What is good story structure and why is it important?

A story based on classic story structure is one where you have readers wanting to know what happens next, while taking your main character on an emotional and spiritual journey of change.

The events of a well structured story link the external and internal journey of your main character, thus creating a meaningful experience for your reader.

Academy Award wining screenwriter, Michael Arndt, who wrote Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3, refers to screenplays as machines designed to produce meaningful emotion.

And according to Robert McKee, who wrote the book Story, “The function of structure is to provide progressively building pressure that forces characters into more and more difficult dilemmas where they must make more and more difficult risk-taking choices and actions, gradually revealing their true natures, even down to their unconscious self.”

Stories, at their deepest level, explore the human spirit, communicate the truth regarding what it is to be human and provide a blueprint for how we should deal with challenges and live in the world.

The importance of imagination and intuition in the storytelling process is why we the Four Week Unlocking Creativity Course is a prerequisite for our 10 Month Novel and Script First Draft Course. Unlocking Creativity enables writers to experience the power of their imagination, which we believe is the true source of creative power, an essential ingredient of the first draft course.

The Power of Classic Story Structure -

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