Course Details

Session One – Live in Bronte Studio

Explore a range of tools and techniques designed to make your characters and writing come alive on the page.

Learn how to create compelling moral dilemmas, use four key character traits to flesh characters out, utilise the power of subtext, implement inner dialogue and develop three-dimensional opponents.

Please note: 

The live course contains new content designed in particular to give writers who have done the First Draft Course tools and techniques to further develop their characters and stories. This will also be very useful and instructive for writers who have yet to undertake the First Draft Course.

The three online sessions remain unchanged from the format that has worked so well in the past.

Session Two: Dialogue

You will learn the keys to writing powerful dialogue.

Session Three: Desire, opposition and conflict

Create drama and focus by utilising the desire line. This is a key structure dynamic that will focus your writing and characters and draw readers into your fictional world and keep them there.

Create conflict through opposition. This is an essential key to creating dramatic fiction. It will force your characters to grow and keep your readers wanting to turn the page. Learning to create tension on the page is a vital skill of all good storytelling.

Session Four: Writing, re-writing and editing a short story

Put together everything you have learnt and write, edit, then rewrite an extended short story.

You’ll learn re-writing and editing tools and techniques that will enable you to improve everything you have written.

You will also explore how story structure creates the emotion and makes it meaningful.

Course Cost

Our fully Online 6-Week Short Story courses are also open for bookings: Read More >

Unlocking Creativity is a pre-requisite for this course.

Targeted Feedback on every piece you post

You will receive feedback from your personal tutor on every piece you post. They will identify what you communicated through your writing, what worked and what could be improved or done differently using our targeted feedback templates.

Our feedback templates are designed to inspire and support you, help you develop an understanding of the craft and take your writing to the next level.

You will also be expected to provide two pieces of feedback for other participants in the class for every piece you post. The first step to becoming a better writer is to become a better and more discerning reader.

Course Outcomes

This course will give you advanced tools and techniques to further develop your writing and storytelling skills, including:

  • the ability to develop characters that come alive on the page
  • keys to writing powerful dialogue
  • the means to capture your character’s voice through inner dialogue
  • structural techniques that will build tension into your writing and make your scenes more dramatic
  • editing tools that will enable you to lift the quality of your writing and stories

If you do the work and implement the tools and techniques, you’ll be amazed how much your writing and storytelling abilities develop.

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