August Newsletter & Upcoming Courses

Welcome to our August Newsletter.

For those of you embarking on your writing journey, we thank you for joining us, and for writers currently participating in our courses, we trust that you are enjoying the process in whichever course you are participating in.

The power of doing the work, regardless

Just about everyone who does our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Course gets fired up about writing. They tap into the power of their imagination and experience the thrill of writing creatively and seeing their writing, stories and characters come to life on the page.

But for those of you who are writing novels or screenplays with us, the challenge is to keep writing, no matter what obstacles and challenges life throws your way. It is also quite natural to prematurely judge your work harshly while it is being created.

“All writers are discontented with their work as it’s being made. That’s because they are always aware of the potential and believe they’re not reaching it. But the reader is not aware of the potential so it makes no difference to them.” William Saroyan

Writers are people who find writing difficult. That is because we care and want to write well. But often our need to be perfect gets in the way and we forget that writing is an art and a craft and requires a process. We send this quote from the legendary detective novelist, Agatha Christie, to writers in our novel & script courses to help keep them inspired, accountable and focused as they work their way through the process one step at a time.

“There was a moment when I changed from being an amateur to a professional. I assumed the burden of the profession, which is to write even when you don’t want to, don’t much like what you’re writing, and aren’t writing particularly well.”

For most of us the best results come when we let go, have fun and just enjoy the process.

Quick Course Round-up

Unlocking Creativity Online course will commence on 25 September more >

The next Unlocking Creativity Live commence on 5 September with only a few places left more >

Our next upcoming 6-Week course, the Short Story – Genre Course starts on 28 October. (Unlocking Creativity is a prerequisite for this course, and all of our courses. Please register early & reserve your place, as these courses book out.) more >

The next 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online course starts 28 October more >

The 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Live September with Roland, Kathleen & Richard is now booked out with a wait-list only. The next course will commence 7 March 2020 more >

Second Draft Online will start on 16 September. Please register asap to receive your pre-course work more >
Second Draft Live course 2 February 2020 course is now up on the website for bookings.  more >
Third Draft Online course will start on  next Monday 19 August, with 2 places still open in this course. Register asap to start your pre-course work more >

Third Draft Live with Roland, Zahid, Kelly & Richard will commence 16 November, and is now open for bookings more >

Third Draft Extension Online with Kelly will commence on 11 November with limited places more >

Please contact the office on (02) 9386 4994 between 10.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday, if you have any questions at all about which course is right for you.

Success Stories & Events

Doug Pender

Doug Pender, one of our writers has a short story about to be published.

‘Out of the Forest, Into the Trees’ is being published in an anthology by Busybird Publishing, to be launched on 29 August.

Another story of Doug’s ‘Boxing in the Shadows’ was also longlisted for the Fish Publishing Short Story Competition, from out 1260 entries.

Congratulations Doug.

Sarah Thornton

Sarah Thornton’s debut novel ‘Lapse’, published by Text Publishing, has just been released for sale!

“All it took was a lapse…a momentary lapse, to bring Clementine Jones’
world crashing down. Now she’s living like a hermit in small-town
Katinga, coaching the local footy club. She’s supposed to be lying low,
but here she is, with her team on the cusp of their first premiership in
fifty years—and the whole bloody town counting on her, cheering her.”

This is what Sarah said about doing our courses – “I didn’t know if I had an imagination left after twenty years in corporate legal work. Unlocking Creativity showed me I did—a tiny shriveled peanut of a thing, but it was still there. It was a hallelujah moment.  I went straight into the Novel & Script Writing Course which helped me to understand the novel’s backbone, the spine upon which the entire body hangs. Practical, example-rich guidance and the push and support you need to keep writing until ‘The End’.”

Purchase a copy of Lapse here:

Free Tickets & Advanced Screening

Win a double free pass, care of Madman Entertainment to see the new film ‘Ophelia’. Set in medieval Denmark and spoken in a modern tongue with a poetic twist, Ophelia is a dynamic re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


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And if you are interested in attending an advanced screening in Sydney only, of the UK National Theatre’s Live production filming of ‘The Lehman Trilogy’ – the story of a family and a company that changed the world, told in three parts on a single evening’, please email your name to:

Advanced Screening Date: Wednesday 21st August

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Palace Cinemas Central – Cinema 1 & 2, Broadway Central Park Mall, Chippendale

Recent Course Feedback

Some snippets of the wonderful feedback that we receive back from recently completed courses. We update these each newsletter. They show what a large variety of writers get out of our writing courses. 

“Oh, “What an amazing four weeks this has been. We were provided with a platform and environment to unleash the stories and characters that hide within us. Nurturing, challenging and inspiring.  The freedom to learn, write and improve. To share our writing, and discover how to make it stronger, tighter and better.” Nicole, Unlocking Creativity Online June 2019

“Through this course I feel that I have been coaxed and encouraged to connect with my creative side. I feel like a passion has been released. It is one of the best things I have ever done.” Patricia, Unlocking Creativity Online June 2019

“The writing I’ve interacted with in this course has been absolutely outstanding. After doing this course, I honestly can’t imagine ever having writer’s block again. It’s reinvigorated my love of writing.” Jessie, Unlocking Creativity Online June 2019

“I’ve reached the end of my Unlocking Creativity writing course, and what an amazing and profound journey it has been. While the course is ending, the act of writing will continue!” Rebecca, Unlocking Creativity Online June 2019

“I finished Unlocking Creativity course, and I LOVED IT! I’m so glad I did it.” Caroline,
Unlocking Creativity Online June 2019

“Thanks to “The Writers’ Studio and their four week online Unlocking Creativity Course I’m back on track and what an incredible experience it’s been! I found the course did literally unlock my thought processes, allowing me to enter the world of my fictional characters. So enriching!” Jill, Unlocking Creativity Online June 2019 

“Unlocking creativity has allowed me to challenge myself and put a ripple out into the lake, hopefully becoming bigger and wave-like with time. I have written things I didn’t know I could, I’ve felt the environment of the ‘board’ it was a safe place and enabled me to hit the submit button.” Rachel, Unlocking Creativity Online June 2019

“I have just finished an incredible writing course with The Writers Studio.” Lina, Character & Critique June 2019

“I’ve just finished the Short Story and Character Critique course with The Writers Studio. Fantastic! So many tools and good grounding for my present and future writing endeavours!  Writing sure is a craft which takes time and practice.” Esther, Character & Critique June 2019

“The Character & Critique Short Story course is a fabulous course. This was my third course and I loved it. The Writer’s Studio provides such positive feedback and timely instruction on character development, structure and scene clustering (for example) that are fundamentally the gems of learning to write.” Carla, Character & Critique June 2019

“This course made me excited to write, have fun, play with the characters and push it. I’m looking forward to writing more.” Kesha, Character & Critique June 2019

“My tutor’s feedback was really constructive and very thoughtful and this course has definitely encouraged me to keep going. I love the formula. It is slightly addictive! Logging on to see what the course convenor and others think about your work.” Laura, Character & Critique June 2019

“From participating in Writers’ Studio courses my writing has improved way beyond anything I wrote while reading ‘How to Write’ books and consulting Google.” Carolyn, Character & Critique June 2019


The power of doing the work, regardless -

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