you want to go but you can be surprised by the talent and ideas that live inside you.” Renee

“I enjoyed the classes and was impressed with how organised the company is. They arranged for me to join the live class via zoom. I’ve never experienced ‘Hybrid Teaching’ before but they managed it flawlessly.” Lisa

“You should really consider taking this course. You know how you’ve been saying that you’ve got a novel idea but you don’t know how to start? Well, this course could be the answer to your problems. It takes writing off a pedestal. It’s proven to be not a result of only talent or genius, but of hard work and persistence.” Calum

“I think the biggest lesson I intend to take forward if to just give it ago. The course helped me realise how much perfectionism can hold a person back.” Annabelle

“Having just completed my four-week Unlocking Creativity course as a pre-requisite for the First Draft course. I must say it has quadrupled my excitement about being a story teller. The course is structured really well with clear and concise instruction. Each week there are inspirational reading material followed by step-by-step exercises to tap into our creativity and hone our writing skills. Bring on the First Draft Course!” Eric

“I did this writing course the last 4 weeks.  They promised to get me writing and that’s what happened. I also have an idea about where to go next! I really appreciated how generous the other writers’ were about my work. I would do it again in a flash.” Sue

Unlocking Creativity 20 January 2021

“I’ve really enjoyed the Unlocking Creativity course. Learning about techniques on how to get the writing flowing and being part of a fun, supportive group of writers. It has also given me confidence and writing techniques to continue writing.” Amy

“I have loved the course! The last 4 weeks has been a wonderful journey.” Marcelle

“This course has been a wonderful start towards me writing a novel one day, particularly creating characters and a consistent point of view, and the discipline of writing every day or second day. I was not expecting such an intense experience of constant writing but I have found it very motivating.” Pamela

“I have just completed the wonderful course, ‘Unlocking Creativity’. This course has taught me so much about writing, as opposed to just imagining that I write, or wanting to write, but not, actually, writing. In particular, I’ve learnt that if I want to write, then I need to do it, religiously, regularly, with discipline. Writers write. That’s my main takeaway from this course. Do yourself a favour and take this course!” Belinda

“I pushed and pulled my imagination and creativity to different areas that I had not considered before.” Tom

The course truly has been a voyage of surprise and discovery!! For me this course has already unleashed more in me, than I currently am. It feels like I already have a greater visceral and authentic connection to the world.” Cecilia

“I’m feeling enthusiastic about writing. I’m excited to have learned and been convinced that writing is a craft and that I can learn this craft. Persistence is required of course. And perhaps most importantly of all has been the positive context in which I have taken these risks. I love the wisdom of The Writers’ Studio.” Jacqueline

“I know it’s just four weeks long but they pack a lot into that four weeks! I was a bit apprehensive, as a rank amateur (emphasis on the rank) that I would be fumbling about while everybody else produced perfectly rounded prose and smartly scripted stories but it hasn’t been like that.” Anne.

“These last few weeks writing and learning have been amazing. This course is a stepping-stone for me. I have learned a great deal about structure and characters.” Tanja

“I have learnt so much about the writing process– from small revelations to bigger shifts in my understanding about the nature of creativity. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the feedback element of the course to have as profound an impact on me as it did. People’s generosity and insights helped me hugely and it’s been a joy to see how the other members of the course have developed their writing over the last four weeks. The very act of allowing my writing to be witnessed was an enormous step for me, one that has totally changed how I will approach the drafting process moving forward. This course has made me want to hunt for the courage to commit to writing, which is an enormous gift. Even if the process doesn’t lead to some glittering literary future, I’ve found great joy in these first steps, and I do not want to lose that chance to commune with myself and the characters and stories I have within me. I do not want to leave things unsaid.” Tabatha

“I’ve just completed the Unlocking Creativity writing course and I wanted to let you know, as it definitely got me writing, after all these years of dabbling or just ‘thinking’ about it.” Tanya

“Over the past four weeks I have learned about the simple yet powerful act of writing, about trusting process and allowing it to take me somewhere. I have indulged in a process of unravelling truths and desires. I feel grateful to be learning about this craft and am excited by the possibilities opening up in my mind and heart.” Marie

“I have just been on a short journey that allowed me to open my creative juices. The journey was so thought provoking as it allowed me to be free and trust my own writing. To be honest, I actually had no idea I had it in me. But somehow the course prepares and then supports you on you literary journey, showing you step by step how you can achieve it.” Jennifer

“For the past four weeks I have been participating in a creative writing course and it has been both a wonderful and eye-opening experience.” Samara

This course has changed my life! I am so excited by how much I have written and reading other’s stories has really inspired me.” Catherine

“Unlocking Creativity has been a heart-warming, confidence building and a truly transformative experience. I knew that I would enjoy getting back into regular writing, but I didn’t expect to enjoy the interaction with other writers as much as I have. I’ve taken away so many tips and learnings from this course.” Tara

The past four weeks have been a wonderful experience. I began this course with no expectations of wanting to regularly write afterwards, but now that it’s over, I want to use my short story as the basis for a full-length novel. I’ve well and truly launched myself out of my comfort zone and have become a much more confident and decisive writer because of this experience.” Lisa.

Unlocking Creativity 14 January 2021

“The power of the Unlocking Creativity Live course is the energy you get from surrounding yourself with talented people, all trying to get better, all facing the fear of going outside your comfort zone. The tips and techniques are immensely helpful, because they empower you to just start writing.” Andrew

“I highly recommend the Unlocking Creativity Live course! It has made writing more pleasurable for me and has increased my confidence in my ability. I feel prepared to start the journey of writing my first novel.” Bethie

“I have undertaken the Unlocking Creativity Live course and it has gone beyond all my expectations. Going on the journey of creative discovery has been the most rewarding, satisfying and awakening experience!” Sonia

I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and put myself in an environment surrounded by other people who write, sharing stories ideas and fears in the writing process. It has been a great creative journey, a learning journey, a place that I have found a sense of owning who I am – a person who writes!” Whitney

“The Unlocking Creativity Live course has been fantastic and revealing!” Jessica

“This course has exactly what I needed. It has provided to give me the motivation to make a start with my writing and enjoy where the process takes me.” Lee

“I am amazed at how much I’ve learnt , technically speaking in such a short amount of time. I have had so much fun writing and I love I’ve realised that that’s all that matters!” Claudia

“Unlocking Creativity – the name suits the course. It has also unlocked for me a lot more. Inspiring classes with fellow writing enthusiasts in a positive, accepting environment. The daily writing exercises were challenging but extremely rewarding. Overall a wonderful experience.” Tom

“I have learned a lot about the tools and techniques but applying them to my writing has truly changed my experience. Forcing the pen to paper has revealed treasures and trash, but I know to welcome both as part of the creative process to have fun and surprise myself.” Lisa

Unlocking Creativity 11 November 2020

“I was very intimidated at first, but I swallowed my fear and posted. Then I ducked under my desk and waited to see what happened. The feedback and encouragement flowed, and it spurred me on to write more. So much improvement in just 4 weeks, imagine what I could do if I worked at this! I’m not exaggerating when I say this process has completely changed me.” Christy

“I’ve been on a journey, a transformational one. In the past four weeks, I’ve transformed my relationship with writing. After committing to four weeks of daily writing, through the course Unlocking Creativity, I feel much more relaxed when I have a pen in my hand. It has been a life changing experience. I loved learning from the other writers, reading their stories, seeing how we are all at different levels of writing and that we all have a different writing style. This course has been an amazing experience, it’s given my imagination courage to fly.” Rosana

“I have so enjoyed how the few short but intense weeks on this course have provided not only skills and support but been a catalyst for me in recovering that childlike and instinctive passion. I have learnt to look at different perspectives, and techniques for improving the actual impact of writing, but for me the most important aspect has been the reawakening of eagerness to write.” Karen

“In addition to wonderful advice and guidance on how to craft a story, we were required to write from the very beginning. We learnt to trust the process and gained confidence in our ability to craft stories. I’ve loved every part of this course and have particularly appreciated all of the support and encouragement of our wonderful tutor and my fellow writing students. ‘Unlocking Creativity’ has reawakened for me the joy in putting words down on the page and for that I will be forever grateful.” Carol

“I feel invigorated! It has been some time since I have felt this sense of achievement. My completion of Unlocking Creativity has inspired me and taken my writing to another level. It has been wonderful to share this experience this with my fellow writers. Sharing stories, emotions and aspirations has made my dream to write my story more tangible.” Lisa

“I didn’t believe that 4 weeks of a creative writing course could be life-changing, but this one certainly has been. It has been the most amazing learning experience I have been on. I have wanted to write for so long and have written scribbles all my life and have finally learnt to put pen to paper in a meaningful, structured and creative way. This course has encouraged me to find and write in my own style, the style that is natural for me and since doing that I have characters leaping up and knocking on the door of my brain wanting to escape on to the page and I love it.” Christine

“I feel unlocked. I appreciated the creativity in the course materials, there was a lot to read and digest through quotes, videos and readings. However, the best part was the feedback process among our cohort. I felt so lucky to be on this journey with such an incredible group of creators. And sharing and receiving feedback to each other on our writings was an absolute gift. Our tutors Rowena and Melissa also kept us moving with compassionate encouragement, knowing when we might feel deflated or need an extra push. What an experience.” Mia-lia

“It was such a pleasure of finding joy again in the pen moving across the page. Surprisingly, there’s still a glimmer lurking in the depths and I’ve had great fun trying to capture that ‘elusive butterfly’ of storytelling.” Fiona

“This four-week writing course is all about unlocking your creativity and it truly has accomplished this end. The course’s creators have stripped writing down to the bare bones and help participants focus on what is in front of them: our pens, our paper and our first thoughts. This course taught me that structure and character go hand in hand and guide the writing of the story. I’m hopeful and excited to see how this works out moving forward.” Hayley

“This course has shown me that with a simple formula a scene can be written and that scenes can turn into chapters and chapters into a book. It is not so daunting now that I have the planning and writing techniques offered by this course under my belt. I am extremely grateful that this course has reiterated to me the knowledge that anyone can do anything, with a little hard work and dedication.” Hanna

“I can’t believe how much I have learnt in just four short weeks, and what enjoyable weeks they were.  I was so intimidated at the beginning and now I feel comfortable to write just what comes to me.” Colette

“The course was certainly more challenging than I expected, but more rewarding also. I am quite surprised at how much I have written over the last four weeks – more than ever before. The course has helped me crystallise what I may wish to do with my writing, and how to get there. I’m looking forward to developing my skills further!” Vanessa

“It has been fun. And it has been informative. The course is well structured, with a very clever way of focusing attention on critical aspects of a story.” Anne

“I have really enjoyed the Unlocking creativity course. As well as giving me the confidence to share the things that I have written, I’ve really enjoyed reading the work produced by other participants in the course. We were all encouraged to give each other feedback, which I found helpful to give and to receive. My writing has definitely grown!” Linda

“I’ve loved having the structure of a course to keep me moving. The process of writing every day has taken me by surprise. I felt totally consumed by the idea of writing and have loved expanding my ideas and using my imagination to fill in the gaps.” Kat

“I have gained so much from this course: increased my confidence, enjoyed the talent and creativity of the others in the group, have been given valuable feedback from the tutor and others, and have had great fun and surprised myself at some of the stuff I have created.” Scott

“The course was thoroughly enjoyable. The structure of the course was excellent, pushing me, despite being busy, to make time to write regularly and I was amazed at how inspiring and cathartic I found the creative process. Even over such a short course, the quality of the writing improved enormously.  I feel like a new person, my creativity awakened after a long period of feeling on a treadmill, I can’t wait to write the next piece!” Joanne

“I am so happy I found this course. This has challenged me in ways that I would never have anticipated.  I would definitely say that one of the most valuable things I have from this course is a daily writing habit. I feel like I’ve now arrived at a place of conviction in my ability (after persevering through the ups and downs over the past four weeks) and now – today – a really, really strong desire to write.” Tessa

Six Week Short Story Genre October 2020

“I’m feeling super accomplished after finishing the Genre course. I’ve learnt to push my writing and extend my imagination into spaces I didn’t think I had access to. I have enjoyed learning to construct a story by understanding its conventions, and in turn, unpack other stories through the same process and understanding. It’s been awesome to see the way genre can shape and propel a story – I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the direction in which my stories have unfolded. I’m keen to continue to play around with these conventions, experiment and have fun with my writing.” Alice

“My biggest take away from this course was learning how to pare down exposition and narration to allow my story to flow with greater immediacy for the readers. This was an area I struggled with for a long time. The Writers’ Studio has developed a wonderful structure to guide the student writers in their creative journey. However the constructive feedback from our tutors added oomph to grow towards the next level. I am grateful to my tutor, Yasmin, for her generosity and passionate encouragement. Her ability to pin point areas of strength and weakness in my writing with such clarity helped me tremendously.” Connie

“I have just finished the Genre Short Story course. What surprised me was that the Genres I thought would be easy, were not and the ones I thought would be hard were not. This course has really helped to blow some of my personal myths out of the water. I am looking forward to the next course.” Zienna

“This has been the absolute best six weeks of 2020 for me – being able to complete the Genre course has been such a satisfying step on a journey towards improving my creative writing. Special thanks to my tutor, Christine for her support, encouragement and amazing ideas. She has given me the confidence to continue developing.” Cara

“I am excited to talk about the Genre Short Story course having enjoyed it immensely. I very much appreciated my tutor’s feedback – the positive and the ‘what I could have done better’. It gave me points of analysis as well as encouragement to continue. It is easy to doubt what you are creating, as it’s very personal and that little voice inside can often betray you when you most need it to keep striving along.” David

“It has been such a wonderful experience and I am so pleased I actually did it. By delving into the structure and process of writing a short story, using Genres has given me a tangible and practical understanding of each. I feel really grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in this course. It has not only given me an understanding of the writing process, but provided me with the encouragement to make writing part of my daily life.” Kristiina

“This Genre course has definitely been a rollercoaster; both exhilarating and exhausting – I think by the end I was squeezing imagination out of my brain, and wringing energy out of my body. And yet, I don’t regret a second of it.” Sama

“We delved into different genres and I found it rewarding to know I had a deadline to meet and getting there. It has been a wonderful experience interacting with all the talent presented in the course. It is amazing to see how differently everyone writes and where their imaginations go. Personally, every time I do a writing course, I realise how much this craft lights me up. So now it’s time to continue this writing passion of mine into the future.” Julie

“Taking on four different and quite specific genres, all slightly out of my comfort zone, has been a revelation. Sometimes awkward and uncomfortable, which is often where the best ideas come into being. Annie my tutor has been incredibly warm and generous and uber encouraging. It was demanding and exciting, and definitely worth doing.” Nikki

“I have grown as a writer through this Genre course, learning and tapping and experimenting and getting that feedback to put it all in a pseudo tangible form.” Lucy

“I have much enjoyed this Genre program…it kept me outside my comfort zone but my mentor Helen kept me on the straight and narrow. The gentle encouragement as well as the gentle nudges back onto the straight and narrow have been appreciated.” David

“I have enjoyed the course and it was challenging at times. The thing that amazed me the most about the course was how your brain’s subconscious somehow manages to connect the dots of the story even when you have no idea how, when you first embark on it. I’m grateful for all of the support from the tutors and other writers – their feedback and writing has been inspirational.” Vicky

Unlocking Creativity 12 August 2020

“I’ve learned so much about myself and the craft and process of fiction writing in four short weeks through Unlocking Creativity. It’s been amazing. Rediscovering my passion for story-telling and fiction writing not just reading, is the greatest gift. Getting lost in my characters is motivating and cathartic. Course materials and the feedback is really helpful and motivating. I’m imagining my book launch now!” Rebecca

“For the first time in a long time I felt excited, committed and a sense of joy. Here I was learning with a group of like-minded people who were all at different skill levels. It would be fair to say the best money I have spent of late and would encourage anyone who wonders whether they should explore the idea of writing to do this course.” Kathy

“I learnt so many things through the Unlocking Creativity Course. I learned to write again with pen and paper, and to go with the flow. I learned how wonderfully supportive it is to form a community with a group of writers who just want … to write. I am now looking forward to the first draft course and wish there was no gap before this course starts.” Carolyn

“I learned an enormous amount about the process of writing. The way the course walked me through the process, starting out with simple steps to get me writing and to let the creativity come out on the page was great. I was a bit daunted by the amount of writing we were asked to do and I was worried I would never be able to get through it. But I did and it was so enjoyable and surprising!” Alison

“It was an amazingly enlightening experience. Writer’s Studio has 25 years’ experience in helping to develop budding and seasoned writers not only with a solid, structured curriculum but also with a supportive writing community that was nurturing, encouraging and empowering. I highly recommend this course to you so that you can also take the plunge and enjoy the profound pleasures of writing.” Connie

“I have just completed the 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course with Writers’ Studio. What a wonderful experience! It was just 4 short weeks but it feels like I have learnt so much. The techniques and guidance provided helped me understand how to get the flow of creativity going.” Norike

“There is almost as much reading as there is writing involved in this course, which I hadn’t realised. But the readings fully inspired me to unleash my writing! I’m completely absorbed in my writing and find the process quite addictive and therapeutic. Unlocking Creativity has been the kickstart I needed to turn a dream into a reality. The feedback I’ve been receiving from tutors and peers has encouraged me to follow through with Novel & Script First Draft, and I am incredibly grateful for this gift having granted me the momentum!” Jennifer

“Well I just finished a 4 week writing course and I came away feeling like I wanted to do more – more writing and to do the next stage with the kind of guidance I got here.” Bill

“This course has allowed me to fall back in love with writing. I realised that I never lost my ability to create and tell stories, I just had not given myself permission to do it. Learning about story structure and giving the main character a desire for something has allowed me to develop deeper characters. On to the first draft novel course I go!” Svetlana

“I learnt a great deal, more than I bargained for. I have gained much confidence in my writing. I trust the techniques learnt will improve on my delivery. I feel like my skeleton has now the muscle and layers of fat to make the story much richer.” Michael

“I’ve been doing this amazing Writers’ Studio course which has been mind-blowing. I wondered if I could possibly survive it but made it to the end I’m incredulous to say. That was hard, hanging out my dirty linen literally on the line. But the other writers were all lovely, lovely people, as were the tutors. So outstandingly generous with their time and expertise. It was a wonderfully safe place to be, I felt.” Catherine

“Joining this introductory 4-week course I was incredibly surprised at how easy I found it to put pen to paper and let the ideas flow. I have learned in 4 short weeks about the process of storytelling and how there is a formula to it.” Naomi

“The step-by-step exercises taught me to focus not on what I thought “writing” was, but on communicating visceral emotional experiences. I’m now able to dive into a character and evoke an emotional experience in a reader through the simple, replicable techniques “Unlocking Creativity” teaches. The guided feedback was a wonderful counter to the internal (insane) critic most of us seem to carry with us, and I think allows for each of us to look for both what is working as well as what can be improved in our and others’ writing. It’s been empowering to gain playful visitation rights over my writing sandbox. I feel rejuvenated by the tools UC & TWS teaches. Claire

“Over four short weeks I have reconnected with my love of writing and learned a couple of interesting and useful techniques. But one of the truly lovely things about this course, and maybe one of the best takeaways, was watching the other writers blossom;  the way they took their first tentative, nervous steps towards their dream of writing, and flourished.  It’s been beautiful to watch.  And to them, and our extremely brave and generous tutors, I say ‘thank you’.” Mandy

“Waking up 4 am over the last month, excited and terrified about how to craft and create our weekly small but rich assignments. With the unusual and hugely impactful chance to read and connect with other writers, I have learned to shape, sharpen and even unapologetically shock here and there. With masterful and insightful feedback from my tutor, the course has not only brought me back to life, but has also taught me an all-important lesson that ‘structure’, undoubtedly can help to set one’s creativity free.” Vashti

“I have had the best time these past few weeks learning about tapping into the imagination, using emotion and all the senses to bring scenes to life. The whole course was like an acting improv class. I was always surprised at what my imagination came up with. It was truly a privilege to read everyone’s work, and to give and receive feedback. Having done this, the idea of writing short stories and even plays seems possible.” Hester

Short Story Genre 17 August 2020

“Just as I loved Unlocking Creativity, I really enjoyed and got a lot from the 6-Week Short Story Genre course.  We put into practice all we learnt in the first course and were shown a way to structure each of the different genres.  Step by step instructions helped keep me on track and the stories flowed easily. I strongly recommend these courses.” Isabelle

“The 6-Week Genre Short Story course has been full of surprises. It has really helped me understand how I can weave genre types into overarching stories and themes. The course really taught me to focus on the character and their development. It has been liberating.” Cath

“I have enjoyed this Genre course as much as I did Unlocking Creativity. There was a nice amount of learning at the start of each session, which acted as a springboard into the writing exercises.” Claire

“The course threw some huge challenges and has opened my mind to so many possibilities. My main aim was to get back into writing after a hiatus of a few years and to gain some inspiration. Wow, did this course achieve that! Who would have thought I could even begin to write about Comedy and Fantasy. Two genres I don’t even read let alone write in. I will take all my learnings into my future writing and my already started novel.” Maureen

“The Short Story Genre course has been insightful and I have enjoyed every minute. I can’t believe that six weeks has gone by so quickly. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, that’s for sure.  Each Genre had its own challenges. There is enormous value in reading the work of other writers and providing feedback.  It constantly amazes me the sheer variety of stories that are written. This course has cemented my writing habits. I’m excited for the next course.” Marli

“Loved every minute of this course. The encouragement, feedback, and to connect with my subconscious which developed the flow of my writing in every Genre, even if it was challenging.” Deirde

“Creatively I feel re-evolved as a writer! From the 4 Week Unlocking Creativity course onwards, it really helped unblock the ‘blocked writer’ in me, and with all the new tools I have in my word machine gun arsenal, I see my writing future more clearly than ever before.” Fiona

“This time round I was less self-conscious about how I wrote. The words flowed more freely. I learned to write more concisely and to get some character development happening in a short space of time. I particularly appreciated my tutor’s feedback. She was accessible, responsive and real. Her insightful and gentle feedback has been invaluable throughout the course.” Susanna

“I have just completed the 6-Week Short Story Genre Online Course. Building on all the techniques so far learnt from the other courses, yet again we built layers upon layers to enrich and unfold the imagination. The biggest lesson for me, though, is sticking to the tried and true process we are required to follow. It works every time! A huge thank you to my tutor, who so inspired and encouraged me. I sincerely appreciated the comprehensive feedback and suggestions, which are invaluable lessons for future works.” Noreen

“It is truly wonderful to have feedback from a tutor and the writers in the group. We learn so much from each other. It’s staggering how different everyone’s stories are, despite following the same course material.” Janine

One of the best things I’ve found is the Writer’s Studio. I quickly completed two courses. Challenging and outside your comfort zone, encapsulates how it felt over the ten weeks, but incredibly rewarding to see the final product when you ‘trusted the process’. To read the works of fellow writers and see their progression was wonderful, and it certainly was a safe and nurturing environment enriched with generous feedback. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone with any inkling or desire to write, to jump in enthusiastically. You can’t go wrong, we are all lifelong learners, and the tips your individual tutor offers, will enhance your confidence, and both your strengths and areas to consider for future gain.” Hilary

First Draft finished September 2020

“My tutor has been great! Her comments have always been insightful and thought provoking. She has been encouraging, but not unrealistic with her praise. I am so very glad I did this First Draft course and the Unlocking Creativity course beforehand.” Tracey

“I’ve loved doing the First Draft course! The Online materials are well organised. The examples given in different exercises have helped understanding what at times have been complex ideas. Reading the scenes on The Writers’ Board accompanied by my tutor’s feedback was beneficial and contributed to my understanding. The Steps Board is an excellent tool for summarising scenes.Jill

“This course has been a solid crash course in the key elements of storytelling across various different schools of thought and the process has helped me to put a lot of what I knew and didn’t know to use. My tutor was terrific. He provided constant encouragement throughout the process even when I didn’t feel enthusiasm myself and pushed me to continue throughout the planning and writing of this story. 

The online materials, especially the frequent quotes were great motivating material. The exercises were great for stimulating creating thoughts and the structure of the course helped to put them into the perspective of the story’s momentum.” Gavin

“As well as a pleasure to work with my tutor, her feedback has been spot on during a time when positive feedback has been a boon for me. She has kept me on track and accountable, so I have finished the course on time! Her belief that I had a story to write, has allowed me to write it.  I’m going to miss our weekly interactions and am immeasurably grateful that I could work with her. The online materials are amazing – empowering, interesting, accessible, sensibly structured, addictive and demanding!” Marjorie

“This has been my 4th course with the Writers’ Studio. With each one I’ve been blown away by the quality of instruction, support and comprehensive online materials. Plus the ongoing improvement in my writing which inspires me to keep going. I’ve felt totally supported by my tutor throughout the ten months of my First Draft course. He’s been a steady guiding influence, patient and encouraging with consistently prompt and insightful feedback. It’s been a wonderfully positive experience. The online materials have been excellent, accessible and comprehensive. I’m a bit of an IT dinosaur but have found them easy to navigate.” Joanna

“After 10 months I have a first draft that has a solid structure, theme and character arc, and the dramatic logic of my draft even (mostly) makes sense. My tutor has been unfailingly positive and encouraging and has been able to ‘read into’ my work images, ideas, significances and themes that I hadn’t seen or realised myself. I now have a thorough understanding of what it takes to structure and create a first draft and I’m grateful for the learning opportunity. Thank you Writers’ Studio!” Kerry

“I have loved all the shorter courses I’ve completed with WS, but the first draft experience was so much more. I have to say though that working through Short Story courses was wonderful groundwork, and I heartily recommend them to anyone starting their writing career. The Writers’ Studio has been my saviour during the COVID-19 lockdown. It was my best friend. I live alone and isolated in rural Victoria. I really needed a good imagination and work ethic to keep me sane and the Writers’ Studio was there when I needed it.” Carla

“I doubt I would have made it through the first draft in one piece had it not be for the support of my tutor. His feedback was always concise, inspiring, thought provoking, always asking questions or providing insights into ways I could move forward. The Online materials made the First Draft process manageable and enjoyable. They break down each piece of this novel writing puzzle into short and concise steps. I just want to take the time to thank my tutor and the Writer’s Studio for the support and encouragement that has allowed me to finish this first draft. I have started so many first drafts but never finished a single one. But with all the feedback and help I have received along the way, the last ten months have been fulfilling and – most of all – fun! It has also changed my attitude towards first drafts and how I approach the creative process.” James

“Thank you for creating such a course to help people like me who want to follow a dream. Thank you to my tutor for her feedback and presence during this process and for being supportive of my ideas. I will miss having the constant virtual companion.” Lauren

“Where do I start with my online tutor? She has been my rock, my guiding light, always there, helping and guiding in a subtle and encouraging way, suggesting but always letting me make the final decision. What I find the most astonishing about my tutor is the way that she has, from the very beginning understood the story that I was trying to write. I am the kind of writer that often needs more that the headlights to drive my story, I need the floodlights. I need to see further ahead. It makes me feel more secure and more able to build a story that makes sense. She has gone over and above to help me with this. I am very grateful to her and sorry that we have to part ways but she says, change is good. I am looking forward to the next journey. Thank you for a well-structured course that has taught me so much about writing.” Pierre

“Enormous thanks go to my tutor for her constant constructive and often enthusiastic feedback, help when I got stuck so I could keep moving forward and helping me move past fear and anxiety. Thank you thank you!” Katrina

Character Development Short Story June 2020

“I promise you that embarking on this course will open your mind up to the magic of the pen and the power that it holds.” Carla

“I thought that I was probably too old for ideas like ‘imagination’ and ‘creativity’…I was wrong. I feel I have grown during this course and that’s a fulfilling thought.” David

“I have discovered that while the act of writing is itself a solitary activity, improving your writing isn’t.  Feedback is an important part of the process and while it makes you vulnerable, it’s there to help strengthen your story. Thank goodness, my incomparable Writers’ Studio tutor, Denise, was there to give positive feedback, practical advice and endless encouragement! Thank you, Denise, from the tip of my pen to the bottom of my heart!” Rahnee

“As we navigate this new world, the new normal isn’t always a comfortable fit, but what I found doing Unlocking Creativity and Character Development courses was that there are no borders and restrictions on our minds, our writing, our imaginations!”  Lea

“I enjoyed the Unlocking Creativity course with the Writers Studio so much I took on their online 6 week Character Development/Short Story course. This course is once again very well-structured and easy to follow. I particularly like the way Writers Studio have clear deadlines for the completion of work so the course doesn’t just meander on and on. I had great fun exploring moral weaknesses and character flaws; to be honest I’d never had a strong understanding of how many options could be used here! I’m getting better at just letting my imagination run free but am somewhat surprised at the scenarios that I’ve been creating. I think this is a good sign!” Philippa

“I have learnt a lot about myself as a writer. To treat writing like a sandpit. A sandpit is fun! And I learnt to let the pen lead me.” Paul

“2020 has been the year to avoid but for me it is the year I started my writing journey with Unlocking Creativity and then Character Development. I have thoroughly enjoyed both these courses and I have definitely learned a lot through the feedback which encouraged to think about taking my writing to new limits and I have definitely become more confident in my writing because of the feedback!” Mariya

“Another Writers Studio course under my belt and I loved it! I have found that I have a real desire to have fun with writing – to explore the dark, sensual and hilarious corners of human experience and convey those stories in my writing. Challenging characters and actually challenging my characters were both quite . . . challenging. But lots of fun!” Veena

“During the Character Development Course I’ve learnt that to overcome the fear of not having something to write I should just DO IT! The more I write, the more I learn about the craft, and that leads to my wanting to keep writing. My thanks to the tutors at The Writers’ Studio for making this possible. Without them I wouldn’t be writing.” Rosa

“I have completed my third writing course with the Writers’ Studio, the Character Development course. I wouldn’t be writing without, the clear writing structures, the posting deadlines, encouraging feedback and the steering hand of the tutors. I look forward to progress with my anti-hero’s in the next short story course!” Paul

“One of the best things about this course is the community of writers I have connected with. Each week, I get to read their stories. Though none of us have met, I feel like I know a little part of each of them through their words. It is a wonderful way to get to know people. My tutor, Robin, has also been so supportive and constructive in her approach. Her encouragement and positive energy has kept my momentum up, even when I didn’t feel like writing. It reminds me that sometimes you have to just push on and have faith that it will lead you somewhere good.” Liselle

“I have just finished a second course, a Short Story course, which builds on the skills we learned in the Unlocking Creativity. It’s fascinating to learn about the components that drive a story. To say it was tremendous fun would be an understatement. Writing truly is magic and there’s so much inspiration to brighten up these dark days. I am thankful for being able to take part in such a rewarding experience.” Janine

“The content of this course has provided me with a structure to use when constructing characters. I came into this course sure of one thing: that I want to write. I’m leaving it assured of another: that I’m ready to be read. My voice and my imagination are powerful, and I want to share them with others: to enchant, horrify, delight, and disgust them.” Adria

First Draft Live Course Review

I've learned so much about myself as a creative person and I work as a creative person for a living. My story has gone beyond my wildest dreams as to what it could be. Everyone who completed the course has come up with an incredible story that needs to be told. Emily Beale

Unlocking Creativity 1 July 2020

“I have finished the 4-week creative writing course and I couldn’t be prouder. It was a blast. I enjoyed dusting off my imagination and exploring different story possibilities. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It was the perfect way to start off writing and getting the creative juices flowing.” Katie

“I am so glad I enrolled in this course a few weeks ago! In four short weeks, this course helped me overcome some of my anxiety, and helped me free myself from the expectation of perfection. Now, I find myself thinking about bits of stories, characters, conflicts, emotions as I go about my day and I enjoy that so much! It has been fun!” Francoise

“It’s been a most illuminating experience. I’m so glad I decided to do it!” Jackie

“I had heaps of fun and really enjoyed the course! I have been inspired throughout this course to make writing my daily thing.” Brenda

“These four weeks have hurtled by. I can’t remember a course I’ve been so engaged in! I’ve learned about how to evoke emotion, clustering and how to pull it all together into a proper story. All the feedback and encouragement from my tutor and classmates has been wonderful. The old spark of enthusiasm has been re-ignited, that’s the most important thing, and I’m loving it!” Rose

“The course took me on a journey of learning and building. Learning the writing process and building blocks layer by layer of character and scene setting. It has helped me to grow and take feedback on board, while exploring ways to write my story.” Sue

“This has been a wonderful experience! It was important to be disciplined about creating the time to write. I think that will be the most important takeaway for me from the course. It doesn’t matter if I don’t end up writing a Booker-prize winning novel – I just need to ensure that I make time for writing in my life. I have discovered it can be a release, a therapeutic practise and, most importantly, a joy!” Rebecca

“I just finished the Unlocking Creative Writing Online course and it was a blast and I am feeling more energised because of it! The whole class has grown its writing skills and part of the community we are joining is one of generous feedback, that in itself being a learned skill during the course.” Lavinia

“I have learnt eternally valuable lessons about the craft and the process of writing through undertaking this course. Fundamentally, I developed the discipline to create a daily writing habit, coupled with strategies to prevent us prematurely stifling our own creativity. I was delighted to discover my own progress; supported by invaluable feedback from my tutor and my fellow writers.” Sama

“I completed the remarkable Unlocking Creativity course! I used to write, but was blocked, and needed this course, just to get going again. I had taken various creative writing classes, knew the ins and outs of writing – but I took this course just to see if I could become inspired again after a long, long time. And I found I could! And more importantly, I found that I can write – even though English is not my first language, I could still make the points I wanted, when I had this kind of motivation.” Anthie

I have learnt so much in this course. Though, ‘learnt’ is probably the wrong word. It is more like this course has shown me everything that I already knew and made me aware of how to harness that in a way that improves my writing. Also, being surrounded by supportive and likeminded people, with the same insecurities and aspirations, made it feel like this dream of writing was not a silly or childish one.The course was most valuable because it got me writing again. It forced me into a better habit and, probably most important of all, reminded me of how much I enjoy getting to write!” Adam

Unlocking Creativity 20 May 2020

“I would suggest this course to anyone who wants to access their creativity, even if it isn’t to write. It’s a brilliant way to tap into the deeper realms of our subconscious. This course is an utterly life enhancing thing to do.” Amanda

“I feel sad that a great experience came to an end but I am so happy that I learnt so many things along the way. I loved how tutors and fellow writers created a great atmosphere which fuelled creativity and self-confidence. I was amazed by how everybody had unique stories inside and could articulate them beautifully when the right tools and techniques were given.” Mustafa

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of the course. The four weeks have flown by and I am so proud of the fact that I finished. I’ve discovered that by following structure and allowing my imagination to take flight, I can sit for hours and just enjoy writing. It’s a great course that I would highly recommend.” Nola

“I loved this course, it was warm and fuzzy and made me feel like I had a safe place to be free to explore ideas and to find some boldness in my own writing though I have a long way to go yet to achieve that. I felt I was in good company and the words used were beautiful and wonderful. Oh, and I’ve definitely recovered my writing mojo. The literary CPR worked.” Jasmina

“This course is structured in such a way that it builds slowly, like lego blocks. As you place one block of learning on top of another and you step back, you see the beautiful array of colours forming in one strong tower. It is a learning experience. As you share your understanding with your fellow writers, you see how their writing grows and blooms. You learn from their growth, and incorporate their constructive feedback into your own work. Guided by wonderful mentors, that send messages of encouragement throughout, you are guaranteed to stay on track. I strongly recommend that you embark on this experience, it will be beneficial and will kick start your writing journey!” Cherry

“I really thought this course would be HARD. Turns out it was completely the opposite – enjoyable and fun. There was no pressure to perform, there was no expectation that something would be “good” or “bad”, there was only the learning and journey and the doing. And now my dream has shifted, from not just writing, but writing a novel, and perhaps even more than one. I would not have said that 5 weeks ago.” Maria

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Unlocking Creativity course. The four weeks has gone by so quickly and I am sad that it has come to an end. But it has been an incredibly positive experience, with some wonderful feedback along the way.” Marli

“My Unlocking Creativity course has been a great ride! YOU SHOULD DO IT. EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT.” Sheridan

“I loved the “Unlocking Creativity” course.” Megan

“The Unlocking Creativity course is an outstanding writing program, which from the first to the last exercise engages the participant wholeheartedly. Holding a pen again has been delightful, it certainly stops overthinking on the keyboard.” I’ve had fun, faced some challenges and hopefully improved.” Hilary

“The Unlocking Creativity course has been a great inspiration to me. It took me by the hand, or should I say the pen, and gently guided me through a writing journey. Each writing hurdle I approached was with the support and encouragement of the Writers’ studio and I never felt alone, surrounded by my wonderful fellow writers,. So, what’s the course given to me? Well, it’s provided structure, a philosophy around my writing that seems obvious now, but I didn’t have before, it’s given me drive and its unlocked a door for me, to the next room and beyond.” Malcolm

“I have enjoyed these past four weeks immensely, it has been an absolute joy to write every day and to read the work of my fellow writers.” Cath

“What I quickly realised when I started this course was that I simply needed to sit down and write regularly each day. The quality of my writing has improved dramatically. I highly recommend the Unlocking Creativity course.” Anita

“I’m feeling a little sad, as the course has come to an end. I can honestly say, I’ve learnt more than I thought I would about writing, and the process of the craft. Thanks to this course, and my fellow writers from this course, I am actually starting to believe that it’s true I can write that novel!” Liz

“After taking the leap of faith, I have been so surprised at how much I’ve gotten out of it. By using the tools I learnt – I was able to start to let go of my extremely annoying and frustrating inner critic and start to do what I always wanted too – write!” Bonnie

“After years of talking about it, I took the (virtual) plunge to do a terrific writing course. Over the last month, I have been overwhelmed by the considered, constructive and truly thoughtful feedback to my various pieces of writing. With that support, it certainly helped me to have a real go. Reflecting on the last few weeks, I’m more enthused and excited about my writing efforts. I’m keen to keep going, try new things and really keep in mind it is a practice, a skill that – I hope – will improve with diligence.” Lisa

“I’ve finally plucked up the courage to do the Unlocking Creativity, and I loved it!
It’s been eye-opening to see how we are all given the same set of instructions yet write totally different pieces. I’ve discovered the joy of losing myself in a scene as I write, of feeling the emotions I want my characters to feel. It’s addictive, and I do hope I can make it part of my life from here on. While Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on my business, and locked me down on the opposite side of the world to my family, I shall forever be grateful that it also cleared time for me to do this course. “Unlocking Creativity” is the silver lining to my Covid-19 cloud!” Meg

“Every element of this unlocking creativity course has been a positive for me. The guidance and structure certainly gave my writing a focus, and in a counter-intuitive way helped with my imagination and creativity. The focus on positivity from tutors and fellow students was very refreshing, and very welcome. I can’t believe I actually managed to submit a short story (even if I couldn’t get it down to 900 words!). I’m not sure where this course will lead me, but I do know that it was a gift that I was glad to receive.” David

First Draft Online finished May 2020

“The course materials are great and the instructions are clear and concise, and once again, invaluably aided by the examples which I may have been lost without, having never attempted a process like this before. I felt very supported by my tutor Andrew. His encouragement, supportive ear and guiding hand mattered throughout my course. A friend happened to randomly send me a link to your website, and in the months that proceeded, the day-to-day monotony of lifting the head off the pillow became an enthusiastic lunge for the pen. Your course gave me that, so THANK YOU. And thank you, Andrew, for your gentle, guiding hand.” Joanne

“It was with trepidation that I sat in my most comfy chair with a fortifying cuppa to read the first draft of my novel that I finished a few weeks ago. Just to be able to truthfully write ‘the first draft novel I finished’ gives me immense satisfaction. This is a significant achievement for a new writer who has not written anything creative since school, decades ago. This achievement would not have been possible without the Writers’ Studio and the structured, supportive and inspirational framework the first draft online course provided. Thank you, again and again, Writers’ Studio people. So if you want to write, don’t put it off. It you don’t know where to start, go straight to the Writers’ Studio. It is never too late to write. You are never too old, unless you keep putting it off and putting it off.” Ruth

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this First Draft course and so very proud of myself that I’ve done it. I started off slowly and as I gained more confidence, in the process and my story, I just took off, flying through the work, getting to the end well ahead of time and raring to get on with working on the next draft. My tutor Helen has been fantastic, forever nurturing my fledgling writer ego. It is so gratifying to have validation, especially at the beginning, it is so important to know you are on the right track and ‘getting it’! It builds confidence to keep going. She is also forever positive and encouraging. The Online course materials are exemplary. I particularly like the real life examples of each aspect of the course work, this helps a lot. I was 100% reliant on it, and 100% satisfied with the quality and quantity. Thank you Writers Studio.” Mary-Ann

“Thank you so much for a wonderful First Draft course – together with the Unlocking Creativity course, writing has become my salvation through tough times with your expert guiding hands.” Shah

“Having structure has allowed me to really blow open my imagination by giving order, time and space to the story. If I hadn’t had any structure the story I would have written on my own would probably be about 10 pages and I’d be finished or stuck. I have felt very supported by my online tutor Helen, she was always supportive and had helpful advice when I was feeling unsure or lost or off track. Her feedback was always thoughtful and made sense. I found it such an incentive to keep writing that she seemed to get my story and characters, it was that which made me feel I was doing okay and helped me believe in my writing style. I’m going to do the second draft course because I want to make my book submission ready. Overall I’ve loved the challenge. It has only been through having structure and time demands made on me that I have managed to write anything at all! I’ve struggled but loved it.” Melanie

“I’d just like to say a big thank you for this First Draft course. It is very well run, and I have felt so supported throughout by the materials and by Helen. This has been a tough year – first with my bushfire deployment and now with the situation we all find ourselves in. But this work and your course has been a solace in all of that and I am so grateful for it. While you need to do the work, if you are willing, this course will take you through what is needed to shape your story. I am so proud at the end of this that I have a story on the page.” Kris

“This has been an amazing course and an amazing journey. It wasn’t easy in the beginning and I nearly gave up. But I put my faith in the process and persevered. My tutor has been a great guide and sounding board as I’ve shaped this story. Without her encouragement and skilful eye for detail, I wouldn’t have the result I have today. I wish I’d found this course sooner! Thanks once again everyone at the Writers Studio.” Lenora

Unlocking Creativity Online 15 April 2020

“I have found this course challenging, but in the right way! The course has made me consider what writing is to me and how much I love it. It has been a really fun 4 weeks.” Stephen

“It was my fellow writers’ work and continuous feedback from them and my tutor that encouraged me to be better and push myself to step outside my comfort zone! The way we could all share our very different writing styles and learn from one another. The encouragement we got from each other became almost addictive and exhilarating. I know I certainly surprised myself when I let the words just flow – I’m walking away with new confidence and bigger desires to keep writing and improving.” Michaela

“As someone who worked for government for 20 odd years, and was subjected to the enforced training that entailed, the UC course content was a revelation. Trust the process. And you know what? It worked. I’ve grown in the space of four weeks, most importantly, my self-belief has grown. To Kathleen and Roland, thank you for providing such an exhilarating place in which to work, learn and grow. And to Annika and Emma, thank you for your diligence, support and kindness in walking this path with us. Thank you.” James

“During this past four weeks of “Unlocking Creativity” I have learnt so much!  It is hard to know where to start. Most importantly I have learnt to trust that if I just keep my pen moving (or my fingers moving on the keyboard) there will be a result. I have taken many things away from “Unlocking Creativity” but what it has most demonstrated for me is that everyone has the talent to write worthwhile fiction if they are prepared to learn the work and do the craft. And that I must find ways to steal back time from my busy life.” Robyn

“Unlocking Creativity exceeded my expectations both in course content and the generous and genuine encouragement and feedback I received from my fellow writers and tutor.  Thank you one and all!” Pushpa

“It’s hard to believe that just 4 weeks ago, I was stuck in a bubble of business writing. I was writing for money, not for love. Staying home during the pandemic gave me time and space to reflect on my goals – and writing a book has always been one of them. Unlocking Creativity was the perfect course, and it came at the perfect time. It gave me everything I needed – inspiration, motivation and structure.” Alicia

“The last four weeks have flown and it has been quite a rollercoaster – mainly exhilarating but sometimes filled with self-doubt. Is my writing too laboured? Am I not creative enough? Do I even have a story to tell? My biggest lesson? Stop over-thinking and just write. I am now on my way to a healthy habit now. It has been really encouraging to do this with a bunch of other aspiring writers. It’s been online but it’s felt personable all the way.” Michael

“I have just completed the most comprehensive online writing course– Unlocking Creativity with The Writer’s Studio. The course was fast paced, and it taught me to complete the task set before me in a required timeframe and not procrastinate. It has also taught me to write every day, whether I feel like it or not. The information and teaching I received from this course, has been so valuable to me and was very well executed. What I have learned will stay with me throughout my writing life.” Abigail

“I’ve just finished this creative writing course, and… I really enjoyed it. I rediscovered a childhood joy for writing that I thought I’d lost. I learnt that I when I stop being my own worst critic, I can actually create something. That if I just let things flow, I might surprise myself by what comes out of my fingers. That other people aren’t going to tear me apart, they might actually enjoy what I do. Give it a go man, it’s pretty neat (and very reasonably priced!). Who knows what you might awaken.” Bruno

“I found this amazing course which I joined, even though I didn’t have any confidence and no desire to write a book. I learnt many things about myself, and how to write meaningful text. I was very surprised that I enjoyed the whole process immensely. I had thoughts before about writing short stories of my life, but never knew where to start, but now I do. I have some stories I have already written in this course and I think I will continue writing, before I forget the stories that need telling. I would like to tell my story for the future generations.” Patricia

I have spent the last four weeks doing a course from a group in Bronte called The Writers’ Studio. Week by week the exercises have forced me to tap into myself. It’s called “Unlocking Creativity” and it sure did! I have written pieces about various stages of my life, and stepped into that of others’. I have been taught how to structure a story, and give it the right bones. I have developed characters and fine tuned details about their misgivings and insecurities. I have always been scared of writing dialogue, but once the stories started to come alive, I found the dialogue just flowed. It was very encouraging to constantly get feedback from the other writers doing the course. They were incredibly supportive. Even when I was struggling, there was always another positive voice to back me up. I could feel my writing improve, as my confidence was continually being boosted. The tutor helped enormously. I hope we never go through a period of lock down again, but I can’t think of a better way to spend a month! It just flew by.” AJ

“I have so enjoyed the Unlocking Creativity course. Having always wanted to write but never really got very far, I have found the exercises and learning about story structure fantastic. I have surprised myself with the stories that have appeared by keeping my pen moving. I’m hoping that there may be a few more in that pen.” Janine

Unlocking Creativity Online 15 April 2020

“To my surprise I loved it and was eager to do the writing tasks. I learned a lot in such a short time, and I have the tools of short story writing under my belt and am keen to develop them.” Isabelle

“I first did Unlocking Creativity five years ago and back then it opened up a whole new world and potential future for me. I undertook it again, and I enjoyed it even more this time.” Charmaine

“It has been such an enjoyable adventure for me. I feel that my writing has improved over the 4 weeks. The lessons provided before each writing task are invaluable! Thank you Writers’ Studio for providing me with the chance to be part of this excellent, professional and thorough, practical learning experience.” Jill

“I have learned so much from The Writers’ Studio Unlocking Creativity course. A very important aspect of the course is guidance in the management of self-talk – how to overcome the negative self-criticism that can so easily sabotage a creative attempt before it is properly under way.” Jenny

I have so enjoyed it. I produced stories that I was not sure I was capable of telling. The course and the writing has been so much fun. Most of all, I realised how much I just enjoyed the process of sitting down to write something creative. I have not done this since university and it felt like such a guilty pleasure to steal that time away from the rest of the days in isolation.” Natalie

“It is incredible to think four weeks have already passed, but in the same notion, the rich lessons I have learnt seem far more than this short period could bestow. It was an amazing experience putting your writing out there and receiving feedback, the positive words jumping out from the screen and hugging you – utterly heart-warming. The exercise of giving feedback was extraordinary, gaining knowledge through revelling in the creativity of talented writers. Incredible insights gained through this mutual exchange – sincerely grateful for all my fellow writers and my tutor Jenny.” Noelle

“I really enjoyed this course and it gave me the confidence to write without criticising what I write and over analyse every detail.” Mariya

“I found this course to be an enriching experience! It provides a safe haven to share the writing experience in a positive, supportive environment. So, if you want to share in this rich experience, contact the Writers Studio. Don’t hesitate. If you wait until you’re ready, you might just be waiting for the rest of your life.” Louise

“Finding The Writer’s Studio has been like finding a soulmate. Just feels right. The Unlocking Creativity course has brought me back home to a really important part of myself and I am so grateful for that.” Sarah

“What a fantastic way to get out of my comfort zone and to stay up at all crazy times of the night/morning to let my crazy hand writing, show what my imagination has come up with. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s work and seeing there improvement has inspired me throughout these 4 weeks. We have all grown in this writing journey, letting go of our inhibitions and just plunging into the deep end. This course has helped me reconnect with the writer within that has been dormant too long.” Gini

6-Week Character Development Short Story 13 April 2020

“My writing has entered a new phase, and it’s partly because of the totally supportive and positive experience of these online courses. The courses I’ve completed have changed the way I approach the craft of writing.” Diana

“It’s more than rote learning and regurgitation of facts, processes, ideas but a point when a switch is turned on and illumination occurs. Struggle, reflection and analysis lead to this. Well, I have just experienced that very phenomenon while taking a short story course with the Writers’ Studio.” Monica

“It’s been a busy six weeks, but I have enjoyed getting the ink flowing, not to mention the grey cells moving. It’s definitely a reminder to keep on writing – and every day, not just when one feels like it. It requires discipline and routine.” Sarah

“The Six-Week Character Development course has been a blessing and very welcome in these Covid times. I have enjoyed strengthening my settings and really working hard to get inside the heads of my characters. Thanks to the Writers’ Studio for reigniting my passion for telling a story.” Abi

“I’ve just completed Character Development short course, and like other courses I’ve completed through Writers’ Studio, I’ve been challenged to extend myself in my writing. The course provides structure and gives guidance, but it’s up to me to use that as the foundation for telling the story my characters want you to hear.” Sandra

“It is a very well structured course and actual ‘real’ writers do these courses too, so you learn so much from them too. You also get an online tutor – they are amazing and put a lot of time and effort into their feedback. Everyone is so encouraging of each other and it was a really positive experience!” Fiona

“In the craziness, the Writers’ Studio became a sanctuary. Immersed in a weekly writing practice, Helen, my tutor and fellow writers gave such constructive, useful feedback that could be applied immediately. The supportiveness of everyone and the increasing quality of writing constantly pushed and helped me dig deeper for the next story. Such like-minded, spirited writers deserve a big thank you for being there when needed and providing a nurturing, kind place in a very strange world. Enjoying every minute of it and now wanting it not to end.” Rebecca

“What a blessing to have found the Writers’ Studio through this time; we found each other just as I arrived at a new home (just as the country was locking down), so thank you for being my guide and friend (and challenge), through the last 6 weeks. I’m so grateful to Writers’ Studio and to my tutor Andrew, for all the encouragement… Andrew you have a unique way to celebrate the good stuff, and to mindfully and graciously, get me to see where I can grow more!” Willow

Unlocking Creativity Online 1 April 2020

“I can’t believe four weeks are over already! I’m actually really surprised and proud of myself for getting through this course, it’s been really educational, but more importantly it’s been a lot of fun, and something to look forward to after getting home from work each day.” Saba

“It has been a great experience! What this course taught me is the best way is to just jump in and do it, starting is the key!” Kathy

“I found the whole experience of completing the Unlocking Creativity course, a rewarding one!” Julia

“I can’t actually remember how I came across this course, but I have a feeling that I will be forever grateful that I did. It claimed to be an immersive experience, and I am stunned by the variety of characters and styles of writing that I have managed to present.” Claire

“Fabulous creative writing course! Over the four weeks I learnt a lot, mainly about having confidence in myself, learning to write regularly and to just enjoy the writing process! And I had amazing support from my tutor and the other students in the course.” Paul

“It was amazing how much I learnt about the craft and process of writing in just these four weeks. The simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques they advise surprised me, but really help! This course gave me the tools to focus my work and to apply some discipline to the writing process.” Kathy

“Unlocking Creativity was definitely the right choice for me. I learned so much in the past four weeks. I feel I became better at evoking emotion through bricks of detail. The course has changed the way I view writing (for the better) and put me on the right path to become better and better.” Benjamin

“The last four weeks have flown, and didn’t think I’d learn so much doing this course. Like my characters who develop on their journey, I am uncovering my own ‘character’  in my writing, I feel like I am embarking on a journey in my development. I feel for the first time some meaning and potential in my writing.” Liz

“They said the month would pass quickly and they were right. I have learnt so much, a lot of it I am still trying to evaluate in my head so it becomes a habit. What I do have, and didn’t a month ago, is a starting point and a sense of direction to get my story ideas on paper.” David

“I’ve just had the most delightful few weeks. It was surprising how rapidly the course progressed. C-19 initially struck fear into many, but I found the shiniest silver lining to the clouds of concern – the utter luxury of uninterrupted time. Time focused on writing. The generous feedback from other writers and from my tutor was absolutely invaluable and very constructive!” Lea

“What an eye-opener this 4-week online course has been! I was so surprised at how the techniques taught enabled me to get inside the heads of the characters I created.  Sometimes I felt it was almost as if the character themselves had seized my pen and taken over the writing process!  I found when this happened it was amazingly uplifting. I’m so pleased with all I’ve learned on this course that I’ve enrolled on another one to learn how to develop characters in more depth.  I guess I’ll have to share my pen more frequently with imaginary people!” Philippa

Unlocking Creativity Online 11 March 2020

“What a terrific four weeks.  Katherine said it would fly by, and indeed it has.  If nothing else, I have learnt that to be serious about this writing business, one simply has to find the time to sit down and write… come rain, hail or shine.” Mick

“On this four-week journey, I’ve learnt how to access my imagination and most importantly, how to set it free – how to write without any expectations. For the first time in a very long time, I’m enjoying writing again. And I put it down to the many ‘ah-ha’ moments I experienced throughout this course.” Jean-Marie

“I just did this amazing writing course. Really it’s just a taster course to get the creative writing juices going, and it certainly got mine going! I learned a lot in 4 short weeks.” Catherine

“I just finished the Unlocking Creativity course and what an awesome process and what a timing! It’s been so lovely having writing to play with at this uncertain time and having exercises to dive into.” Melissa

“I have recently completed the Unlocking Creativity writing course run by Sydney based Writers’ Studio. We learnt so many skills to make writing easier and enable you to begin. When I look back over the notes and stories I wrote I see so many aspects of powerful writing that was introduced to us, in just four weeks.” Carron

6-Week Writer's Gym February 2020

“I had a vague notion of a story going in, but this course has taken me deeper and darker than I would ever have gone on my own. My story is going in exactly the direction I wanted it to take, but that I have not been able to find on my own. After Unlocking Creativity I had an inkling of an idea for a novel. Now, after the Writer’s Gym, the idea has grown arms and fists and is pounding to be let out. While I was concerned I might run out of things to write, it turns out the opposite is true. This course helped me find the real story, to jump straight to its throat and rip it out without namby pambying around the outside. This story is growing in ways that are surprising, shocking and sometimes more than a little bit disturbing – I’m more inspired to keep writing than ever.” Marilyn

“The most important discovery I made with this writing course that no matter how hard it is to start, how many excuses one might have, once you do start writing, it gets easier.” Christina

“I feel I learnt so much with this short course! I loved the structures given to us by the course. I feel like they leave such room for inspiration & play while also giving something solid to work with.” Ruby

“The Writers’ Gym has been bloody amazing. This was a follow on from the creativity course and it expanded and added so many more skills and dimensions to the writing process.” Jean

“I have just completed the most brilliant Cerebral Workout, ‘Writers Gym’. My brain is inflamed with all sorts of characters, plots and conflicts. I am amazed at how much more I have learnt in writing and storytelling. It was a breathtaking journey and I highly recommend these courses.” Teresa

“I have learnt so much that now I really feel like I have some tools to use, to practise the writing of a story. The environment of the writers board and the feedback of fellow students has been wonderfully nurturing. Fiona, my tutor, was encouraging and generous at every step. I am very grateful for their roles in the process. I am glowing inside from the experience at what I managed to achieve by undertaken this course.” Karlene

“I have completed Writer’s Gym, which has successfully guided me to delve deep into my imaginations to discover the characters, dialogue and description that lay bubbling beneath my unconscious. My writing improved through the two courses, Unlocking Creativity and the Writers’ Gym, as a result of the specific exercises and feedback that I have received from my tutors and other students.” Linda

“I have just finished the Six-week Writers’ Gym offered by the Writers’ studio. I find it hard to believe that six weeks have passed by so quickly. I am alive, invigorated by the course. I have learnt so much, I love how the Tutors are able to passionately instruct on a craft. The confidence gained is priceless.” Sonja

“I feel I learnt a lot in this course, it packed in so much during a short period of time. I think the main discovery I have made during the writing courses I have done with The Writers Studio is one can indeed trust the process and the words will flow. So often I have no idea what I am going to write about, then from just a small nudge or seed – I suddenly have a short story. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course!” Clare

“The discipline of having to provide something by deadline is always good for me. I definitely think my writing has improved. The Writers’ Gym has helped me to develop to write the physical detail, the external opposition that crystallises the internal struggles. It was a really good experience!” Kevin

Unlocking Creativity Live 27 February 2020

“This course has exceeded my expectations – both in its approach to writing and how to liberate the imagination and recapture what is fun about the process. This course has given me the courage to continue.” Liselle

“This course has been life changing. In 4 short weeks this course has given me the tools to get past my own self, my inner critic and to put pen to paper and actually write!” Cat

“I was super nervous to start the Unlocking Creativity course and read my own writing to a room full of strangers, but it was fantastic! I have more confidence in my ability to write and I appreciate the craft of storytelling.” Alan

“I recommend this course wholeheartedly! The course gave me such wonderful insights in the process of writing, character developing and actually got me writing!” Nicole

“I really enjoyed the course, it was a great experience! The exercises we did in class were fun and it was interesting to write on the spot following the prompts of the teacher. I learned to appreciate the hard work and craft that goes into writing.” Catherine

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience! I have tried to write before but the tools I was exposed to in this course helped me to bring sensibility to my chaos. A journey that made sense!” Rosanna

First Draft Online Finished February 2020

This course ploughed a path of intense introspection through my chaotic life for ten months. It provided me with an imperative to escape to my space wherever that happened to be and complete the week’s requirements. These included: brainstorming; identifying possible complications; conversations with characters; summaries of what I would write; how the yet unwritten would shape the story; how suspense would be generated in every scene. And then I’d write the scenes. Am I pleased with the end result? I discovered the endurance necessary to produce thousands of words, many melodramatic tangents that need to be culled, but I’m pleased and grateful to have a document that tells a better story than I thought possible. The structure and pressure of the course kept me on track. The stimulus material triggered new directions and encouragement when I hit a block. My tutor was amazing at analysing what I was trying to achieve, stopping me from straying and making me believe that I was her only concern. I have enrolled in the Second Draft Online Course with the surety that it will take my document to places I’m yet to envisage. Margaret

“The First Draft online course is extremely well done actually. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised and thought without doing the live course there would be no way of achieving a first draft! But there you go, I was wrong. My tutor Helen helped me to find new story lines and depths to my characters and plot that I did not see. Together, the course materials, the emails, the step by step guide, the encouragement and inspirational quotes and Kathleen videos pushed me forward, when at times, I hate to admit it, I wanted to give up.” Lisa

“I am so pleased that even when I felt the fear, that little voice that says I’m not good enough, can’t do it, it’s too risky that I did it anyway, enrolled in the 10-month First Draft and took the plunge to do something I’ve always wanted to do for myself. I wish I’d found The Writers’ Studio years earlier. I recommend to anyone seeking a writing course to undertake because it prompts the writer to write daily, be accountable and inspires to take that next step so words develop into a better story. I am grateful for the course, my tutor and the team at the Writers Studio.” Lorraine

“Thanks for an amazing course! It was one of the hardest things I’ve done but so worth it.” Sophie

“I’ve loved the course and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it through to the end.” Amanda

“Do you dream of writing a novel or screenplay? Are you too busy to attend classes? I recommend the First Draft Online course. It takes the mystique out of being an author and gets into the business of writing. Even with juggling family and work, I managed to complete a first draft and was happily surprised with the ending. My tutor always encouraged me, saw things in my writing that I didn’t see, and gave me plenty of ideas to think about. I put the publishing deadlines in my planner and told myself, “that’s what real writers do,” and made a commitment to finish.” Rosa

“Searching the internet for writing courses and programmes, I came across The Writers’ Studio.  I knew instantly it was a perfect fit. Online and self paced, but within a structure that would create a vehicle to build the discipline required for the writer’s life, with an accountability partner and coach, a tutor who has been my cheerleader all the way, the programme sets you up for success. I am amazed that 9 months and 90,000 words later, I have finished a first draft.  Not only has it been a journey to build the craft of storytelling, it has been a journey of self discovery, from exploring the purpose of why I want to write to the bigger message that I want to share with the world. If I feel this joyful at the end of the first draft, how will I feel in 8 months when I finish the 2nd? I don’t know, but I’m ready. If you have a kernel of an idea, or have longed to write a book but haven’t had the discipline, focus or know how, not just about how to write, but how to write a story, The Writers’ Studio is for you.” Natalie

Unlocking Creativity Live 23 January 2020

“This has been one of my most inspiring courses I’ve taken since University. I want to write short animation scripts that are able to evoke emotions from my audiences, and this course has given me gateway to do it. It has been wonderful!” Ailing

“Being in the classroom each week has felt so inspiring. It’s been liberating to see what I’ve written and what came up in each exercise. Even in the moments where I thought I had no idea what to write and nothing to say I’ve trusted the process and often something I can be really proud of has ended up on the page. The structure of the whole course allows for that and supports you throughout.” Laura

“This course has been very enlightening. I feel I have all the great ingredients to start creating stories and let my creative voice speak up.” Irene

“I have gained insights and exposure to creative writing techniques and these have allowed me to explore many possibilities which have been very rewarding and inspiring.” Gordon

“I have just finished the 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Live course and I loved it! I have felt so alive doing the course and have had so much fun – with my stories. It exceeded all expectations.” Phillipa

“The Unlocking Creativity Course live has been like a warm bowl of lentil soup on a rainy day, heart-warming, and strangely comforting that has allowed me to be comfortable vulnerable amongst strangers that now feel like a great group of community. It’s been a wild ride exploring bits of my unconscious world through my fingertips.” Estelle

“I have just finished my creative writing course and I’ve loved it so much! It has inspired me to write – for me -for the process and for the simple joy of writing! The most wonderful 4 x weeks!” Alice

Unlocking Creativity Online 22 Janaury 2020

“Enrolling in this course was like jumping off a cliff. The course showed me that I could learn tools and techniques, that if I trusted the process then my imagination would come to the party and I could write something. It was profoundly surprising to see the words flowing out of my blue-black ink pen.” Christine

“Doing the Unlocking Creativity course for a second time was just as satisfying, in fact more so.
Even if it doesn’t set you on a path to writing, it is stimulating, thought provoking, challenging, engaging and rewarding. Do it.” Nella

“Unlocking Creativity is highly addictive. More than any other writing course or program it has pushed my writing forward faster and led me to deep, dark places where the stories I want to write live. Most surprising was the speed. I’ve written more interesting work in an hour than I’ve previously slaved over for a month. Sometimes I’ve shocked myself at what’s come out of the end of my pen.” Marilyn

“This course has encouraged me to return to following my writing dreams. I hadn’t realized what just four weeks of concerted effort could achieve. I thoroughly recommend this course to all with a writing interest!” Janet

“The UC course has been profoundly challenging, one of the hardest and most valuable things I have done!” Ruth

“One word: ‘Wow’! In four weeks, Unlocking Creativity has opened my eyes to the key elements of story structure and scene setting that many other courses simply didn’t explain. The exercises and writing tasks gave me a unique insight into my writing style. What I do well and what I can work on to improve. It’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to submit my work for review and feedback in a safe and nurturing environment. The best thing I’ve done for my writing in a long time.” Claudine

“I’m so glad I did the Unlocking Creativity course! I was pleasantly surprised to discover my ‘voice’ – and while I sometimes sit and chuckle at things I write – I was shocked to learn others may also find it funny!! I was only able to learn that because the nurturing environment of the Writers’ Studio made me feel comfortable enough to overcome the nerves I had regarding my style. My only regret is that I didn’t do this course sooner.” Tegan

“I found it inspirational and encouraging, challenging and so rewarding. It has been an incredible environment in which to share with and learn from other writers. I’ll be forever grateful that I did this course!” Elizabeth

“I’d highly recommend the Unlocking Creativity course. It’s such a rewarding experience and you’d be surprised as to how much you find out. Not only about writing short stories but also about yourself.” Tanisha

“The course is really well structured with both lessons and exercises and it really puts you in the mindset of writing every day, not only tapping into your creativity but also asking you to adhere to guidelines and deadlines which in turn create discipline. I’m really glad I did it!” Silvia

“I’ve learnt so much throughout the duration of this short course and gained more confidence in my writing thanks to the support and encouragement from those that participated in the course with me, and the tutors.” Chelsea

“It was fun and hard work doing the 4-Week unlocking creativity online course. It helped me in so many ways, teaching me just to write. And my tutor, Emily, was so full of praise, encouragement and gentle but illuminating guidance. My work has really progressed during this course.” Jill

“I was not sure at first if this course would be appropriate, but I found the teaching and guidelines extremely useful. More importantly for me, it has really unlocked the door that was blocking me, reignited my desire to write and the connection to my inspiration.” Florence

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the craft of writing.” Asha

“I really felt this was a valuable experience and money well spent. I would recommend this course to every writer because I know that success would be accelerated by this experience. In conclusion I feel I must congratulate Writers Studio on its success in imparting such valuable.” Elaine

“The thing that has surprised me the most, has been learning that structure can unleash my creativity – a seemingly incongruent concept, but now I totally get it and believe it. I’ve loved watching where my pen has taken me – down unexpected and enjoyable story lines. I have absolutely loved it!” Rebecca

“This course is the most liberating, inspirational, nurturing and fulfilling activity I have undertaken in a very long time. I had no idea there were such simple yet utterly effective strategies for finding the right words and structures to create an interesting or even compelling story in such a short time. Everyone on the course was supportive, generous and helpful in giving feedback and my tutor Emma has given me the confidence to take on the next challenge-The Writer’s Gym ‘ course. Thank you to all at the Writer’s Studio.” Jean

“I’ve completed the Writer’s Studio ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course. Time well spent, and a great kick-start to more writing! Ultimately, I’ve been very happy with the course, it has been useful and instructive and I’m keen to write more!” Stephen

Unlocking Creativity Online 13 November 2019

“I’ve just completed a writing course called ‘Unlocking Creativity’, which really did exactly what it said it would do.” James

“The Unlocking Creativity online course has been so good for me in so many ways. I feel like I’m one step closer to writing the story I’ve always wanted to write.” Jane

“I can hardly believe that four weeks ago I found the Unlocking Creativity Online course on the internet, read some reviews, rolled the dice and decided to have a go. It has been a revelation and I’ve loved it.” Ari

“The Unlocking Creativity course was by far the most challenging – and rewarding thing – that I’ve done in a long time.” Terry 

“I signed up to the Unlocking Creativity course, and it has been one of my better decisions this year. It has been a fabulous, joyful and liberating experience to write for myself, outside of my daily grind.” Emily

“What a fantastic experience! I’m quite sad it is at an end, for now at least.” Izak

“I just finished the four week ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course with the Writer’ Studio. It was great and I feel inspired and confident that I can make my dream of writing a novel a reality, and I intend to do the ‘First Draft Online course’ with the Writers’ Studio next year.” Donna

“Really enjoyed my last four weeks of the unlocking creativity course. It has been a fantastic course. It has helped me connect with my imagination again and has inspired me to want to write daily.” Jacqueline

“The Unlocking Creativity course far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t realise that a step-by-step approach to learning the craft of creative writing would unleash in me such excitement and a Pandora’s box of inspiration.” Lesley

“It’s amazing how much knowledge you gain and how much your mind expands in four weeks. I’m still trying to process it myself. In the case of the Unlocking Creativity course, I’ve been on quite the journey and learned lessons that I would never have figured out on my own.” Matthew

Unlocking Creativity Live 21 November 2019

“I’ve loved each lesson, and learning about the dance between structure and imagination. A wonderful four weeks of personal growth.” Ruth

“It has been fun! I always enjoyed, and felt energized after every class. I am going to keep writing and commit to doing the Short Story course in 2020.” Page

“I loved being part of an interesting, diverse group who all share a love of writing. Thanks Richard, for making this the most amazing experience.” Angela

“I have gained so much from this brilliant course that I will take with me every day into my creating expression and I am so grateful for this. It has changed me forever.” Amanda

“Definitely a good idea choosing this course. It has reignited my enjoyment of creative writing.” Lee

6-Week Short Story Genre course October 2019

“I loved the Genre course, the writing, the feedback, I loved reading what other writers were putting up on the board. So much talent in one small group. If you are wondering if you should do one of the Writers’ Studio courses the answer is easy, YES!!!” Sonja

“The Genre course was so very fun, and most of all it taught me a lot about letting go and just writing to see where the story takes me.” Wendy

“I’ve just finished my Short Story Genre course, and I feel so energised and inspired to write! I almost can’t remember what my life was like before I started writing. Unlocking Creativity gave me so many wonderful writing tools, but the Short Story Genre course really challenged me to use them. I wrote in all the four genres, was happy with my final pieces…and I enjoyed myself!” Rebecca

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Genre course, having been stretched in different directions by the varied genres. As with the other Writer’ Studio courses, I’ve done, I feel like the time has flown, and I learned so much, and still have so much to learn.” Stu

“What continues to amaze me is that once you allow the mind a free rein, it takes one to places and outcomes that could never occur to me without using the writing process. Had I not taken these two writing courses with the Writers’ Studio, I simply would have had no idea of what I could create! I want to place on record my appreciation for the excellent support I’ve received from The Writers’ Studio and most recently from my tutor Yasmin, who helped me to move forward from a struggling beginner to a confident beginner!” Robert

“I finished my Short Story Genre course. Woohoo! This is my second course with the Writer’s Studio, and once again, the quality of writing has blown me away, alongside the supportive writer community and encouraging feedback from our tutor, Yasmin. If you want to start writing, this school is a great place to start!” Amy

“If you want to write, you’re in good hands with The Writers Studio, which has lifted the veil for me, revealing the joys of short story structure, character and genre.” Michael

“Just finishing my 4th course with the Writers Studio, I wanted to tell you about the benefits of learning how to write. The practice of stepping through each phase of a writing exercise enabled me to break down vague ideas and then build a story that could be understood and even enjoyed by others! I have been amazed how many different ideas and stories I’ve been able to produce. I did not think when undertaking Unlocking Creativity over a year ago that I would be able to write across a number of different genres. Thank you to the Writers Studio for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.” Carla

“I’m just finishing the 6-week Short Story Genre course this weekend. It’s been great. It’s the second course I’ve done with the Writers’ Studio. The way the course sets up a structure to write within has really helped me get words on the page and take a character on a journey. And sometimes the characters go off on their own tangents without any guidance from me. This is the fun bit, when you don’t realise what you’re going to write until you’ve written it.” Susan

Unlocking Creativity Review

I never expected to go on such a wonderful emotional journey where I fell in love with writing all over again. Michelle Ahearn

Unlocking Creativity Live 17 October 2019

“The Unlocking Creativity course was a great experience. The tips, structure and advice in the course gave me a guide on writing without imposing any rule, making it fun and inspiring!” Filippo

“This course has given me the ability to put more effort into my writing than excuses. The knowledge that spending time writing – even writing junk – is better than nothing at all. I’m ready to be a real writer now.” Jeremy

“I signed up to this course hoping to gain some knowledge regarding building characters and story structure. Walking away from the course, I have gained that and so much more!” Nicole

“It is so much more than a writing course and I am so glad that I did this. My eyes were opened in the short four weeks to see a world of writing is as big and as deep as our universe. Whatever our mind, soul, life want to get out of it, it is there. It’s inspiring and empowering.” Eva

“This course has given me so much confidence and excitement about writing. I never knew I could ‘write’ until I came to this course.” Amelia

“It’s been so cool, I am glad my friend recommended the Unlocking Creativity Live course. I’m walking away with a new goal to write within the structure I’ve learned, and see what pops off the page. Writing feels like a growing part of my identity now.” Amanda

“The course was great! One of the best things was meeting fellow writers and talking about writing. The biggest thing I’ve got out from the four weeks of learning, was writing with emotional detail.” Paul

10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online finished September 2019

“Having done many writing courses including Prof Writing and Editing at RMIT and the Faber Academy novel writing course, this is the best writing course I’ve ever done. I feel like I have a solid first draft and I’m really excited to see how I can develop it in the second draft course. This course has helped me develop a writing discipline. I never thought I could write after work, when the kids are in bed, but I have written 6-7 days a week (only for an hour or so) for the whole course and I feel like a real writer. I write when I don’t want to and I write when I’m tired and I always feel better. My family knows I have to write and they have been amazing, and accommodating me. I’ve done lots of first drafts in the past and then often given up. I’m so pleased you have a second draft course, and third draft course, because I want to see this story through to the end, to make it as good as I possibly can. Thank you for the brilliant course. I have loved it and can’t wait for second draft course to start.” Christine

“I love doing this course and it’s one of the best things that I’ve done in my life and has been a great outlet from the pressures of life these last two years. I value it a lot.” Catherine

“I have really enjoyed and benefitted from the online materials. I loved the balance between technical advice and information relating to structure and story processes, and solid inspirational quotes and guidance for the process of writing and being a writer. I think that what the Writer’s Studio offers is gold. A brilliant team of passionate and supportive writers, coaxing stories out of us in a manageable, sense-making yet magical way.” Helen

“This course has given me direction, inspiration and confidence to keep writing, almost every day. Even amongst the chaos of life with a toddler and that is the greatest gift I could ever be given. Thank you to the whole team, especially Rich for all your help!” Jessie

“I have loved doing this course. When I began I did not know where my novel would take me as I had very little idea of the story. I was quite anxious about this. The structure of the course really helped my story to come together and to flow. I will really miss the course – so I am already excited about the next one. It is a huge commitment undertaking this course and it does take a lot of time, but time I don’t regret and have thoroughly enjoyed. It has been incredibly fulfilling for me.” Clare

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and it really feels like it’s over quite quickly! I have ended up with a massive pile of words along with a much better idea of what my story is and how I would like to see it develop. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting a first draft done but isn’t quite sure how to get started or keep going through the messy middle, what you’ll have at the end may not be perfect, but it will be done!” Cherie

“The course is as good as its reputed to be and way better than I imagined. My brother is currently just beginning the third draft course and it was on his recommendation that I began it. I truly am blown away by what the structure and questioning have facilitated in me.” Simonne

Unlocking Creativity Online 25 September 2019

“What an altogether amazing and wonderful experience. The different “challenges” we were set each week allowed me to flex my creative muscle and allowed myself to let go of my inhibitions. That was incredibly liberating. I am so excited to start the 10-Month First Draft course. Bring it on!!” Tracey

“I courageously took the leap into the Unlocking Creativity course and allowed myself to fail, to learn, and just have fun doing something I love.  It’s a very safe space in which to fail and learn from these failures, without judgement, without censure, but rather support, learning and encouragement.  Above all, I have finally developed a writing habit that has taken a firm hold. Writing makes me happy.” Pamela

“The Unlocking Creative course structure was great, it was both freeing, encouraging and helpful. I have learnt so much about the process of writing, freeing myself up to imagination has allowed me to leave behind frustrations. I have rediscovered writing as more about mediation and fun and less about literary techniques and ticking boxes. I am looking forward to starting the next course and challenging myself.” Adriana

“I have been on an amazing writing journey in the last four weeks. The process in which I have been involved has unlocked in me an understanding of how “just doing it” is the only way to start.  You don’t need all the words, but you do need the motivation and structure to guide yourself to producing something. I have loved this experience!” Judy

“I am so glad I did it. I’m very happy to report I have found my joy of writing after having done Unlocking Creativity!  I feel like my writing has already improved. I highly recommend this course if you want to find that writer within you.” Rosemary 

“The Unlocking Creativity Writing Course has been fantastic and I now feel confident that I can actually, maybe, really, have a go at this writing thing.” Karin

“What a ride! I have been pushed outside my comfort zone! In this age where companies, and learning institutions promise big and under-deliver, I have found this prized little gem in the ‘Writers’ Studio’. They have truly exceeded my extremely high (somewhat unattainable at times) expectations. I will continue to “brag” about this course to everyone and anyone who will listen!” Larnka

10-Month Novel & Script Live course finished September 2019

“Without the course I never would have completed my first draft, or learnt the process of writing one. The experience has been invaluable.” Carl

“This course helped to write the story I wanted to tell, from a vague concept, to plotting a proper narrative journey. It has been so satisfying to follow the steps and see the story unfold, and also discover the deeper themes and principles I wanted to express.” Geraldine

“Each month I would walk into the Writers’ Studio with a worry of some sort, but no matter what, I left the room at the end of each class excited, re-energised and eager to continue my story.” Holly

“I still have a lot of writing to do, but I have 70,000 words on the page, and detailed notes for the rest of my scenes. I have confidence I’ll complete my story, a position I wouldn’t be in without the course.” Danny

Unlocking Creativity Live 5 September 2019

“I am fuller for having gone through the learning experience of the Unlocking Creativity. It gave me enlightenment and literary discovery and much more!” Janice

“Unlocking Creativity has opened up this secret world for me, a rich glorious interior world where people play out scenes and live other lives. The course gave me keys to explore my imagination in ways I never thought possible. Book in today!” Stephanie

“The Unlocking Creativity course is the most mind blowing course I have ever done in my life.” Qiangpan

“Well the name said ‘Unlocking Creativity’, and it sure did do that! Thanks to this course, I discovered my love for writing.” Edwin

“I got so much out of the Unlocking Creativity course. It’s been a gift!” Rora

Unlocking Creativity Online 7 August 2019

“Unlocking Creativity has been an enlightening and transformative experience. I’ve discovered that writing is a craft that can be learnt and once you have the skills, and it’s mostly about hard work and perseverance. The online experience was much more productive and intimate than I expected it to be. Being able to read other UC students’ pieces on the board made the “forum” very interesting and collaborative. It was very motivating to have deadlines and an audience. I always enjoyed logging in and seeing what had been posted and what feedback had been provided – it was never a chore!” Lucinda

“This has been a positive learning experience for me and I intend to keep going with new vigour.” Sandra

“Unlocking Creativity has opened the floodgates of my imagination, and I’ve “met” so many incredible writers on what we call The Writers Board. I used to be a closet writer but now that I’ve come out, I want to play.” Rona

“What a brilliant journey of creativity I’ve been on. This course has well and truly unlocked the creative juices and got the imagination and ideas fired up. UC has given me the discipline I was searching for and the inspiration I thought I had lost.” Samantha

“I have just completed the most amazing online Creative Writing Course. I can’t even really put into words how powerful this has been. How it gave me the strength and to believe in myself. This has truly changed my life in so many ways. I feel braver and stronger. More confident and fulfilled. Thank you to all the wonder full people at the Writers’ Studio. Your course is so well designed. All the reviews I have read are so true.” Peta

“I had the most amazing experience with Unlocking Creativity and the Writers Studio. This course rocks!” Marjorie

“The writing course is called Unlocking Creativity – and that it has done! I hadn’t considered a novel or film script but after the course, but I am a little addicted to writing now.” Rebecca

“It’s called “Unlocking Creativity” and it’s definitely doing the job.” Shai

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 4 weeks of Unlocking Creativity and have written more than I thought I would. I’m proud of what I have achieved and loved reading the work from my online classmates. Their feedback and positivity encouraged me to keep going.” Brona

Unlocking Creativity (online) has been the best course I have ever done (and as friends will tell you I’ve done a few). I’d noticed the word “nurture” cited quite frequently on their web site, and to my delight it’s true. I have always been shy about revealing my love of putting pen to paper. The support from my tutor and the other writers on my group, the emails from Kathleen encouraging us to keep going, don’t give up was wonderful and honest. To anyone thinking of this course – don’t think, do it. This course has re-awoken my love of words, and has even boosted my self-confidence. I’ve blown the dust off my box of dreams, and removed the lid. I can’t wait to see what’s inside. Sue

“I recently finished up a short course with the Writer’s Studio. I’m impressed with how many pens I went through in just four weeks! I’m lucky I got to do this course, it was equal parts challenging and encouraging.” Stephanie

“My love for writing has been developed through the Unlocking Creativity Online course. I fell in love with writing, and don’t want to let go.” Xiao Chuan

10-Month Novel & Script Online finished September 2019

Having done many writing courses including Prof Writing and Editing at RMIT and the Faber Academy novel writing course, this is the best writing course I’ve ever done. I feel like I have a solid first draft and I’m really excited to see how I can develop it in the second draft course. This course has helped me develop a writing discipline. Christine

“The course is as good as its reputed to be and way better than I imagined. I truly am blown away by what the structure and questioning have facilitated in me.” Simonne

“I have loved doing this course. When I began I did not know where my novel would take me as I had very little idea of the story. I was quite anxious about this. The structure of the course really helped my story to come together and to flow. I will really miss the course – so I am already excited about the next one.” Clare

“This course has given me direction, inspiration and confidence to keep writing, almost every day. Even amongst the chaos of life with a toddler and that is the greatest gift I could ever be given. Thank you to the whole team, especially Rich for all your help!” Jessie

“II loved the balance between technical advice and information relating to structure and story processes, and solid inspirational quotes and guidance for the process of writing and being a writer. I think that what the Writer’s Studio offers is gold. A brilliant team of passionate and supportive writers, coaxing stories out of us in a manageable, sense-making yet magical way.” Helen

“I love doing this course and it’s one of the best things that I’ve done in my life.” Catherine

Unlocking Creativity Online 19 June 2019

“Oh, “What an amazing four weeks this has been. We were provided with a platform and environment to unleash the stories and characters that hide within us. Nurturing, challenging and inspiring.  The freedom to learn, write and improve. To share our writing, and discover how to make it stronger, tighter and better.” Nicole

“Through this course I feel that I have been coaxed and encouraged to connect with my creative side. I feel like a passion has been released. It is one of the best things I have ever done.” Patricia

“The writing I’ve interacted with in this course has been absolutely outstanding. After doing this course, I honestly can’t imagine ever having writer’s block again. It’s reinvigorated my love of writing.” Jessie

“I’ve reached the end of my Unlocking Creativity writing course, and what an amazing and profound journey it has been. While the course is ending, the act of writing will continue!” Rebecca

“I finished Unlocking Creativity course, and I LOVED IT! I’m so glad I did it.” Caroline

“Thanks to “The Writers’ Studio and their four week online Unlocking Creativity Course I’m back on track and what an incredible experience it’s been! I found the course did literally unlock my thought processes, allowing me to enter the world of my fictional characters. So enriching!” Jill

“Unlocking creativity has allowed me to challenge myself and put a ripple out into the lake, hopefully becoming bigger and wave-like with time. I have written things I didn’t know I could, I’ve felt the environment of the ‘board’ it was a safe place and enabled me to hit the submit button.” Rachel

Character & Critique Short Story June 2019

“I have just finished an incredible writing course with The Writers Studio.” Lina Marie

“I’ve just finished the Character & Critique Short Story course with The Writers Studio. Fantastic! So many tools and good grounding for my present and future writing endeavours!  Writing sure is a craft which takes time and practice.” Esther

“The Character and Critique Short Story course with the Writers Studio is a fabulous course. This was my third course and I loved it. The Writers’ Studio provides such positive feedback and timely instruction on character development, structure and scene clustering (for example) that are fundamentally the gems of learning to write.” Carla

“This course made me excited to write fiction, have fun, play with the characters and try and push it. I’m looking forward to writing more.” Kesha

Unlocking Creativity Live 6 June 2019

“I have opened a door to an exciting and therapeutic space that lets me shut off and make sense of the world in a really fun and rewarding way.” Hayley

“This has been wonderful! The structure of this course is perfect!” Jill

“It’s been a great experience! I’m so glad I took the plunge & signed up for it. The environment has been really encouraging, particularly for beginners.” Bonita

“The course has opened up my future for writing – it has given me confidence and permission to fail, to play, to step away from judgement and just practice relentlessly – to enjoy.” Jessica

“I feel like I have reconnected with my creativity. Unlocked is the word! It has been so good for my soul!” Jacinta

Unlocking Creativity Online 1 May 2019

“Oh, what an enjoyable and fun experience! I walk away from this course with a new understanding and a desire to learn more. It has also given me the confidence to continue writing and explore where it may take me.” Rachell

“These past four weeks have been such a liberating and empowering experience. I have enjoyed writing immensely, and by the end of the course I was excited to post my work and receive feedback.” Katie

“The course was a revelation in that it articulated all those things that make a good story. The truth taught by the course – that you have to be actually writing, not thinking about writing – was really brought home to me in the magic that emerged on the page.” Jane

“The greatest gift that this course has given me has been the structured plan to write a story. I, as the writer, am actually just along for the ride while the story starts telling itself. That is pure unadulterated magic! I’ve been swept along and ended up in places I never would have imagined!” Marie- Louise

“This course was hugely enjoyable. The main thing I took away from this course was how easily it is to write when you are given a structure to look at and how the planning helps you keep on the topic effortlessly.” Daniel

“I’ve just done a really good four week writing course. It’s amazing what you can learn in such a short space of time. I think anyone who does this course will find that their writing improves. Mine certainly has.” Gill

“What a journey this has been, one that I will be forever grateful for.” Jayde

“I’ve just completed the 4-week Unlocking Creativity course at the Writers’ Studio. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I got was a lot more than anticipated.” Noreen

“I enrolled, I’ve done it and it has been frigging awesome. I call myself a writer now because that is what I now have the courage to do.” Cathy

“It’s been an incredible four-week course that has simply gone in the blink of an eye. I’ve been so encouraged that I’m looking at continuing to, and to develop my characters further.” Diane

“These past four weeks have been so wonderful and I’ve learnt so much about the art of writing. It has been so inspiring to be able to have slowly built up my writing skills and my confidence to keep going.” Tania

“Doing this course has inspired me to take a good look at what I want to achieve and my goals. The course has given me more confidence to share what I’ve written.” Louise

Novel & Script First Draft Online completed May 2019

“I certainly would not have written this story without this process.” Sarah

“It has been an amazing journey I feel deeply grateful for.” Martina

“Thanks to my tutor for helping me on the journey. It’s been a very interesting ride!” Jason

“Thank you all for making such a great course and the support and format are excellent. I certainly could not have written the story without this assistance. It has pushed me along in a very supportive and educative way.”  Kathryn

“This has been the most enjoyable, life-affirming, confidence-building struggle I have had since becoming a parent 21 years ago. I am so glad I signed up for the course, I only wish I’d had the courage to do it sooner. I have a manuscript with 53,843 words (plus the three exercise books I’ve filled with exercises and notes) and I am very proud of myself.” Julie

“I have loved the course and now I love my story. It has been thrilling to think of myself as a writer, doing so has given me inward permission to be more imaginative.” Valerie

“Bloody huge thanks for the opportunity to make this journey happen. It’s been everything to me.” Renée

“It is a terrific course that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It have helped me understand the creative process behind crafting the first draft of a story.” Liz

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course, although it hasn’t been easy. My confidence has grown with every step of the process and I feel I might actually have something I can be proud of at the end.” Lada

Unlocking Creativity Online 13 March 2019

“I was checking writing courses online, when I stumbled on a site called “The Writers Studio”. What a lucky find. These guys are the real deal if you want to write. I wanted to do the course in person, but I couldn’t make it fit around work, so I enrolled for the online course. What a rewarding experience, it exceeded all my expectations!” Darren

“An excellent and highly effective springboard from which to launch creative writing of any description! It’s been an amazing experience. My creativity has definitely been unlocked and unleashed!” Fiona

“It’s a really good 4 week course, and is affordable and has really helped me work out an approach to get a story completed.” Ben

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the structure. If felt like a guiding hand placed gently on my back guiding me foreword. I believe this course enabled me to put my writing at the top of the to-do list!” Sophie

“The online course materials I found really easy to use – the step by step process, numerous inspirational quotes and the video messages from Kathleen and Roland. And my fellow writers were so supportive with their feedback and inspirational with their words and diversity of creativeness.” Theodora

“This course is structured to teach you the craft of writing, is inspirational, and really does unlock your writing creativity. Truly. The feedback focuses on the skills you are practicing – it was positive and helpful and several times gave me ‘ah ha’ moments of enlightenment.” Ruth

“The course has really helped demystify the process of writing for me. I found the course materials really helpful. I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.” Edward

“I can tell you that each week my confidence and my skills increased as I followed the lessons. It was throughout the 4 weeks and amazing experience, not just ability wise, but really a time of growth and maturing for me personally.” Butch

“From this course I have gained a regular morning writing practice where I try to accept and trust in my imagination. I want to be much bolder in what I put on paper. I will approach writing with as much joy and playfulness as I can muster.” Helen

“Anyway, this past month, I have secretly been enrolled in an online ‘Creative Writing’ course, and that writer that has been hiding inside me since I was sixteen has been released. Apart from the ‘technical’ skills I have learnt, the act of sharing my work with others has been liberating. Everything, or anyone, I see in daily life now rolls around my head as a potential storyline.” Ken

“My writing has definitely improved as a result of this course. I write with purpose now, and allow myself to write uninhibited, and untethered to that self-deprecating voice, while staying true to my subconscious.” Nicholas

“My biggest takeaway from this course has been the growth in confidence. It’s no longer about trying to please a mythical Anton Ego from Ratatouille-esque critic. It’s about writing because it makes me feel good.” Brendan

Unlocking Creativity Live 28 February 2019

“Well wasn’t that a bloody great four weeks. I’ve been so inspired… as someone who is heavenly self-critical due to the nature of work, the whole experience of active positive reinforcement has been both liberation and encouraging.” Liz

“I’ve learned so much about the craft & structure of good storytelling but much more important than that has been learning what it takes to be a writer. Writing is about showing up every day rather than possessing any innate talent.” Heather

“I have just unlocked my creativity. It generated a safe, nurturing space for a beginning writer …. The pace of each week perfectly matched to our skill level. Taking us gently along and handing us the key to creativity.” David

We went through so much with the guidance of Rich. Something has been unlocked in me for sure!” Sophie

“It’s been a real eye opener in terms of demystifying the writing process.” Philip

“They legitimise your need to write and be creative, whilst removing your need to constantly critique everything you produce.” Katie

Novel & Scipt First Draft Online completed February 2019

“I have loved every minute of this course – it has given me so much more than simply spitting out a story. It’s been a very trying year personally, and knowing that I have had this story to escape to, these characters to speak to and love, has been a huge comfort and a real joy. Thank you for helping me get my mind onto a page!” Anne

“Great feedback and support, even when I was flagging due to too many other commitments, I received just the right amount of encouragement and support to keep going.” Marlowe

“Robin has been an amazing and supportive tutor. I am going to miss her! She has gently pushed me in the right direction, when I have gone off track and her support and enthusiasm has really encouraged me to keep writing.” Jenny

“Thank you for all the support. It’s been a wonderful journey & after years of wanting to write a novel your course has pushed me to finally achieve it. I’m over the moon!” Hazel

“Initially I found the structure confronting and challenging. And, in my naivety, I also felt it risked compromising creativity and spontaneity. How thoroughly incorrect and misguided I was! The structure provides an enormous freedom and wonderful platform for creativity and story development, far beyond what I had envisaged. This course is so clever. Very challenging, unique, inspiring, educational and just a real cracker!! I am very grateful, and count my blessings that I have had the opportunity to undertake and complete this fabulous course. I have learnt so much, and it has been the shining light in the year. “Annie

“The course materials were annoyingly brilliant. When all I wanted to do is crack on with the next part of the story, the materials have made me think in different directions and on different levels. This has given my story a depth which my own piffle would have not even have brushed the surface of.”Carl

“I loved the course. I have been so surprised and proud of what I’ve been able to achieve. The excellent resources and structure of the course plus Clare’s helpful tutoring have allowed me to achieve something I never thought I would. Thank you!” Elissa

“I have found the tension between structure and imagination interesting to study. I like the framework the structure provides which allows my imagination to explore the landscape of the story. Without it, I fear my imagination may have been too scared to venture out and explore. Thank you for a brilliant course. I have been challenged, stretched, encouraged, surprised and thrilled. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of producing a first draft of my first novel and can’t wait to move into second draft.” Siobhan

“I had no idea how important story structure before doing this course! Following the structure fed my ideas and forced me to think outside the box, challenge my characters and come up with complications. I feel like without following the structure my story would have had a lot less action and been fairly flat and boring. The structure fed my imagination. It encouraged me to take the story down paths I had not even considered which, in the end, made the story what it is. I loved the course. I have been so surprised and proud of what I’ve been able to achieve. The excellent resources and structure of the course plus Clare’s helpful tutoring have allowed me to achieve something I never thought I would. Thank you!” Elissa

“I’d just like to say how much I’ve learnt from and enjoyed the course, and I’m looking forward to the second draft course later this year.” Brooke

“Excellent online materials – I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all at The Writer’s Studio and especially to my tutor for getting me this far!” Therese

“I had no explicit understanding of story structure before I did the course. I can now see it more clearly as I read and watch movies. I understand the need for structure to drive and move a story forward. I knew that intuitively before and it was why I had never attempted a long form of writing, as I knew I didn’t have a structure in my head to hold the whole thing together. I’ve really loved the materials. They speak my language. I was writing a spiritual journey and was on one as well – I felt the materials continued to affirm that and kept calling me forward. Many of the quotes are written out and stuck around my desk. I think they will stay there.” Rochelle

“This is the course I have been waiting all my life to take.  I only wish I’d discovered it ten years earlier.  The key lessons – just get it done, just keep going. I thought it would be impossible only a year ago today.  But here we are.  It was all true.  Lessons in structure, and all the support, after so many years of dreaming about it, just get it done. If anyone asks me, I will not hesitate to recommend this brilliant investment.  Thank you sincerely.  You have helped me achieve a life long dream.  Even if every page I wrote in First draft one was complete bollocks, I got there. I just got it done!” Sam

Unlocking Creativity Online 23 January 2019

The flexibility of online learning has been essential to me. I look forward to applying learning in my professional and creative work. I highly recommend this course. Fyona

“Unlocking Creativity has given us tools and techniques that move beyond the theory of writing to the art of writing. What Unlocking Creativity has done is create a subtle but significant shift in my mindset.” Kerryn

“The sense of community the course facilitates along with the excellent guidance and tutoring provided, all helped in taking another step, followed by another. Now, all too soon, I’m at the end. But it doesn’t feel like the end, more like another beginning.” Robert

“The Unlocking Creativity course was amazing. I’ve been shocked at the stories that have poured out of me…. I’ve always wanted to write something funny, but didn’t have the confidence. Rosey

“The Writers Studio Unlocking Creativity course has blown my mind and given rise to an outpouring of something I could not control. I felt like the over excited kid in class for most of it, but I didn’t care, it was too joyous to contain. Janine

I enrolled in the four-week Unlocking Creativity course run by The Writer’s Studio, and am blown away by how much better, and faster, I am writing after only a few short weeks. My mojo is back! Bibi

“I took this writing course “ Unlocking Creativity” out of curiosity. I had not expected this outpouring of stories from some source inside me… It was an exhilarating experience.” Clara

“The course is well structured and they have mastered the on-line teaching world better than most. You step from one module to the other in a really orderly way. The feedback instructions are clear and build from week to week. Really well put together.” Judy

“In the four weeks you’ll learn about the value of discipline for writers, strategies they use, about structure and character development and about the importance of emotion and detail, among so much more. But, as I say, there is much much more to the course than you’ll read about. It’s what happens within you – the growth and development you experience personally – that’s invaluable, and more than any dollar figure we can put on it.” Svetlana

Unlocking Creativity has challenged me,.. uplifted and excited me. I can’t express how grateful I am to have stepped out of my comfort zone and taken the plunge.” Christine

I learned more in this four-week course than I ever did at Uni. I immediately felt with this course that I was in good hands. I had the sense it was put together by a team of people who knew exactly what they were doing.” Hazel

“I discovered the ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course run by the Writers’ Studio and what a find that was. Like holding the rarest, most precious diamond in my hand.

The ‘Unlocking Creativity’ course inspired me and gave me the confidence to believe in my writing ability. To connect with it and trust it to bring to vivid life the stories in my imagination.” Enisa

“Unlocking Creativity has given me a safe place to explore writing that I would otherwise not have done, and put me with a wonderful group of writers on the same journey. Through sharing and reading, I have learned so much in an environment of joy and freedom, generosity and nurturing. Catherine

Unlocking Creativity Live 17 January 2019

“I have always had a love affair with writing, but struggled with making it ongoing. This course gave & proved I had the tenacity to keep writing. I’ve always stuck to the comfort of non-fiction writing, but in the last 4 weeks I really ventured out in to the world of creative fiction, walking in the shoes of so many different characters I never knew were inside of me. Can’t wait for the Novel & Script course!” Dashika

“Unlocking has freed me from so much fear, hesitation and lack of progress. I have written far more than I would have independently” Joseph

“The promise of the course is in the name, and the course fulfils on that promise. I was at a point where I felt like I just couldn’t come up with ideas. But over the last 4 weeks I’ve come up with more ideas and even taken more action on old ideas, then I have in the past couple of years. So many nuggets of gold, so many wonderful tools.” Ben

“The course has given me the confidence, the structure, the tools and the desire to actual get stuck in.” Penny

“I recommend this course as a great place to start for anyone who wants to write but does not know where to start.” Ray

“I remember feeling anxious when I sat down to begin the first class. I remember even more clearly leaving, feeling almost drunk with excitement.” Jessica

“What often seems like a mystery revealed itself as a craft that can be learned. I can see that my writing has been improved markedly and will continue to through this process.” Rob

“Unlocking Creativity has been a revelation.” Nath

Unlocking Creativity Online 14 November 2018

“I’ve just finished a 4 week Unlocking Creativity Writing course and I have absolutely loved it and learnt so much.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by people who love to read and who have fervent imaginations feeding their own creative writing.

“We all learnt that writing is a craft and that it takes patience and perseverance… learning to experiment and trusting the process really helped.  What also helped was that this course took place in a very supportive environment and the encouragement and positive feedback from tutors and fellow writers was invaluable.” Kriss

“I enjoyed it all and recommend it to anyone interested in writing.” Lauren

“I wanted to share with you about this incredible writing course I’ve done…inspiring, challenging, beautiful – connected with the emotional, psychological and spiritual… I have reconnected with my novel again…” Jewel

“The course changed me from a storyteller to a writer, but I still have so much to learn I cannot wait to start the next course.” Amoure

“The course has helped me kick that inner critic to the curb, it has reinforced my desire to write regularly, but most of all, by sharing my writing with other writers and they with me, I have realised that we are all of us on a journey of discovery – not just by what happens with our individual story lines, but within ourselves.” Cheryl

“The step by step process worked for me – breaking down each step, ensuring I understood that step before I moved on. Being in a cohort of like-minded writers of such varied interests and experiences has been a gift I didn’t think I would ever receive. Thank you to them and to the Writers’ Studio. I would recommend this program to anyone interested and motivated towards writing.” Carla

“The course got me doing creative writing for the first time in 20+ years.” Damian

“I thought I was going to let myself down, again. I looked at this course and really wanted to do it but started telling myself, “I’ll get too overwhelmed” and “I’m too busy, it’s the end of the academic year.”

“So I’m so glad I trusted in myself and did this short, pithy and powerful course in writing. I made it part of my day to day life and it’s made life better because I’ve started doing something that I have wanted to do, but quite frankly was too scared to do because, like exhibiting art you present something of your soul, you’re venerable and becoming comfortable, if you ever do with that is quite something to overcome.” Edwina

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it to be a fantastic learning journey.  Although I knew a story had a beginning, a middle and an end, with some understanding of what went where, and the who and why of the story, I’ve never had the process of story writing unpacked to such a degree.” Loris

“I signed up to the “Unlocking Creativity” writing course that floated by on my newsfeed. The first and most fundamental thing that happened was that I got back in touch with my subconscious self and found my creative place.

“This all happened under the compassionate guidance of the most wonderful tutor, who was more than I could have imagined. Sometimes, the right people come into your life at the right time and that was certainly the case here.” Kelly

“I now have a burning desire to fulfill my writing goals. I will endeavor to master this craft, with the tools provided, with a passionate attitude, commitment, perseverance, imagination, and self-belief.” Joanna

Unlocking Creativity Live 18 October 2018

“I loved the entire experience. The classes build on each other week on week really helped me unpack & release my imagination in a cohesive & digestable way.” Suzanne

“Wish I had done this course before I embarked on my first independently produced short film.” Jenna

“I have found this course inspiring, confidence building and immeasurably useful.” Christina

‘The course gave me a renewed appreciation of the art and craft of writing – especially the writing of fiction.” James

“I have really enjoyed taking some time out to practice creativity with a like-minded group of people.” Ben

Richard did an awesome job instilling confidence in each individual a tough job considering we all came with different goals. Awesome course, would definitely recommend (& already have…) Michele

“I thought the emphasis on discipline, hard work and simply giving it a shot was excellent…” Christina

Unlocking Creativity Online 26 September 2018

“This course changed me in the way of writing again for myself, taking a step towards rediscovering my creativity and I truly enjoyed putting pen to paper again.” Mark

“It has been an exciting journey. It sparked the imagination and prompted the gods to turn on the thought process like the lights on a pinball machine.” Sandra

“I recommend it wholeheartedly as a wonderful starting block, it will really get you going, and once that happens you won’t want to stop.” Anna

“The importance of structure and planning, and following the headlights. I was amazed by how well this actually worked! Have a structure, do some planning and the writing happens. To have this experience reinforced by such positive feedback was incredibly validating.” Helen

“This course has been both an important refresher and a first step for me. I would often get into a bind when I reached a creative obstacle that I couldn’t immediately overcome, but I am starting to enjoy the problem-solving component inherent in the creative act, and that there are a variety of tools to guide me through the catacombs. It has also helped me identify reasons for when my writing is starting to break down and what I can do to resuscitate the character or scene without getting blocked.” Tom

“The course has been incredibly helpful to me. It got me writing again when it felt like my well of inspiration had run dry. It was a relief to find words that made sense spilling onto the page.” Cherie

“The tutors were totally engaged in the process with us… Then our interactions and feedback with the other students … Whoa! My understanding of the art has taken an upward curve. I started out thinking it was all about my creativity that mattered, but I’ve since discovered that talent alone won’t cut it! Like a mountaineer (and you know all about that one) I have to push my leaden steps to get to the top.” Anita

“During the course I have received lots of information, tips and advice. The best thing I have learnt is the importance of regular writing and not worrying how good it is. It’s amazing how the writing flows when you are not trying to be a perfectionist!” Carolyn

“Over the past four weeks, I have learnt a great deal about writing creatively, a great deal about myself as a writer, and a great deal bout the satisfaction of travelling on a journey of discovery with others with a shared passion. This collective learning experience has been both heartening and humbling.” Susannah

“Being a scientist, before I undertake anything, I plan and research and think and analyse and think again and re-analyse. I see now that this is often the reason I don’t get things done, or even get started. This course helped me to switch off that part of my brain at times, and I saw the benefit of doing so. Gradually I stopped overthinking about what I was writing and I just wrote.” Brigid

“ You will learn and learn and write and write. (The writing was an interesting variation for me, I usually just tell and tell.) I enjoyed all of it, and while there is plenty of reading and writing to do, it isn’t exhausting. Really you can do as much or as little as you like. The stuff they teach you all makes sense, and it works. I reckon anyone with an urge to write should give this a go, I can’t imagine them not enjoying it.” Anna

Novel & Script First Draft Live - completed November 2018

“It’s been such a fascinating 10 months. I started having no idea how one would go about writing a book. I assumed books were meticulously planned and then you sat down and wrote it all. How wrong and relieved I was to find that the process is entirely different from what I imagined. I loved the fact that the story was free to reveal itself, that I didn’t know who would be in it where they would go, what they would be like and what they would do. My own story surprised myself, as did those of my fellow students. It’s been a fabulous experience. The structure is so helpful & the teaching was wonderful.” Penny

“What an adventure! It’s given me the confidence and the skills to believe I have a novel waiting to escape. The Bronte Writers’ Studio is an incredible helpful and supportive experience. It will tackle any bidding writer and put the mood to succeed.” Mike

“When I began the Writers’ Studio journey, I was half way into a first draft of a totally different story. Reluctantly at first I loosened my grip on it and listened to the wise advice of Roland, Rich and Kathleen to let the story emerge, rather than trying to control it. I am so grateful for this experience. I now have a story which warms my heart and gives me goose bumps when I reflect to those keen to know. This story has energy that I feel has come through me rather than from me. Now that I am at the end of the first draft, I’m amazed at the depth of the story, many layers and how it resonates with me and others. I am so looking forward to continuing on with this journey.” Rebecca

“10 months ago I had a name and a kernel of an idea for a story. What happened next was beyond what I could have expected – not only a name change but a depth of character and what became a story outline developed, alongside priceless feedback from a group of peers all experiencing the same thing in their own way. Like others before me I’m finishing the course hungry for more and excited to see my characters do next.” Amelia

“Support – that’s what I most appreciated and benefited from, the support of Rich, Roland and Kathleen of course but especially the support of the specific structure, the step by step, scene by scene, the repetition of interrogation – all these things made me feel safe and because of that I could go deeper, use the story to mine for more than I was aware of at the beginning.” Christine

“The course was an opportunity to explore the dream I’ve had of writing a novel. I learned that anyone is capable of writing a story of given the tools & the structure and then finding the time to just write, without worrying about the outcomes. I loved the feedback and support from Roland, Kathleen, Rich and the group. It was both fun and challenging. I learned a lot about myself through the journey.” Carolyn

Unlocking Creativity Live 6 September 2018

“Rich has been a welcoming and elegant guide. I am awake to a joy in writing I have not felt since I was a teenager.” Sarah

“The course has reopened my lost love of writing. The joy it brings to me I feel like I have experienced freedom. The ability to express my thoughts, my dreams, my goals, I no longer feel restricted.” Michael

“I have never done any creative writing before, at least not since high school. So I was really surprised to see characters and stories appearing on the page in front of me. Characters and stories I actually like and want to explore further.“ Joanna

“It has been an unexpected nourishing experience.” Georgia

10-Month First Draft Online completed July 2018

“I have taken most of your courses and am blown away by the difference they have made in my writing – dedication (no more procrastination), turning snapshots into an interlinked story and giving me confidence in my work that I have never had before. This course has added a further dimension to my story and encouraged me to continue writing a story I had almost despaired over.” Jennifer

“This has been an epic process. I have been trying to write a novel since I was twelve and I’ve finally achieved it! I would not have been able to manage it without the support and materials this course has offered me, and now I feel like this is a process I can undertake again independently. When I first signed up I was worried about the cost, but it has been worth every dollar. This was a fantastic course which fit in perfectly with my lifestyle and my learning style. I have recommended this course to everyone I know who has mentioned wanting to write a novel, I can’t recommend it enough.” Marnie

“Thumbs up, round of applause. I have never attempted such a long online course before and am thoroughly impressed …. I’m so proud to finally have something, a draft, after 30 years of wanting to put my experiences into words and several failed attempts. I believe the real writing of the story is only just beginning.” Jacqueline

“I’d like to thank the Writers’ Studio for your amazing course, and I’m so happy I stumbled across it on the internet one afternoon while lolling about in the backyard. It has truly changed my life.” Leanne

“I have really enjoyed the first draft process; it has opened my eyes to how to write a story from start to end. I also now realise the amount of work that must go into a finished novel… but rather than deter me, it actually really excites me.” Jennifer

Unlocking Creativity Online 8 August 2018

“It was so liberating to just write, and see what came out. There is something to be said for sharing my thoughts, receiving generous, thoughtful and often quite loving feedback. It all added up to a delicious bundle of positive gratification that hit the pleasure centres in a way that made me want more.” Margaret

“I just finished a short ‘creativity’ course online. I had no idea what to expect when I first started it, however, I was surprised to discover what an amazing affect it had on me.”

“This course has been incredible. Mad-props to tutors Robin and Yasmin, the most patient and encouraging pair out there.” Laura

“If you want to write, do write, or want a creative challenge – I can highly recommend this online course Writers’ Studio – Unlocking Creativity. It is extremely well structured and clear to follow.” Oona

“The great thing about this course was that it taught me to let go and simply ‘let the pen do the writing’ – i.e. not to hold back or censor or worry about whether what I was writing was ok or not, or where it was headed. In doing this it unleashed a flow of images and stories that simply came pouring out. What a surprising and joyful experience!” Catherine

Unlocking Creativity Live July 2018

“Without wanting to put too much undue pressure on myself, I feel a little like I’ve travelled all my life to get to this course! Richard is a wonderful communicator. I’ve loved all the encouragement and structure. It’s all worked brilliantly to inspire me and unlock my creativity! Thank you!” Annie

“I have absolutely loved this course. This course has been invaluable. Richard has been patient and pushed us in a way that has allowed exploration but with some very clear guidance. What a great and enriching experience.” Kerry

“First and foremost I learnt to just write. This was key to activating my inner voice, to be able to just let it be free. The techniques acquired have helped me understand how I can guide my writing to the place it wants to go. Sharing stories with others was honestly liberating.” Dominic

“Thank you for this wonderful journey. It hasn’t always been easy… but it’s been a path I have wanted to travel. Richard has made me feel supported at all times, and the group warmth has made this experience even more meaningful. Onwards and upwards from here.” Kim

“I felt very nurtured by the course and all the participants, and loved that there was so much action (writing) rather than too much intellectualising.” Mitzi

“I want to preface this with the blanket statement that this course is incredible…” Anna

“It really unblocked me and actually got me writing. I’ll definitely use these tools and skills from now on.” Kristin

“This course has given me the desire and courage to get going again…I could easily see the things that have held me back, or can get me moving.” Carl

“This course has been transformative for me. More than just about writing, I’ve learned some life lessons over these four weeks. Thank you!” Leone

“This has been so much of a surprise. From the excitement I feel in the room following the evenings writing journey, to the anticipation I feel when I’m on the bus … It has been such a meaningful experience.” Brent

“I’ve really enjoyed the course as it has enabled me to play with my writing and to explore stories to see if they work.” Jane

Unlocking Creativity Online June 2018

“I feel like I have fallen in love again. Not only with words, phrases and sounds and images but also with the process of writing itself. There were many lessons about this in the course and now that my mind has shifted I can see the lesson in other things as well. Not only did course invigorate my love and understanding of stories but also it helped me acknowledge the most influential story of all- the story I tell myself.” Mel

“I’ve saved the course materials in so many forms and places that I suspect I will have access to them after a nuclear strike.” Anne

“Wow! What a course! Unlocking creativity and that is exactly what it does! This course found a part of me that was sleeping and brought it back to life with new freedom and vitality.” Eileen

“Thank you Writers Studio for the opportunities to write, grow, step up and see where the writer’s road takes me.” Lorraine

“I entered the course with some trepidation. I have wanted to write more seriously for a long time and have not known where to begin, how to flesh out characters, how to write dialogue. In 4 short weeks I have learnt so much.” Vivian

“What a fantastic way to learn. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I learnt so much in so little time and will never look at writing the same way. The processes I will follow forever and I will continuously work on the craft. I have felt my own writing has improved and that of my fellow classmates. With each week everyone learnt from the last. I intend to keep practising every day, which in my career as a Copywriter I am lucky enough to be able to do. I have hopes of using this new knowledge to write short films in the near future. Again, highly recommended.” Stephanie

“I have had the amazing opportunity to participate in a four week Creative Writing course… but it truly has been one of the most rewarding things I have done.” Loretta

“I just finished the 4 week online course: ‘Unlocking Creativity,’ and I feel like a different writer than I was before. Or I feel like I have a different relationship with writing than I had before. As you know, I’ve done a few writing courses before, but in this one I really understood the character’s journey and how important structure is, for the first time.” Christine 

Unlocking Creativity Live June 2018

“You’ve given me the confidence that I can craft something worth reading…This warm environment is a safe place to be brave and just write. Thank you. I now believe I really can do this.” Geraldine

“I’ve been inspired on this course to think without judgement on myself, and I’ve enjoyed exploring the theoretical side of writing. It has relit my passion for storytelling and the teacher (Richard) has been fantastic. Thank you.” Jemma

“I have discovered that I think I might have a novel in me after all… I’ve enjoyed being able to write freely without analysing and crafting every word like I do for my work.” Daveena

“This course was fantastic in so many ways both practically and personally. More than that – the principles on structure and guidelines on how to write short scenes, develop characters and the wider umbrella on story structure made me feel so relieved and less intimidated to embark on the journey of writing a novel one day by breaking it up into little steps. Thank you!! Special thanks to Rich – you’re amazing.” Nadia

“I’m enjoying writing every day and feel a sense of contentment around it… I find writing is a creative therapy for me that releases another part of myself that I like.” Kathryn

“We have all been able to create something wonderful. The structure doesn’t stifle the creativity , it enables it! I’ve loved the course.” Marianne

“I came in wanting only to unlock my creativity. I surrendered to everything in the course and trusted the process. This brought me one of the deepest creative experiences I have ever had, and I will be using everything I’ve learned in life and my career too. I feel like I finally have all the tools to be the creative I’ve always wanted to be.” Adriano

“This course has really helped me focus on my creativity…I loved the practical aspects of the course. It’s all about the doing…” Danny

“I have learnt a lot in the past few weeks…I especially loved the first class where everything was fluid and meditative…I’ve learnt a lot about writing and how it’s a creative process but with structure.” Louise

“For anyone even remotely considering this course…. go for it… one of the best things I’ve done for years!” Aime

“Unlocking Creativity was the best thing ever! Run courses myself and mentored writers and attended other courses. This course took me to a new dimension of creativity.” Avril

Character & Critique Short Story Course - June 2018

“I have just finished two online writing courses and they have been fantastic. Since I started the course I have found that my thinking has changed and my creativity has been unleashed not just in writing but also in my other creative activities. I felt my skill as a writer develop over the six weeks and the last piece I wrote flowed so easily. I was surprised myself.” Samiro

“What a transformative journey I have been on in the last six weeks. I started with self-doubt, relaxed into enjoying the process of story writing, loved reading other people’s stories and began to appreciate the discipline of writing to a deadline. I studied English literature as an undergraduate at University but then moved into an academic career. I wanted to return to creative writing, but the only outlet for this in a demanding career was to write poetry. Now I realise that the only thing stopping me was fear of failure and of not making time to write creatively.” Barbara

“I have just completed the 6 week online Creative and Critique Writing Course with the Writers Studio in Bronte. I don’t believe my personal experience of reading or writing will ever be the same again. It has been so enriching and opened my mind to so many possibilities.” Ros

“I have just completed the Character and Critique Short Story Course from the Writers’ Studio and in six weeks have written seven short stories, an achievement I wouldn’t have thought possible at the beginning. The secret is to write everyday and practise the craft of writing using the tools we have been given and then let your imagination take over. I was amazed at the results and a little bit proud as well!” Sue

“I have secretly just completed my 2nd writing course with the Writers Studio. From being a copywriter, where I was limited to projects of 30 seconds in length, I am suddenly experiencing a wonderful sense of freedom – like a coiled metal spring suddenly unleashed! It was such a cleverly designed course. It has given me a structure to allow me to attack a new story with confidence. give those chaps at the Writers Studio a crack – you’ll love the results.” Rob

“I have just finished my third Writers Studio course, loved it! I find I thrive on the structure of the course.” Mary Ann

“I’ve just finished another Writer’s Studio course, Character and Critique. And again, I’ve absolutely loved it. I can’t believe the course has come to an end already and I’m writing the final piece. Was that really six weeks?” Veronica

“I’ve just completed a six-week Character and Critique course with the Writers Studio. It’s pushed me creatively to come up with seven stories that I didn’t know I had in me. I would recommend the Character and Critique course if you want to discover characters that you didn’t know existed in the depths of your mind or challenge existing characters in emotionally revealing scenarios.” Leigh

Unlocking Creativity Online May 2018

“This writing course was the best time/money I have spent on myself in quite a while. Feeling stuck and a little lost creatively, I am struck by how much this course not only helped with my writing – but also with my other projects that have been sitting in the corners of my house and the corners of my mind.” Kelsey

“I overcame the fear and started writing. And enjoyed it immensely. I found the structure, writing prompts, exercises, and techniques so incredibly useful. The course sets everyone up for success by starting with small, achievable steps and writing tasks to build up confidence and achieve a greater understanding of the writing process. And having deadlines really helped me to focus my efforts.” Clare

“The tutor was lovely and gave me great constructive feedback so each week I felt like I was growing. I think if you still wanted to do a writing course this would definitely be it!” Rachael

“In four short weeks I feel like I’ve learned more about storytelling than what I did in the three years I studied writing at university (not to mention another 15 years of life experience and attending workshops and writing PR pieces and blog posts at work).” Fleur

“It was simply my best endeavor in yonks.” Janine

“What a wonderful course! The exercises in this course really ignited something in me, inspired me to write fiction.” Victoria

“I was both surprised and pleased to find that the exercises seemed to have “unlocked” an imaginative capacity I didn’t know I had!” Hazel

“I found it really inspiring, it was well structured and even for a non-writer like me was not too intimidating.” Fiona

“What a revelation these last four weeks have been!” Bobbie

“What a wonderful adventure I have been on…This course has freed my tethered imagination from the burden of perfection.” Carolyn

“It has been an extraordinary experience…A light has been turned on. I feel like I have been let in on a secret, a really delicious secret.” Joan

“…I’m happy to report it’s been fantastic – the best thing I’ve done in a long time…If you are thinking of doing a writing course, I definitely recommend this one.” Sophie

“I must admit I wasn’t sure how I’d go, but it turned out to be a fabulous experience… I intend to keep writing. I’m going on with the Novel and Script First Draft course. …Of most importance, I believe this course did just what it said on the tin and unlocked my creativity.” Linda

“I know my soul is nourished and I feel alive. I have been touched at a visceral level. I sit in awe at what I have written over the last four weeks, the positive feedback seasoned with constructive criticism. I have surprised myself at what I have learned and achieved in such a short time.” Denise

“What an amazing experience…A final word on my tutor …, whose presence was like that of a guardian angel. Invisible but powerful, whispering (and sometimes shouting) encouragement all the way, as well as being generous with constructive criticism.” Nino

“It’s been an invigorating, nutritious and positively mind blowing experience.” Manawa

“It’s been an exciting enjoyable journey – and I know this is only the beginning…” Erika

“I’m so happy to have completed this course. It has been the kick start that I needed and has taught me so much about writing.” Jo

“The step by step process switched on a light bulb for me. I now realised this is what I have needed all along…My enthusiasm has been renewed and I’m excited about it.” Bonita

Unlocking Creativity Live April 2018

“It’s been an amazing journey of discovery. I’ve always (known I) enjoyed writing but really didn’t know where to start or how to focus my ideas into a story. I’ve learnt more in these 4 weeks than years and years of reflection and trying.” Tu

“It’s been wonderful being in a room with so many talented writers for the past month, their energy is contagious and makes me want to write more and write better.” Daniella

“I have absolutely loved coming in on a Thursday night, and participating in the writing. It’s a great course that focuses on the practical aspect of creating the habits and structure to support creating a writing practice.” Erica

“This has been a great experience.” Douglas

“I’ve learned that I love writing…but the biggest take away is the unexpected way in which the course has opened up my heart and wrenched open my brain.” Caroline

“I have really loved doing the course.” Asha

“I really enjoyed the way the course is set out as it really focused on why I want to write and what I need to do to get there. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.” Holly

Unlocking Creativity Live February 2018

“This is a brilliantly constructed course.” Keri

“One very thrilling insight the course has given me is the joy of writing – the feeling of creative thoughts flowing out of me.” Rob

“I have gained so much confidence as a writer.” Dayne

“I learned so much.” Tina

“I have gained a fantastic array of tools with which to approach writing, amid a very supportive group of people…and experienced a taste of my writing and potential and it’s lovely.” Ben

“This has been an extremely positive experience for me.” Ger

Unlocking Creativity Online January 2018

“The Unlocking Creativity course was such an inspiring sandpit in which to play…Step by step, the course introduced wonderful, constructive ways to bring those characters to life at last; detail, emotion, senses, intuition, conflict, journey. ‘Bricks of detail’ is one of the simplest, yet potent-est entry points for writing; thank you! It removes the overwhelming ‘big picture’ stuff, and grounds me back in the present. Super valuable.” Toni

“I know I have grown as a writer and it’s been great to see the growth in my writing companions… It’s been so inspiring and so much fun.” Betty

“It exceeded all of my expectations. I learned several important tools…It was amazing how over such a short space of time, I could see such dramatic improvement in both my writing and that of other student’s in my course.” Leanne

“I’ve just completed the 4-week Unlocking Creativity online course through the Writers’ Studio. It’s been a very rewarding course, focusing on the process of writing rather than the mechanics.” Jason

“I have had an amazing and enlightening four weeks. When I began one of my aims was to learn where to begin with my writing. How to awaken my creativity and just get in there and write a story. To my surprise that is exactly what I have learnt but what I didn’t foresee was how freeing and liberating writing can be. I have really enjoyed learning about the craft and process of writing.” Danielle

“I can’t believe I’ve only been on this course for four weeks.  I feel I’ve learned so much, and at the same time, that I’ve barely begun.” Brooke

“The course showed me that writing fiction is accessible to everybody that is able to sit down for blocks of half-an hour or so a day – not just the high-browed, fire-in-the belly types for whom writing is an anguished, do or die matter. I learnt that I can fit writing into my every day.” Julie

“I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who has ever had, even the smallest thoughts about writing.” Irene

“I wonder why I waited so long to enrol into this online creative writing course… I can tell you this is an awesome starting point for anyone.” Jenny

“I’ve always knew I wanted to be a screenwriter. This course has given me confidence and armed me with new skills and knowledge to aim at a goal that has become much more clearer.” Sky

“The guided process, the readings, videos and the freedom the online course gave me, made for an exceptional experience. Having signed on to the course on a whim, with no sense of whether I had it in me to write, no ambition to be a writer, just a curiosity to explore the possibilities – well, a new door has opened up for me, one I now wish to step through and embark on a journey to learn more about writing.” Lita

“This journey has taught me so much.” Gretel

“Thank you so much to The Writer’s Studio – this course was invaluable.” Leonie

“I have learned so much. I am now going on to the 10-month first draft novel course with joy in my heart and so much excitement. And without any fear of ‘not doing it right’. There is no right way, only my way. Thank you, Writers Studio!” Susan

“Before starting this course a month ago, writing felt like something I should put off until tomorrow. Now I can’t wait to sit down and write.” Elizabeth

“I have just completed the four week online Unlocking Creativity course and what a mind blowing experience it has been.” John

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to undertake this course, I am grateful to the wonderful feedback and guidance from my tutor, I am grateful for the wonderful feedback from the other course participants.” Candice

“Heartfelt thanks to everyone, tutors and fellow writers, for helping to make this such an enjoyable and worthwhile experience!” Gai

“The last four weeks have been a time of great learning for me. I’ve learned that even with a very busy life I am still able to carve out some time each day to do something I love.

I’ve learned that there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way as me about their own writing. They come from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds; all share similar insecurities, passions, fears and dreams. I’ve learned so many fascinating things about the craft of writing. I am so happy that I have found something that I love.” Elissa

“I feel very honoured to have shared this course with an absolute gem of a tutor and an amazing group of people who have given me so much encouragement!” Carole

“It has been illuminating, encouraging, and inspiring. Many years ago, I tutored in writing at UTS, a workshop process where students commented on the writing. On the basis of my performance there over three years of short story writing, I was offered a post tutoring. I’ve got to say, what I have learned here about structure, craft, and style beats that former experience hands down… I owe a lot to the Writers’ Studio.” Meredith

“I’ve learnt a lot about the craft and processes of writing and how to improve my own.” Hazel

“What a glorious four weeks I’ve had, resurrecting the creative writer in me that has lain dormant for so long.” Cheryle

“I feel inspired, creative, motivated and my confidence has soared!” Joanne

Novel & Script First Draft Live September 2017 - just completed

“Despite all the writing courses I completed as a part of my BA, none had delivered on the necessary form of structure…Once the gift of structure had been given, my story took off in ways I could not imagine.” Karen

“I loved the almost mathematical structure of the course. It made me feel safe. And in feeling safe, I was driven to push ahead…The detailed, thoughtful feedback from both Rich and Roland really buoyed me along. And Kathleen? There is no one like her – a truly caring nurturer.” Kristen

“I wouldn’t have got to any version of the end of the story without the course…I feel a million times closer to my goal of actually writing a book! And I’m so happy to have spent time in this nest.” Katherine

“What started as an idea has now evolved into a story. I never thought I’d say this but I’m really excited about taking the next step and tackling a second draft.” Garrett

“What a journey! I can’t believe how much we’ve achieved in ten months. I’ve wanted to write a novel for years but didn’t have a clue where to start. I’m always enamoured by authors and how they create a story…and wondered how the hell they do it! Now I know – thanks to this course…Thanks to Roland, Rich and Kathleen for their incredible guidance and knowledge. I’ve loved the journey.” Jackie

“This has been an extraordinary journey. I can’t believe the story I now have and how little idea I had at the start of the course. The course gave me confidence and courage to write. Feedback from Richard and Roland was always spot-on and led to many breakthroughs. Let the magic happen…” Suzanne

“The process leads you on the journey and it’s amazing listening to everyone else and how much their stories progress even in the course of a day. It’s magic!” Jess

“The insights I learnt about story-telling, narratives, and moral choices forced me to dig deep and have taken my characters to a completely different place. The program is slick, and well run. I learnt so many practical tools and techniques.” Nancy

“Now I have a story.” Angela

“I soon learnt to hang my story loosely on the frame of structure, like a piece of fabric draped on a dressmaker’s mannequin. In the act of putting pen to paper I was amazed by the magic that was elicited and each writing experience was a joy…” Fiona

“I have found that with the guidance, structure and constructive feedback I received throughout the course, I have managed to write more than ever before. The focus on planning and trusting the process has allowed me to find my voice, slow down and create a whole story which feels a bit remarkable to me.” – Belinda

“This is an amazing environment to be in. It is so encouraging, it builds your confidence and inspires you to keep writing and just have a go.” Cathy

Novel & Script First Draft Online 2017

“I’m just so glad I took the step to enrol in this course. It really got me moving and helped me turn this idea that I’ve been thinking about (but not acting upon) for years into something real. I would like to thank you so much for making this course available, and the fact that it’s online made it easy to fit into my life at the times that suited me. I have been recommending The Writer’s Studio to everyone I meet who’s interested in pursuing their creativity in this way. Thanks again!” Helen A, February 2018

“I can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am for the amazing support that I am receiving.” Bronwen, February 2018

“From the moment I started this course, to the very end…I have not stopped loving the entire process, the writing and the feedback. It has been great engaging with other writers, as well as reading their stories as well as seeing their stories develop over the past 10 months. This course has proven to me I have the motivation to start something and more importantly, to see this through and finish the course. All of this is made easier when you are working on something on something you love. This course has been extremely exciting for me. Thank you everyone at the Writer’s Studio for getting me in touch with my toughest opponent and making that brave step to start the course and more importantly, making it so enjoyable that I have just arrived at the finishing Line.” Helen W, March 2018

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