Beyond First Draft - Overview


Overview of Courses

Everyone needs to find their own way in the writing process. For some writers, Unlocking Creativity is all they require to satisfy their creative needs. Others undertake our 6-Week Short Story courses. And for writers who are ready to commit to the longer form, we offer our 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Course.

On completion of this course, the writer can then decide to do further drafts with us or continue on their own.

Many writers thrive on the structure, support and discipline our courses provide and find they want to work through the whole process with us.

  • The 4-Week Unlocking Creativity is our foundation course and is a pre-requisite to all other courses.
  • The 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft is our flagship novel and script writing course where you find the story you want to write, follow a step by step process and complete your first draft in ten months.

For those writers who want to complete the journey with us from first draft to publication, we will coach and guide you every step of the way. 

The next step after our First Draft course is the 8-Month Novel & Script Second Draft Course. Scroll down to see all our other courses Beyond First Draft. You can do them Live in the Studio or Online.

Beyond the First Draft

8-Month Second Draft - Novel & Script

This Second Draft Course provides a step-by-step process that allows you to work through the re-writing and re-structuring of your first draft systematically so that it works dramatically and logically from beginning to end.

The course is significantly different to the First Draft. You have more control over your story and are able to delve much deeper into your characters and add many more layers.

Most people totally transform their stories, taking them to a whole new level when they get the action, character arc and theme all working together. For most people, you can expect at least a 200 per cent improvement. 

For novel writers, the next step after your Second Draft is the Third Draft (Novel) course. Scriptwriters go to straight to Pathway to Production for Scriptwriters. Scroll down for details.


7-Month Third Draft - Novel

This course is where you focus on the writing and learn the art and craft of re-writing and editing. It is where all the hard work from the First and Second Draft courses starts to pay off as you see your writing come alive on the page, an extremely satisfying part of the process. 


12-Month Third Draft Extension - Novel

This twelve-month course is where you work with Roland and a professional editor getting your novel to a publishable standard. You can do the course online with a professional editor.



12-Month Third Draft Screenwriting

After completing your Second Draft course, this twelve-month course is for those who wish to get their film script to a level where you can send it out to producers, agents, directors and funding bodies.

Testimonials First Draft Online

  • Nigel Bartlett

    I'm extremely grateful to Roland and the couple of years I spent at the Writer's Studio. My time there finally set me on the path I'd wanted to follow for years. It taught me so much about plot and structure and, importantly, it cleared my head of the rubbish I'd previously believed about the mystery of writing and the creative process. The scales fell from my eyes at the Writers' Studio. 'King of The Road' published by Random House, 2015
  • Alex Gilly

    Writers' Studio graduate and former tutor, Alexander Gilly, has signed a two-book deal with Tor/Forge, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers, in New York. This is his first novel, a high-seas action-thriller that Alex developed through our first, second and third draft novel writing courses. 'I'm thrilled,' says Alex. 'By sticking with my story and to the principles I learned at the Writers' Studio, and by getting lucky, I've realised a life-long ambition. Thank you Roland and Kathleen!
  • Nick Lathouris

    "The Writers' Studio is my testing ground, and a place equipped with the finest mental technologies, which unlike the thousands of books on the subject, are designed to nurture the screenwriter through that arduous practice and discipline of animating a story step-by-step, day by day, and refining it so that it represents the best of what you are."
  • L.A. Larkin

    "If it wasn't for Unlocking Creativity and The Writers' Studio First Draft (Novel & Script) Course I wouldn't be where I am today - an author about to be published. Thank you Roland for the inspiration." 

  • Krew Boylan

    ‘Before I did the Unlocking Creativity course I knew I loved to write creatively but had no idea how I might start to channel that into something like a novel. The course teaches the basics of storytelling in a really accessible and inspiring way. Things like the importance of sensory detail in scene setting, writing a character’s emotion and conflict on every page. ‘The techniques really worked for me and I’m still a little bit amazed I was able to write a book and have it published using them. I refer to the notes I took during Unlocking Creativity even
  • Elizabeth Farrelly

    Dear Roland. So excited. I have a publishing offer for my first book of fiction. So what I'm really saying is - thank you!' Elizabeth published her children's book, Caro Was Here, through Walker Books
  • Rachel Ward

    "A truly practical approach to the secrets of good story telling."
  • Julia Zemiro

    "I am doing a 10-month online writing course with them (The Writers' Studio) and it's challenging, exciting and frustrating. As it should be."
  • Shannon Garner

    Thanks to The Writer's Studio I truly found my love of writing buried within. After completing the 4-week Unlocking Creativity course and then the 10-month Novel & Script First Draft course, I found the determination to write and submit my memoir 'Labour of Love' which has been published by Simon & Schuster. Thank you Writers’ Studio for triggering my drive and inspiration and my deep adoration for writing.
  • Elizabeth Packett

    I work as professional script writer and editor, so I understand the basics of story structure, but the way the everything was broken down to the smallest of steps was just brilliant. It made me dig for my story, and get in deep, and get complex, rather than settling for the easiest first thought. Forcing me to think deeper and come up with more imaginative solutions. Loved the dance! Such a beautiful perfect balance.”
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