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We are thrilled to see those of you embarking on our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity course doing such a great job putting your work on the interactive online Writers’ Boards, and giving and receiving feedback.

We’re always blown away by the latent talent that emerges when aspiring writers learn to tap into the power of their imagination and start putting the tools and techniques the course provides into practice.

And for those of you writing novels and screenplays with us, we’re thrilled to see so many great stories emerging, as writers learn to trust the process and set up a dance between story structure and their imagination.

For those of you who are pursuing your writing dreams with us, and for those thinking about doing so, in our classes we’ve been referring to a book that helps explain why most people meet significant resistance when they move towards making their creative dreams a reality. 

In The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles, Steven Pressfield talks about how when anyone tries to achieve anything that stretches them out of their comfort zone they encounter resistance, which automatically emerges like a force of nature. The writer’s job is to deal with that resistance and commit to doing the work.

“If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying. The professional has learned that success, like happiness, comes as a by-product of work. The professional concentrates on the work and allows rewards to come or not come, whatever they like.”

Quick Course Round-up

Unlocking Creativity Live will start on 2 May, after the Easter holiday break. (The 28 February course is fully booked with a full wait-list.)

Unlocking Creativity Online course will commence on 13 March with places still available.

Our next upcoming 6-Week course, the Writers’ Gym – Advanced Writing Techniques Online starts on 25 February. (Unlocking Creativity is a prerequisite for this course and all of our courses.)

The 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online course will start on 24 June for those who haven’t undertaken Unlocking Creativity previously. If you have undertaken, you can join the 4 March First Draft Online coursesee 4 March course link in the middle of the linked course information page.

The next 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Live Studio course with Roland, Kathleen & Richard is now taking bookings for the 7 September course. (The 9 March course is booked out.)

The next Second Draft Online course will start on 8 April with limited places.

Second Draft Live February 2020 will be open for booking in the coming weeks.

The next Third Draft Online course just started on 11 February, with one place still open in this course. The 19th August course will be open for bookings later this week.

Third Draft Live will commence again this coming November, dated to be announced.

Third Draft Extension Live commences on 23 March 2019 – please contact the office for your Discount Code to book on & receive your important pre-course work asap.

Third Draft Extension Online with Kelly will commence on 22 July with limited places.

Please contact the office on (02) 9386 4994 between 10.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday, if you have any questions at all about which course is right for you.

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Four Week Unlocking Creativity

Whether you are a complete beginner, a professional writer or somewhere in-between, this is the first step towards achieving your writing goals, whatever they are.

This introductory writing course will give you essential tools and techniques to unlock the power of your imagination and dramatically improve the quality of your writing.

The ideal place to kick start your writing journey.

May 2:  Unlocking Creativity – LIVE (28 February is booked out)

March 13:  Unlocking Creativity – ONLINE

Ten Month Novel & Script First Draft

If your dream is to write a novel or screenplay our first draft course will get you doing it. You don’t need to have a clear idea for a story to start.

The course’s step-by-step process begins by helping you find and clarify the key characters and story in a broad outline before embarking on writing your actual first draft. The course then provides the structure, accountability and support you need to complete your first draft in 10 months, and is designed for people working full-time.

Mad Max - Fury Road“The Writers’ Studio is my testing ground, and a place equipped with the finest mental technologies, which unlike the thousands of books on the subject, are designed to nurture the screenwriter through that arduous practice and discipline of animating a story step-by-step, day by day, and refining it so that it represents the best of what you are.” – Nico Lathouris, co-writer Mad Max IV Fury Road

The same principles apply to novels. Writers’ Studio graduate and former tutor, Alex Gilly, whose first novel, a high-seas action-thriller that he developed in this course, was published in July 2015 in the US by an imprint of Pan Macmillan.

Devil's Harbor, by Alex Gilly‘I’m thrilled,’ says Alex. ‘By sticking with my story and to the principles I learned at the Writers’ Studio, and by getting lucky, I’ve realised a life-long ambition. Thank you Roland and Kathleen!’

With a maximum of 20 writers, the First Draft Live course includes one weekend intensive and 9 monthly Saturday all-day workshops with weekly feedback to keep you on track.

Six Week – Writers’ Gym – Advanced Writing Techniques

course is ideal for writers who have completed Unlocking Creativity
and/or the Short Story courses and want to continue with their
creative journey.

you do the work and implement the advanced writing tools and techniques
in this course, you will be amazed at how much your writing and
story-telling ability develops.

powerful characters and build drama through opposition and conflict.
Learn the key ingredients of powerful dialogue. Write, edit and re-write
a short story.

This course will also prepare you for the 10 Month Novel & Script course should you want to do that down the track.

Receive targeted feedback on every piece you post.

Eight Month Novel & Script Second Draft

“I must confess to being a bit skeptical when Roland said the Second Draft would improve my story 200%. After all I had just spent a year driving my story forward, putting my hapless main character under intense pressure and finding out, at the end, how my story ended. Boy, that was a revelation. How could the Second Draft improve my story that much?

And I am happy to report I was right. The Second Draft course didn’t improve my story 200%. It actually improved it 1,000%! Irrelevancies were discarded, subsidiary characters came to life and revealed formerly hidden depths, events took on an internal logic and my main character, Aaron Stern, deepened and broadened before my astonished eyes. And I saw the same thing happen with everyone else’s stories as well.” – Gilbert Mane

TBA February 2020: Second Draft – LIVE

April 8: Second Draft – ONLINE

Seven Month Novel & Script Third Draft

You have found the dramatic spine of your story in The Second Draft.

The Third Draft is where all the hard work you have put into finding, developing, clarifying and structuring your story in the First and Second Drafts dramatically pays off.

The Third Draft is where we focus primarily on the writing. It is amazing how everyone’s ability to write a page turning story that engages your reader dramatically improves when you learn the art and craft of re-writing and editing.

“This has been my favourite course. I have loved focusing on the writing and the detail that needed to be fleshed out from Drafts One and Two. And I now see how important it was to get the structure in place before embarking on the Third Draft. I have learnt so much about the actual craft of writing in this course. The first lesson was about point of view and it has stuck with me ever since.” – Kylie Keogh

TBA November: Third Draft – LIVE

February 11: Third Draft – ONLINE

Twelve Month Third Draft Extension

Working with a professional editor, myself and the group has enabled everyone to take their writing and story to another level.

“The voice of each writer is much clearer and confident; there is a sense of finding and settling down with the voice. There is a shift from being a slave to language to owning it. This is really satisfying to see. As I was reading everyone’s work for this session, I felt that the writing in general has reached a close-to-publishable standard, better than many of the printed books I read.” Wallace Lee

War of Art -

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