The last session of our 10-Month Novel and Script Live course is always very special

In the photo below from the group dinner, we are all on a real high after completing the journey together.

Everyone in the group shared how amazed and excited they were about how far their stories and those of their fellow classmates had evolved over the 10 months. As well as that, everyone’s understanding of the process of storytelling and their ability to give constructive feedback to their fellow writers had gone to whole new level of insight.

The quality of everyone’s story was truly inspiring to see and very rewarding for Kathleen and Roland who were the class tutors.

The class once again confirmed our believe that everyone has creative talent and those who do the work and follow the step by step process can dig deep and come up with a powerful and worthwhile story that other people want to read.

What participants wrote after our final class

“I’ve spent a lot of time doing writing and creative writing b2ap3_thumbnail_Dinnerfd15.jpgsubjects at different uni’s that all reckon they’ve got brilliant courses for whatever reason, but they’ve got nothing on The Writers’ Studio. I really feel as though I’ve improved beyond what I thought I could do. The resources you provide, the knowledge you impart, the time you put in and the attention you’re willing to give every class member is unique, rare and wonderful, and I’m so glad I found it.”
Charlotte Karp

“I have learnt to trust the process and in doing so trust myself. You just do the writing bit by bit, story step by story step, scene by scene until finally you have a draft. It seems as if by magic. It is truly a revelation. Even as an English major, I don’t believe I ever read as critically as I do now.”
Kate Eginton

“Oh My God. I’ve just come to the end of the first draft of my novel. I can’t get over how huge that is. It is something I’ve thought about for almost 35 years and I’ve finally gone and done it. The process and the structure and discipline of this course is what made it possible.”
Alison Atherton

“This journey has been profound, life changing. I love being part of a group that have the same passion for writing that I do. I feel like I belong and can be me. This course has challenged me more than anything else I have ever done, apart from having children, in a safe and nurturing environment. Thank you.”
Sarah Waddington

“The past 10 months has been full of surprises, learning, new skills and digging deep within myself to uncover the best story I am capable of writing. The way the course is structured allows plenty of opportunities to explore the possibilities of the story. The feedback and guidance proved to be worth its weight in gold. I’m more, committed, disciplined and determined than I thought I could be.”
Rebecca Horne

Congratulations to everyone who finished the course! A major achievement.

Kathleen and I felt privileged to go along on this journey with you all and see how far you and your story have come over the 10 months.

Final Session of our 10 Month Novel and Script First Draft – Testimonials -

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