Private Consultation with Roland

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We only run two Ten Month Novel & Script courses a year, but Roland is available to discuss the course if you are interested in enrolling so you have a clear idea of what is involved.

He is also available for consultations with writers who wish to discuss their work in detail. You will be required to send questions pertinent to your writing to him before your meeting.

Vanessa Skye Fowler said after her consultation, "I had finished several drafts of my first book, The Enemy Inside, but like many authors, I was having a terrible time with my synopsis and pitch, both pretty crucial documents if you want to attract a publisher! I felt like the book was good, but I wasn't getting it across very well to potential publishers or agents.

"I sat down with Roland and in a two hour session we managed to completely redraft both my synopsis and my pitch. Once I sent these out, the reaction was far more positive. I had three agents interested in representing me almost immediately, and it all flowed well from there."

The one-hour private consultation fee is $330 (includes GST).

Please note one:

If you haven't done the novel and script courses with us and you are working on a novel, you can work through your novel using the pathway to publishing process with a personal editor/mentor.

If you are writing a film script, you can work through the process with a professional script editor who will help you get your script to a point where it is ready for you to submit it to funding bodies and producers.

For more information, please contact Kathleen.

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