Our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity introductory writing program is an inspiring process that will unlock your creativity and dramatically improve the quality of your writing from the very first session.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional writer, a complete beginner or somewhere in between, this course will kick start your creative potential and give you tools and techniques that will bring your writing to life on the page.

You will also gain a practical understanding of how to use character development and classic story structure to create profound and dramatic stories. You will learn to write in a way that makes other people want to read what you have written.

Many people have questions about doing online courses

You may have had the experience of doing a course where you received minimal feedback or found the course processes are simply an online text book.

At the Writers’ Studio, which was founded in 1992, we have developed our own unique in-house systems that deliver inspiring and powerful online content whilst you work through your course with a group of like-minded writers and your personal online tutor.

You can access the site and course materials and participate in your online group as it suits you 24/7. Read some recent course testimonials below to get a sense of how the course has worked for our online participants.

The 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course is a stand-alone course, and also a prerequisite for our other online courses including our Six-Week Short Story Online courses and our 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online course, for those wanting to write a novel or screenplay.

They say you can’t be taught how to write, but you can learn. We believe the art is in the doing.

Join today with like-minded writers from around Australia and begin your writing journey!

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“I have loved every minute of this course, I didn’t want it to end. I loved reading other’s writing, writing feedback and receiving feedback. I feel I have got to know people and their stories, such a treasure chest of stories. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone.” Margaret, August

“One of the greatest characteristics of the course is the amount of support you receive, not just from your instructor but from every other writer taking the course.” Robert, February

“You saw time and time again, the Writers’ Studio lived up to their mission – ” … a team of passionate, experienced and dedicated tutors will guide you through the writing journey every step of the way.” Marie, May

“This course was so well thought out and very carefully planned. It was a really tight module. I was surprised at how quickly our little online community bonded.” Louise, February

“I work as a TV drama scriptwriter and editor for a living … and in the past, I have also run creative writing courses for high school students, so I was curious to see how this course would be structured, and I have to say I was mightily impressed. The way the course built from week to week was excellent. And the design of the “Writers’ Board” where everyone could share and give feedback (with additional insight from the tutor) was brilliant.” Elizabeth, February

“… My fellow writers and I leave feedback on each other’s pieces. I can’t place a value on the experience of receiving feedback on my writing. Giving feedback has changed my writing for the better. I feel like writing is within my reach – I’ve picked up tools that will help me and serve me in my journey.” Lisa, May

“… I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, the freedom, the encouragement and pleasure that comes from “publishing” your work and having supportive, constructive feedback. It has been a great, validating experience …” Nella, August

“This course has been the single best investment in myself I have yet made … For me, this course has delivered 100% on the website’s claim, “If your dream is to write, our courses will get you doing it.” Matt, May

“Amazed at how much I learnt from the constructive reviews that I received with every piece of writing.” Nicole, May

“Who would have thought, it completely changed my life. Now all my previous attempts of writing seem to me childish as   my skills have improved so much.” Anastasia, May

“I learned so many incredibly useful techniques.” Shannon, May

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