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Graduate testimonials

"The ‘FOUR-WEEK UNLOCKING CREATIVITY COURSE’ has taken my writing to a totally new level where I am far more confident and relaxed as a writer.

The insightful feedback I received from my tutors was invaluable and very encouraging. Yes I admit I would rush home to see what the feedback was because the class was so enjoyable and stimulating. My fellow students were so supportive and their feedback was wonderful as well.

Kathleen is simply brilliant in her support making sure the whole course ran smoothly. I always received prompt replies to my emails and nothing is ever a problem. I found with all my work commitments doing this course online was just what I was looking for. I have done other writing courses before and this one is simply the best.

It is also excellent value for money for what you receive. I looked at many other courses and none of them came even close to this one with what it had to offer. In fact I am doing another course after this one because I was so impressed.

Roland will open you up as a writer in ways you never thought possible. This course is for all types of writers and is simply great to see where you are in your writing.

Thanks to this course I have embraced myself as a writer and to me this is one of the greatest gifts of all I got from this course.

Writers block is simply a thing of the past and now I know what that was all about. I can’t thank you all enough for this transforming journey. It was very challenging, soul searching and life changing for me and I would not have missed it for the world. A big thank you! All the very best always."

Peter Hamilton

"You've said you've never heard me talk so passionately about my writing as I have after every Wednesday night. At last! The reason is for the first time I'm empowered to get writing. The story I want to tell is inside me and the Unlocking Creativity course has given me the tools to extract it."

Karina Newport

"Have just finished a great creative writing course. It was a lot of fun - more fun than I would have thought but the great thing it taught me is that writing/creativity is within all of us. The process of creation is not forcing or learning, but a process of discovery. I've found that with the right help and advice I can write things even I like. But the ultimate gift is knowing that the daily act of writing will unlock a pathway to my soul."

Laura Watson