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Cait Duggan
The Writers’ Studio provides a pathway to getting a novel both started and completed. The Writers' Studio has a proven methodology to get you writing. They provide a fantastic framework for commercial fiction writers that works for all genres. The Last Balfour is now being published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia. It really is a dream come true.
Cait Duggan

A Word About Story Structure

It is not necessary to come to the first session with a clear idea for a story. In fact, sixty percent of our writers start with a blank canvas or a vague idea.

The course will provide you with profound processes and high-impact techniques that enable you to find and clarify the story and characters you want to write about.

During the course, participants often ask, “How could anyone write a novel or screenplay without having a process like this?”

The Writers’ Studio process allows you to access the power of your imagination while grounding your story in solid structure. This is what creates the magic on the page and helps produce a profound and dramatic experience for your reader.

The importance of structure

Ninety percent of novels and screenplays are rejected because of poor structure. This course demystifies story structure so you can harness its power without getting confused or rigid.

Many people can write great scenes and/or have a strong idea or initial incident that they think will make a great story. But an idea, a few good scenes and a dramatic incident is unfortunately rarely enough.

Robert McKee, acclaimed teacher and author of Story, says, “You might have the insights of Buddha, but if you can’t tell a story, your ideas will be as dry as dust. Craft is the sum total of all means used to draw the audience into deep involvement, to hold that involvement and ultimately reward them with a moving and meaningful experience.”

The purpose of structure is to link the action of the story with the character journey so that each scene contributes to the overall character arc and the story builds in a dramatic and logical way, engaging your reader from beginning to end. This is the art and craft of storytelling.

The power of a step-by-step process

This course’s step-by-step process shows you what to do and when you need to do it, grounding your story in classic story structure while allowing your creativity to flourish and your characters to come alive on the page.

The process will bring out the best in you and your story. You will be amazed at how much your story and characters evolve and deepen over the ten months.

Google Reviews

“The Writers’ Studio is arguably one of the best ways of turning a dream of writing into reality. I know for certain that if I didn’t come across the studio I would be still dreaming of writing one day as opposed to making a significant progress on my first book. These days there is no shortage of available information on the craft of writing as well as a wealth of wisdom from some of the best writers who have ever lived. However, The Writers’ Studio genius lies in their ability to gather all that knowledge, distill the most important information and structure it into a plan which one can clearly follow.” Maria

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Elizabeth Packett
"I work as professional script writer and editor, so I understand the basics of story structure, but the way the everything was broken down to the smallest of steps was just brilliant. It made me dig for my story, and get in deep, and get complex, rather than settling for the easiest first thought. Forcing me to think deeper and come up with more imaginative solutions. Loved the dance! Such a beautiful perfect balance.”
Elizabeth Packett Scriptwriter & Editor

Live vs Online

The 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Writing Course Online contains all the information, processes and outcomes of the Live course. Everything is laid out one step at a time.

Course Outcomes

During The Course You Will:

  • Develop the broad spine of your story using our Ten-Step Outline before you start writing your actual first draft to make sure your story is structurally sound and has the legs to go the distance of a novel or screenplay.
  • Implement strategies to develop, flesh out, and motivate your characters so they feel authentic, unique and come alive on the page.
  • Follow a proven step-by-step process that will help you work effectively. The process interacts with our bespoke interactive online tools making sure your story is grounded, kept on track and builds dramatically and logically in the weeks between sessions.
  • Learn how to develop a dance between structure and  imagination to utilise your creativity while grounding your story in solid story structure.
  • Receive guidance, accountability, inspiration and support from your personal tutor to enable you to fully develop the possibilities of your story.
  • Develop a regular writing habit – a fundamental ingredient of writing success.
  • Learn the essential keys to creating powerful drama full of internal and external conflict using our specialised Scene Templates to bring your scenes alive on the page.
  • Develop a deep understanding of classic story structure dynamics by using our 8 Turning Points and 29 Story Steps. This will keep your story on track and make sure you don’t get lost in the dreaded middle, which is where many writers get stuck.
  • Learn the art and craft of storytelling. The goal of the first draft is not to write the perfect story, but rather to  discover the possibilities of your story and characters.
  • Complete your first draft in ten months while taking your main character and yourself on a profound journey of change. A huge achievement.

Course Reviews – Google, Video & Published Authors

Tiara Lowndes
Well! I feel like I've learnt more in this course that I did in my whole MA in writing at Sydney Uni. Fabulous. Finally someone who really does have the key to practical help for writers. I really loved finally feeling like things were coming out of me, when for so long I've felt like a big dried up prune.
Tiara Lowndes Editor
Novel & Script First Draft - Online

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