About Writing

'About Writing' are a series of articles by Roland Fishman, the founder of the Writers’ Studio, and author of No Man’s Land – a Russell Carter Thriller and three other books.

The aim of the articles is to give you useful information about the process of writing, insights into how our courses work and our approach to the art and craft of storytelling.

How to Unlock Your Creativity - Six Tools

Writing a novel or a screenplay is an art and a craft that takes time to master. We believe it is important that you follow a process that enables you to turn off your internal editor, setting up a dance between structure and imagination.

And above all enjoy the process of writing and experience the pleasure and satisfaction of telling your story in a way that other people will want to read what you have written.

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How to Write the First Draft of Your Novel or Screenplay in Ten Months

This photo below is from the dinner after our recent 10-Month Novel and Script course. Everyone was on a real high after completing the first draft of their story. It is a huge achievement and everyone could not believe how far they had come on this profound journey. Below are some testimonials from the writers in the class. And below the testimonials are some of the key steps, tools and techniques people applied during the course.

“I’ve had this concept for a novel rattling around in my head for 10 years, but have never got far past Chapter 3. This course is the first time I’ve had the focus and shown a structure that has propelled my story idea into a fully-fledged first draft, revealing to me along the way not only what my story is about, but also how to build a creative connection between the story and the structure and the value of melding both the creative process and the story architecture upon which it rests. The result, a story infused with life, excitement and energy.” Clare Guthrie, First Draft Live 2016

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Writing Fiction nourishes the soul of the reader and writer

One of the outcomes of our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course is to help participants understand and recognise whether writing fiction is something they want to pursue and make part of their life.

Writing fiction is an art and a craft that takes time to master. If you do want to publish a novel or write a professional screenplay, you need to dedicate time to learning the craft. The same applies to any creative endeavour.

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Four Breaking Bad Writing Lessons

At the end of last year, an award-winning Australian film director told me that people often asked him how to best learn to become a filmmaker. His response - study Breaking Bad created by Vince Gilligan.

Like many of the ground-breaking cable television series, Breaking Bad unfolds like a good novel. David Simon, who created The Wire, another great series, pitched the crime writer, George Pelecanos, to join the writing team with the concept that The Wire was like a novel for television.

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Michael Connelly Interview - Key Fundamentals of Storytelling

Having read practically all of Michael Connelly's books and being very much inspired by his character, Detective Harry Bosch, when writing my novel No Man's Land, it was great to return to my roots as a journalist, sit down with him at the Wharf during the 2015 Sydney Writers’ Festival and interview him.

He's a real master of the craft and I felt very fortunate to be able to ask him all those questions that have been bubbling away in my unconscious for years. And I'm pleased to say he seemed like a very decent bloke. 

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