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Last Places: Unlocking Creativity Online starts next Wednesday

People often ask, “How many writers in your courses have real talent?” The implication being that a chosen few are lucky enough to be born with God given talent and that everyone else should pack up their pens, go home and find some other creative outlet.

Having run our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course over twenty-five years, we believe, as Anne Lamott says, “This is just a fantasy of the uninitiated.”

Once people are introduced to tools and techniques that enable them to get out of their own way and tap into the power of their imagination, they are, from the very first session, amazed by how good their writing and that of their fellow course participants can be, and that everyone has talent and something worthwhile to say.

For the final Unlocking Creativity Online Course for 2018 and as a Christmas special, we would like to offer our newsletter subscribers a $30 Discount off the normal early bird course fee when you register (see code below).

What you will learn in the course 

1. Your Imagination – The True Source of Your Creative Power

When it comes to writing, learning to tap into the power of your imagination makes all the difference.

When someone asked author Thomas Keneally where his stories came from, he replied – “From somewhere over the rainbow.” That is where we aim to take writers during the four weeks of our Unlocking Creativity course.

2. How to Evoke Emotion in Your Reader

Writing fiction is not an intellectual exercise. One of the keys to creating powerful fiction is to evoke emotion in your readers. This is what draws readers into your fictional world and keeps them there.

When people learn how to do this in Session Two of Unlocking Creativity, their characters come alive on the page and their writing goes to another level.

3. Discover the Power of Significant Detail

You can’t just tell the reader the emotion your character is experiencing, you have to show them.

You want to create images on the page that evoke emotions and create a dream in your readers’ mind. It is about learning to see the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

4. Develop a Practical Understanding of Classic Story Structure

One of the keys to make your story work is developing a practical understanding of how classic story structure works.

Story structure gives your writing shape and meaning, takes your reader on an emotional and spiritual journey and keeps them turning the pages wanting to know what happens next.

“I’m not saying that everyone is Shakespeare, but I am saying everyone has a genuine voice that can express his or her life with honesty, dignity and detail. There seems to be a gap between the greatness we are all capable of and the way we see ourselves and, therefore, see our work.” Natalie Goldberg

Free Movie Passes

Advanced Screening Only 

‘Everybody is Talking About Jamie’ is a filmed musical based on the story of a 16-year-old schoolboy who harbours dreams of becoming a drag queen. Inspired by the 2011 BBC Three documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16. The film has an incredible ensemble cast and was filmed live in HD.

Ahead of it’s general release, Sharmill Films will be holding an advanced screening of ‘Everybody is Talking About Jamie’ on Monday, 19th November 2018 at the Dendy Cinemas in Newtown, Sydney.

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