Overview and Philosophy behind our Online Creative Writing Courses

Writing creatively involves an unusual and contrary set of laws. People get into trouble and waste an awful lot of time because they fail to understand the rules of the creative process, which are very different from the way most of us tackle problems in life. And separate parts of the process require different skills and mind sets.

To experience the pleasure writing fiction offers and achieve the best results, you need to learn the fundamentals of the craft and determine which approach works best for you. Our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online course is the ideal place to kick start your creative writing journey and is designed to help you identify where you would like to take your writing and whether our approach resonates with you.

(Unlocking Creativity, a complete course in itself, is the pre-requisite for all of our other programs and must be completed before joining any other course. You receive Unlocking Creativity as a complimentary course if you book directly into the First Draft course.)

After completing Unlocking Creativity, you may choose to join one of our 6-Week Online Short Story courses.

If you want to write a novel or screenplay, you can enrol in our inspiring 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online course where you work one-on-one with your online tutor to complete your first draft in 10 months.

On finishing of the First Draft course, you can decide to do further drafts with us or continue on your own. If, like many writers, you thrive on the structure, content, support and discipline our courses provide, you can choose to work through the entire process with us.

We suggest you take it one step at a time and see what works best for you.

4-Week Unlocking Creativity Writing Course Online

Unlocking Creativity is complete course in itself and a prerequisite for all other courses. It will provide you with an introduction to the principles of fiction writing, character development and story structure. For some of you, this course will be all you need to kick start your creative journey. Unlocking Creativity is suitable for absolute beginners, professional writers and anyone in between.

6-Week Short Story Online Courses

Our 6-Week Online Short Story courses are for those of you who have completed Unlocking Creativity and wish to keep the creative process alive and further develop your writing, character development and storytelling skills. The courses also offer an ideal preparation for the 10-Month Novel and Script First Draft Course.

These three 6-Week Short Story writing courses are only run once a year:

  • Writers’ Gym in February
  • Character Development Short Story course in June
  • Genre Short Story course in October

10-Month Novel & Script First Draft – Online

In this course you will find and develop the story you want to write, follow a step by step process and complete your First Draft in ten months.

Some writers find this course gives them everything they need and choose to do further drafts on their own. However, many writers thrive on the deeper learning, structure, processes, support and discipline our courses provide and choose to work through further drafts with us.

8-Month Second Draft – Novel & Script- Online

This course provides a step-by-step process that allows you to work through the re-envisioning and re-structuring of your first draft. This systematic process adds more layers, more complexity and greater depth so that your story works dramatically and logically from beginning to end.

Most people totally transform their stories in the Second Draft, taking them to a whole new level when they get the action, character arc and theme all working together. You can expect at least a 200 ppercentimprovement from your First Draft.

8-Month Third Draft – Novel – Online

This course is where you start focusing on the writing and the process of re-writing and editing and have your work critiqued by your online tutor. You will see how all the hard work doing the First and Second Draft courses pays off as you experience the thrill of having your writing come alive on the page, an extremely satisfying part of the process.

12-Month Third Draft Extension – Novel – Online

You learn more advanced rewriting and editing tools and processes and receive feedback that is tailored to developing your individual voice and your particular story as you submit longer pieces of work for in-depth critiquing. The cumulative effect on everyone’s writing is profound.


12-Month Third Draft – Screenwriting – Online

After completing your Second Draft course, this twelve-month course is for those who wish to get their film script to a level where you can send a treatment and the first twenty pages of your script out to producers, agents, directors and funding bodies.

Unlocking Creativity Zoom - Online

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